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DC Reality Show Recap

If this summer taught me something, it is that Washington DC is quickly becoming the place to film movies and television. While DC has always been a setting for films; there’s a lot more television, more specifically reality television, being film in The District. I’m not the only one to think so. Even nearby Baltimore is getting jealous.

So here are some links on the latest going on in the Reality TV scene:

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Your Idea

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Your Idea

Real World DC

Those that read me know that I’ve already had a couple of run-ins with the cast and it’s really not that hard to follow them on your own.

  • Christopher Wiggins is the man on the beat when it comes to the latest on the cast’s whereabouts. He uses his connections with the DC bar and club scene as well as scouring The Internet and Twitter to provide the latest updates all on one Twitter feed. If you want to become a stalkerazzi this is the must have tool in your arsenal.
  • Talking about stalkerazzi, the blogger duo of Elizabethany and Martin are on a mission to become the Real World DC cast’s “BFF.” Follow them on Twitter and read their blogs as they experience the DC Nightlife in an attempt to find The Real World DC cast.
  • Elizabethany’s notoriety attracted the attention of Metromix who brought her on to write about her Real World DC experiences. Follow her Metromix material here. Elizabethany will also be the subject of a profile I’m writing up for later this week.
  • Washingtonian is also watching the Real World DC news and is making a neat little map of all the locales they visit.
  • The Washington City Paper is stalking the stalkers- and created a one-stop shop here.
  • Of course not everyone is a fan. The neighbors of the house on 2000 S street have created their own blog: The Anti-Real World DC.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user WorldIslandInfo

Photo courtesy of Flickr user WorldIslandInfo

Blonde Charity Mafia

After my initial write-up on the show coming to the CW, it looks like the show has been pushed back to air in mid-September. That didn’t stop them from having a preview party on the West Coast. Til then you can learn more news from the fan blog dedicated to the show.


The Real Housewives of D.C.

Nothing new since the announcement that the next installment of the franchise will take place in the Nation’s Capital. The show is still in development with Bravo still trying to pick those lucky rich women housewives. Politico offers their take on who are the female power players that should be chosen.


The Biggest Loser

Even though the show is set on the West Coast, the show recently film a special episode that will take place in DC. The episode will feature the contestants as they complete challenges, explore DC’s landmarks, and dine at some local eateries. Why do I think Ben’s Chili Bowl would not be a wise chose for the diet?

UPDATE: In other reality show news, it looks like Kate Gosselin is moving into Rockville. She’ll be living in a condo in Montgomery County to stay in when it’s not her turn with the kids. Jon has a condo in New York that he’ll be staying in. The kids will remain in PA.


The Real World DC: Speculating On The Bar Scene


Eighteenth Street Lounge courtesy Flickr user dionhinchcliffe

I feel like a reality show extra just thinking about it.

I was a little excited to hear that a new reality show was going to be filmed in The District. Blonde Charity Mafia doesn’t sound like anything lasting more than a season so it would of been nice to see some random rich people frolic around DC for our amusement and ridicule while it lasted. It was also entertaining to hear that Bravo is bringing The Real Housewives franchise here as well, that to me is more of a yawn- BCM is more my age group. But now everyone is buzzing over speculation and confirmation of The Real World DC and all of a sudden it’s exciting to live in DC again. Not that living in the Capital of the United States and center of politics means anything.

While everyone is talking about it, not everybody is a fan of the future season of the show, and could care less. But that alone means something because as Brightest Young Things has written so elegantly, “DC loves to care about not caring about stuff.”

why.i.hate.dc has already made some predictions of what the next six months could hold, I started thinking if I would run into while I’m out enjoying myself.

Now I’m not one of those that are already planning stake-outs around 2000 S street NW, but with all this buzz and news I started thinking what kind of bars and clubs would the cast of The Real World visit. I don’t watch the show but still I tried to put myself into the shoes of a Producer or Location Manager and come up with the best bars for running into The Real World cast.

Even though the house is in Dupont Circle, most bars are probably fair game given that it only takes a short cab ride to get around town. But let’s say they wanted to stay close to home, where would they go? Let’s look at some options:

Bar Around The Corner: The Black Fox Lounge

Located on 1723 Connecticut Avenue, NW, The Black Fox is one of the closest nightspots to The Real World home. Not much else is known about the place, the website sports an, “Opening 2009” target. What better way to open a brand new place than to get some future D-list MTV stars to hang out there?

Gazuza courtesy of Flickr user M.V. Jantzen

Gazuza courtesy of Flickr user M.V. Jantzen

Glam, Yet Chill: Gazuza

Gauzuza maybe more of a dark horse since the atmosphere is more laid back however the look is sleek, modern, and what DP would pass up a crane shot of the cast dining on the Hookah Lounge’s signature patio overlooking Connecticut Ave?

The Neighborhood Hangout: The Front Page & Lucky Bar

Front Page and Lucky Bar are neighborhood favorites for me and others, I can see these two hangouts on nights where a dance club isn’t on the docket. The clientele is young, the places always look packed, and  it’s the perfect place to dish drama from the night before where they went to…

The Dance Club: Eighteenth Street Lounge

It’s may not be the stereotypical dance club in design, but that’s exactly why I think Eighteenth Street has a chance to receive a visit from the housemates. The unique layout and atmosphere will provide a new look for the predictable night ahead: the guys get drunk and hit on beautiful women, the girls get plastered and start a cat-fight (if the guys haven’t started a brawl already.) Plus the relationship between the lounge and music label ESL Music could also help negotiate a, “random visit” one night.

If you were the Producer, where would you send cast on a night out?

Daily DC Item: Blonde Charity Mafia Brings Plastic To DC’s Social Politics

Photo courtesy of DC Metromix

Photo courtesy of DC Metromix

Tip of my hat to my blogger friend f.B. for informing me of DC’s new mafia. Blonde Charity Mafia that is.

Everybody is buzzing about the new DC-based CW “Docu-series” that will debut this summer. For those that haven’t watched Laguna Beach, The Hills, or The City; the Docu in Docu-series stands for fake. Fishbowl DC has excerpts of the shooting script.

My thoughts on the show can be summarized with this chat I just had with Meggie Poo:

Me: I’m not going to lie though- I might watch it just so I can make fun of it.
Thus, the show will be a hit. It’s like the Snuggie- it’ll be so bad it’s good!
Meggie Poo: Oh i’m totally gonna watch it, it’s a trainwreck.
Me: I mean, it’s not like we didn’t know we had rich, snooty people here before…BUT NOW they have names and faces and we can hate them directly!

If DCists are something- we are vain about our city, I think a few people will be like me to tune in so we can say, “I’ve been to Third Edition before!” and, “Oh my god I need to friend that person on Late Night Shots now!”

So CW, you have another potential hit on your hands… or another six episode disaster that will go the way of K-Street.

For those that are now interested in the show like I am should read the Blonde Charity Mafia blog for their fix til the show airs.

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