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Protesting Protest Signage in Petworth

No matter your stance on the Iraq War, or the effectiveness of protests, I am sure we all can agree that too many signs about anything ain’t good.

And in my hood we’re all kinds of pissed off with Answer Coalition’s “End the War Now” sign posters as they’ve covered every lamppost in around Grant Circle with their garish yellow fliers.

A few people have suggested that Answer devote as much energy cleaning up their mess on September 16th as they are preparing for the 15th. But I think my neighbour Joe has the best idea:

One concept: We’ll have city-wide clean-ups after the September 15th march, tabulate the time it took to clean up their mess, and send the bill to A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. Their return check to the District government could be equally divided among wards for neighborhood beautification projects.

I know I’d be happy to bill them for my time scraping off their signs August 15th.

Petworth Eyesore Permits

Do you remember the stop work order on the Petworth Eyesore? Well it seems the remodelers of the house have now obtained the right permits and scratched off the stop work sign.

I’d like to point out to them that no matter if there is a big bright red sticker on their front window or not, the house is still damn ugly, still an eyesore, and still not showing any decent signs of progress.

In fact, with a broken window, the house looks even more abandoned in mid-construction, perfect for the house-selling neighbour next door and perfect for a prominent corner in Petworth.

If only I could win the lottery and buy off that visual pollution.

Does Ross & Marshall’s @ DC USA = Low-Rent Columbia Heights?

DC USA Construction

Over on the Columbia Heights listserv there is a flame-tastic email exchange going on over the revelation that the DC USA retail center might be leasing space to Ross Dress for Less now that Whole Foods has pulled out.

That somehow the addition of Ross to a retail mix that includes Target and Marshall’s, both discount retail chains, will bring down the mall and the neighbourhood.

Or in RJ Mauch’s words:

I think most people would prefer NOT to see Ross and Marshals. We need that like we need another damn CVS in this city. Enough unless you’re interested in experiencing a Silver Spring City Place disaster, because that is where this headed with all this dumping of low-end retail junk.

The fine citizen of Columbia Heights want DC USA, the multi-million dollar retail extravaganza in the center of their community to be uplifting and diverse as it was in the past. Or as Adam Aaronson says:

The issue is that we are getting retail that isn’t best suited for the neighborhood, and that much of it is redundant – all the banks, all the drycleaners, etc etc. Marshalls and Ross are the same store. I’m sure if Safeway or Harris Teeter opened up across the street from the Giant, the uproar would be the same.

But would it? Could this really be an issue of class? Of the socio-economic desires of a “transitional” neighbourhood to have a Logan Circle effect with DC USA? A transformation of image (and residents) from working class to high class through retail establishments? I think I have to agree with batboy8686’s conclusion:

The debate about Ross Dress for Less in Columbia Heights REALLY comes down to peeps thinking they could make 10% annually on a real estate investment.

You have a Starbucks. You have some condos that have presumably sold. The anti-Ross campaign really comes down to people thinking they were going to move to Logan Circle – no more, no “less”.


Elmo Eulogy: the MBDC Y3 BBQ Aftermath

What pain, what anguish, what overcoming sadness we all feel this morning after last nights Metroblogging DC 3rd Anniversary Barbecue. Last night, a childhood hero died.

Elmo Pinata Death

Elmo fell to the pinata Jedi skills of MBDC’s very own WebJedi: David.

But David was not the first to swing at Emlo with death in their eye. First was Chip Py, the spiritual leader of Free Our Streets to strike the Sesame Street star. Then is was a lady’s turn to tackle, not tickle dear Elmo.

And then David ended the reign of Elmo.

Not to worry, Elmo did not feel pain, being decapitated quickly, and his remains were treated with respect and dignity worthy of his status.

And so were the MBDC Y3 BBQ attendees. With bacon-wrapped shrimp starters and burgers & dogs main course, everyone left happy, even philosophical, especially after fondling Tom’s iPhone.

Metroblogging DC 3rd Anniversary BBQ

I figured you needed a sign. You needed a big neon sign to remember this weekend’s Metroblogging DC 3rd Anniversary BBQ.

On Sunday we will be celebrating three years of Metroblogging DC in the best way possible: going all piƱata Jedi on some poor paper mache pig, while eating his well-cooked cousin.

The question is: will you be there? Are you brave enough to reveal yourselves to those you mock? And will you be taking photos?

You know you want to…

Petworth Road Test

Say you are driving north on Warder Street, which becomes 7th Street. You are coming up to the intersection with Shepherd and New Hampshire. You see this big arrow in the road:

What might you think the proper course of action to be?

  1. Make a right turn onto Shepherd
  2. Drive forward, and not turn right
  3. Turn right onto New Hampshire, not Shepherd

If you answered #3, you would be right, as Shepherd is a one-way going to the left, but you wouldn’t know that with the big-ass arrow in the road.

I sure didn’t and almost went the wrong way down Shepherd when driving in my own hood. Gee thanks for the confusing arrow, DC DOT!

Trash Transfer at Fort Totten

When was the last time you went to the city dump? As a kid, I remember going there often with my Dad when we worked construction jobs and often we would come back with more than we left with – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (and his wife’s displeasure).

Recently I had old bricks and junk no one would find a treasure. The bricks were all covered in concrete and oddly, seemingly rotten. Anyway, it was time for a trip to the dump, or as they are called in DC, waste transfer stations. The nearest one to me is the Fort Totten Trash Transfer Station.

When you drive up, don’t expect to be on a ramp over dumpsters, like in many rural areas, or a covered building like in other cities. DC is still working on building a proper city dump at Fort Totten and is using a flat cement expanse and a bulldozer + crane in the mean time.

So when you arrive, just pull your truck up to the existing pile and offload. Do watch for rusty nails – one almost got me – and loose debris.

And whatever you do, don’t bring anything back from the dump except an empty truck!

2007 Metroblogging DC BBQ

What does this photo make you think of? Hopefully the 2007 MBDC BBQ!

That’s right, this weekend we will be celebrating three years of Metroblogging DC in the best way possible: food, fun, and pinatas on Sunday, July 1st at 6pm in the MBDC BBQ HQ.

Your favorite MBDC authors will be there for witting conversation, total mockery for spelling and ideological errors, and to just mingle with the folks we’d like to thank for reading.

Oh and photography will be allowed and encouraged as long as you RSVP and invite local bloggers.

Petworth Eyesore Closeup

Remember last week when I found the stop work order on 4143 New Hampshire Ave, the Petworth Eyesore? The house even Prince of Petworth curses?

Well I went and took a few close-up photos just to document how bad the renovation is. My favorite is this one:

Do you see that total mis-match of the new addition to the original structure? I am not talking just the colors or texture, I’m talking the gaping overhangs from one structure to the next.

Might the designer been drunk? The carpenters blind? The owner insane? Regardless, the neighbours had enough. 4141 New Hampshire Ave is up for sale & rumor says is listed at $560K.

I wonder if that’s $560 for the blind, $20k less for those who have to see 4143 every day?

Dead Mice are Good Mice

Good Morning Mr. Mouse

Walking into my kitchen the other morning, I realized I had an overnight visitor, a mouse in the house.

Now I was not alarmed, and unlike Prince of Petworth, didn’t go out and get a cat, I did what any red-blooded American man did. I ignored it.

But when the clock-stopping hottie came in, I had another “Honey do..” on my list: “Honey, do kill them!” And so to Home Depot I went to buy my way to mouse-free living.

I bought every single mouse and rat killing weapon they sold. Traps classic and new, bait, poison, sticky pads, you name it, and deployed my mouse-killing arsenal throughout the house. Then I waited.

I waited for a snap or a squeal or some sign of death…

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