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Pepsi Max Hits The Streets

I took a walk to Georgetown today, and here is what I found on about six street corners:

Courtesy of Lara Gori

Pepsi Max is running a huge promotion in Washington DC, as I would imagine they’re doing in other large cities as well. The basic premise behind the campaign is simple: give away as much free Pepsi Max to as many people as possible. It is actually very good. During the course of my three hours in Georgetown, I downed at least five cans. This is the second time I’ve seen the Pepsi Max crew out and about. Last time was on Friday in Foggy Bottom. Keep your eyes open.
Courtesy of Jim Goldston

Courtesy of Jim Goldston

Pepsi Max is very similar to Coke Zero. Both have no “sugar” and zero calories, though like the Diet lines they contain the artificial sugar aspartame.  It is definitely worth a try. I would call it superior to Coke Zero and the Diet sodas.

Fun fact from the all-knowing Wikipedia: “In the… Borat TV series, a Pepsi Max factory is… responsible for the decrease in Kazakhstan’s Aral Sea.” It’s nice.

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