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Cadillacs, Rent, and Reefer Madness: Shows To Watch This Month

It’s not even 15 days into 2010 and I already have a couple of shows under my belt for the New Year. I followed a bit of my own advice and went out to see a couple of the shows I previously mentioned back in November.

The Solid Gold Cadillac
Studio Theatre
Extended to January 17th


Nancy Robinette as Mrs. Laura Partridge in Solid Gold Cadillac

On New Years day I traveled down to the Studio Theatre where I was able to snag a complementary ticket- however this is a show I would gladly put down some money on. I originally highlighted this show for the laughs and it delivered as promised. Nancy Robinette is a delight to watch as Mrs. Laura Partridge, a minority stockholder turned company executive.

As a former actress, Partridge doesn’t approach business in a traditional way and sets up many comical confrontations with the executives of General Products (played by David Sabin, James Slaughter, Paul Nolan, and Leo Erickson.) The brass in charge are stereotypical executives (old white guys) who’s greed and avarice remind you of the big CEO’s that have made recent headlines. Michael Goodwin plays Edward L. McKeever, an unlikely “Prince Charming” from Capital Hill, who’s attempts to right the wrongs end up creating a scandal that would of plastered the today’s tabloids. I particularly enjoyed the cameos by a few of WJLA’s finest and the local crowd snickered at a few lines that take some light hits on DC’s political scene.

Solid Gold Cadillac is a 1950’s comedy that’s never been more true today and a must-see if you are looking for an intellectual laugh.

Keegan Theatre
Extended to January 30th


Keegan Theatre's Rent

Keegan must be thrilled for the sold out crowds that have flocked to see Rent, which has recently been extended to January 30th. John Loughney, who plays Mark, was surprised about the show’s success, “I don’t think we knew what kind of press it would get (luckily it’s been good!) and how quickly it would sell out. This cast cannot get enough of one another and the show- I think another 8 nights hanging out together and singing/ dancing/ acting our hearts out was very welcome.” I was lucky to catch a performance last week, grabbing a ticket after a last-minute cancellation.

I’m ashamed to admit that as a stage manager I walked into show with little knowledge of the show. If Team America was correct in their take of the show, I knew that this would be a show where AIDS would be an overarching theme. However I learned that Rent is more than just a musical where, “everybody has AIDS.”

The show is a wonderful cavalcade of music. The entire cast from Angel (Parker Drown) to the Ensemble delivered energizing performances. The challenge of fitting a big Broadway musical into the small Church Street Theatre was addressed with an innovative set-design that shows the bare brick walls of the theatre to help establish the urban feel of the Bohemian Alphabet City. If you are a fan of the show or a newcomer (like me) you should run- not walk to Keegan’s box office and grab tickets. As of this writing, all but two shows in the extended run have been sold out.

(Disclosure: Keegan Theatre has recently offered me a contract to work with them this season and if Rent is any example, I’m excited to be involved in future productions!)

Reefer Madness
Dominion Stage
January 15th – 30th

I’m not going to lie: Reefer Madness had me sold solely on the title. Of course when I heard Dominion Stage was putting on Reefer as part of their 60th Anniversary Season, I did a little bit more homework on the show. Reefer Madness originally started as a 1936 exploitation film- a cautionary tale about Marijuana that instead became a cult classic comedy in the 1970’s. The musical revolves around the tale of wholesome teenagers Jimmy Harper (Joel Piper) and Mary Lane (Jaclyn Young) and their discovery of the recreational drug. Their world spins wildly out of control and ends in calamity- and zombies. Now that I know the show has zombies as well I’m doubly sold to catch it. The show opens this Friday at the Gunston Arts Center in Arlington.


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