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Why it’s cool to hang out with Wayan


I was recently at Wayan‘s house partying like it was 1999 with him and his Butterbean when he took what should have been a piece of refuse from the dining table and proceeded to strip the remaining meat from the carcass. He found such tiny bits of goodness left among the bones that I had neither the eyes to see nor the palate to appreciate.

Yes, I am vegetarian but I just have to respect a guy who isn’t too bashful to start sucking on a chicken corpse to extract every last tasty morsel and bit of nutrient left. It’s refreshing to see the youth of today so excited about not wasting even a scrap of useful food.

What do you do to reduce food waste? What is the chicken corpse in your diet?

Mobile Canteen Unit @ DCFD House Calls

Want free coffee or bottled water when work gets hot? Need that quick refreshment when you feel like you’re on fire? Then I suggest you head over the Mobile Canteen Unit.

mobile canteen unit

Seen here at a Petworh house fire, the cafe on wheels was quick to put out firemen’s thirst while keeping them on the job.

I’m not sure that DC needs a whole “Canteen Unit” at every accident scene, but I can see where it would make sense at multi-alarm fires. Better to have the firefighters hydrated and on the scene than gone to make a ice run to 7-11.

Now I just wonder, does it serve donuts too?

Colorado Kitchen Sunday Brunch

Were you hungry this morning? Live in northern Northwest DC? Then Colorado Kitchen is for you.

At 14th and Kennedy Street, on Colorado Avenue, the aptly named Colorado Kitchen servers up tasty treats on the weekends, like homemade donuts and poached eggs on lobster.

But be quick if you want to eat before noon. Colorado Kitchen opens at 11am and the line forms at 10:30am. If you are not in the first 25 people or so, you will have to wait for the second wave of seating and not get your food until around noon.

Still, the food is worth the wait, the donuts come out piping hot and will be fought over when they hit your table.

Police Action in Petworth with Officer No-Photo

petworth police actionFor all the lead-foot morning commuters on New Hampshire Avenue NW, this is your final warning. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and no matter if you think that’s too slow or not, these two DC MPD will issue you a speeding ticket.

They were at Sherman Avenue this morning, promising also to be on New Hampshire above Grant Circle, and will be ready to ruin Speed Racer mornings all week long. The cops are more than happy to give speeding drivers a sloooow ticket writing experience, hefty fines, and points on a license.

I’m am happy for the police presence in Petworth, and I’m also happy they’re cracking down on the New Hampshire Avenue raceway, but I wasn’t happy with the response to photographing their speeding ticket sidewalk scene.

See the grinning on the officer in the florescent vest? The one on the right in the photo above? When I said I was going to photograph him pulling over a speeder, a celebration of good police work in my neighbourhood, he wasn’t happy any more. He said that the act of pulling a driver over was a “police action” and photography wasn’t allowed.

Whoa! Apparently Officer No-Photo didn’t know who he was talking to, and didn’t realize that photography in public, and especially photography of law enforcement officers in action, in public, is a well documented First Amendment right.

So while I love the police presence, and enjoy watching this police action every morning, Officer No-Photo needs to brush up on his 1st Amendment rights. Photography is free on our streets, nationwide.

If he’s there tomorrow, and I’m not in my own rush to work, I’ll stop and give him a photographer’s rights refresher.

Petworth Eyesore in the Washington Post

In another victory for citizen journalism (I hope), the constant coverage of the Petworth Eyesore by the Prince of Petworth and me may have finally paid off with a front page article in the Washington Post: New Rowhouse Rooflines Raising Eyebrows in D.C.

Paul Schwartzman took up the challenge of Petworth’s stunningly bad roofline additions, “pop-ups”, that are blighting the neighborhood with visual pollution with deft and due diligence, even getting the Pertwoth Eyesore owner to comment:

Anthony Cornish, the developer who is converting the single-family home to a condominium, said he used siding for the third floor because “brick is more expensive.”

The property needed a wholesale alteration, he said, because he is constructing two duplexes and wants it to look like an apartment building.

As for aesthetics, Cornish said the building, when it is complete, will be far superior to the dilapidated, vacant property he bought last year for $425,000. “To each his own,” he said of those who object to such additions. “If they don’t like it, they should have gone and bought it themselves.”

If the neighbourhood knew he was going to deface our community with his “pop-up” which looks like its going to pop-off, I am sure we would have. For everyone who lives here says just this:

“It makes me so sick I want to scream,” said Avis Anderson, a neighborhood resident and a real estate broker

If you want to scream too, the Petworth Eyesore is at 4143 New Hampshire Avenue, at Upshur. Don’t worry, you will not miss it.

Petworth Eyesore Doorway

Just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, the Petworth Eyesore took it to the next level.

Just take a close look at the front door. What was once a beautiful, arched two-door entrance is now a poor in-filled single door.

I really don’t know how much worse the builders can make this house. Its already a remodel job from hell, what with the ill-fitting addition and broken windows.

It’s so bad that we all give directions by it, “Take a right at the eyesore. Yeah, trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.” Even the neighbors are moving out!

And it’s at the end of my block.

Protesting ANSWER’s Posters

Can I get a date check? Is it not September 19th? Four days and counting after the ANSWER anti-war protest march.

Isn’t it about time that these obnoxious yellow fliers are removed by the earnst protesters who blanketed our city with them?

I’ll even pay the postage to send every single old poster back to the ANSWER HQ, by COD of course.

Mystery Electronics on Arkansas Avenue

Look up at that gizmo attached to the lamp post at Arkansas and Upshur. What could that be?

Is it a Shot Spotter installation? Or a secret District emergency radio transmitter?

It seems to be an antenna leading to the traffic camera. Could this be a red light remote control? At least its not MPD CCTV or Tom’s hated speed cameras.

Regardless of what it does, I’m glad the powers that be are installing electronics on light poles and not up a kitty’s bum.

Even the spooks should have morals.

For Sale: Kenmore Washer Dryer Set w/ Free Delivery

Soon after assuming my half-million dollar mortgage, I started thinking on how to convert my basement to a livable space for friends and family.

The first step on the long path to add a kitchen is to sell the high capacity & heavy duty Kenmore washer dryer set that came with the house.

They are clean and modern, in perfect working order – just like new. As a Metroblogging DC special, I’m selling the washer and dryer for only $350, a ~60% savings from their retail prices.

You can see the current model equivalents here: washer: 02627542000 dryer: 02667422000.

I’m even offering free delivery in Petworth & Columbia Heights neighbourhoods of Washington DC. Or you can pick them up. I can also deliver them for $15-$50 elsewhere in the Metro area, depending on distance, but cash payment is required before delivery.

Email me now if you are interested or read more details after the jump…

Nailing Petworth Eyesore Offenses

Petworth eyesore
Petworth Eyesore

No matter if the Petworth Eyesore did get its contrsution permits, it’s still a danger to the community.

How? Check out the rusty exposed nails on these boards sitting in its side yard. Perfect to impale passing pedestrians with tetanus-shot requiring punctures until they’re properly disposed of.

That’s just yet another reason why its an eyesore and deserves a stop work order: danger to the public safety on top of its general visual offense.

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