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Second Major Fire Guts Georgetown Public Library

The second floor of the Georgetown Public Library is a complete loss, and with it goes much of the archive of the Library, some of which predates the founding of our nation. According to, several of the area fire hydrants were not in working order, due to an issue with water pressure. According to WTOP, this is a frequent problem in Georgetown and other elevated areas of town.

Wait. Hold on a second. You’re telling me that these fire hydrants are purely decorative? That’s got to be cold comfort to all of Georgetown all of a sudden as they realize the fire hydrant that’s just up the street may be as useful as your neighbor’s garden hose when it comes to putting out a serious fire. Seriously, how does a city like DC not be able to push the pressure it needs to fire hydrants. That seems like a basic service…

Georgetown Library also burning

The Georgetown Public Library is on fire, too, in a fire that looks to be as destructive as the one at Eastern Market. What’s with the local landmarks catching fire all of the sudden?

Georgetown Robberies

We just received the following email from our office administrator:

There have been three robberies since Wednesday, April 11, 2007. All seem to fit a pattern at least in terms of the area where they have occurred and the victim profile, and we would like your help in alerting the community of this situation.

On Wednesday, April 11, at about 7 pm, a woman walking home alone was robbed when a man produced a gun and demanded her purse near 31st and Q Sts., NW. The man fled and was not caught. He is described as a black man, dark complexion, tall and thin, late 20s to early 30s, wearing a ¾ length dark coat.

On Thursday, April 12, at 9:10 pm, a woman walking home alone was robbed at 27th and N Sts by a man described as a black man, with a relatively small build and medium complexion, wearing dark clothing with a dark hooded sweatshirt. He grabbed the woman’s purse and fled and was not apprehended. Contents of the purse were recovered from the park area at 27th and N.

On Tuesday, April 17, at about 8:15 pm, a woman walking home alone was robbed by a man with a gun. While walking near 29th and N Sts., NW, she was approached by a man who demanded her purse while holding a gun at his side. He is described as a young-looking black man in his late teens or early 20s with a small build, chin length dreadlocks, a black hat, and wearing a black hockey jersey with white around the waist and wrist areas. He walked south on 29th and turned eastbound into the 2800 block of Dumbarton St.

There appears to be a man, or more than one, who is targeting women as they walk alone in the area around 27th to 31st Sts. from N to Q Sts, between 7 and 9:15 pm.

We would caution women to walk with a friend or neighbor in the evening hours when possible until we make any arrests in these cases. We ask that anyone with any information relating to anything that might help us out in these cases call our detectives’ office at 730-1903.

We recommend that in any such case if you are approached by a person who demands your wallet, purse, cell phone, or any other items of value, surrender the property without resistance. Call 911 immediately when you are able to get to a phone and give us as complete a description as possible of the suspect and the location where he was last seen.

Cancel your credit cards, but in many cases we ask that you do not turn off cell phone service if your phone was taken, as we may be able to use phone call records in our investigation.

We are putting additional officers into this area for specialized deployment until we can bring this situation to closure.

Andy Solberg
Commander, Second District

As a female who often tends to walk alone through Georgetown after leaving the office, the above has me literally scared shitless. Please keep your eyes peeled and don’t walk around these areas, or any area of Georgetown alone.

Be sure to take precautions:

Keep copies of your credit cards and other information you keep in your wallet/purse. Make sure to photocopy the front and back so you can easily call the necessary numbers to put a hold on your card.

Check your credit every year

Final Four Fever! Hoya Saxa!

hoya.jpgThe Hoyas once again snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, beating UNC in the quarterfinals to advance to the Final Four. This is the second year in a row that the greater DC area has had a team in the finals of the big dance, and this weekend’s matchup with the Buckeyes should be one to remember.

One of the things, in watching Sportscenter at lunch today, is that Dick Vitale does not look, well, vital. He’s been the central media figure of March Madness for years and years, and it’s a bit sad to see him look so old and try to pull off his usual fervor.

That said, this weekend’s games in Atlanta are the big deal. Expect this town to go absolutely crazy when the Hoyas win.

Why is the Canal Nearly Empty?


Is it so Good Samaritans like this guy can clean it up? Anyway, why not grab a trash bag and go help out? You’ll make the water a little less toxic and who knows what treasures you’ll find among all the boots, syringes, shredded White House documents and empty bottles of Night Train and Thunderbird?

Hoya Saxa! On to the Elite 8

With just 2.5 seconds to go, Jeff Green launched an off-balance shot that put the Hoyas over the top tonight, beating Vandy 66-65 in regulation. Next up is the winner of the USC/UNC game, and a spot in the Final Four. Do the Hoyas have what it takes to go all the way? My wrecked bracket sure hopes so, or my aunt will mercilessly mock me for years to come.

Downtown Lights Out

A good portion of Georgetown (or at least the eastern section of it) has no power whatsoever. The street lights are out, the traffic lights are out, the fire engines are going and all manner of havoc is going on downtown today. Between this, the Metro being all fucked up, this is going to be a nasty, nasty commute home.

What the hell happened, DC?!

Restaurant Review: Cafe Bonaparte

mosaic6211825%5B1%5D.JPG Cafe Bonaparte is one of those places, you know the ones, the ones with the long lines on the sidewalk that draw your attention as you pass by on a Sunday afternoon, so much so that you decide to see what’s happening by joining the never ending reservation line into the exclusive brunch club.

I’ve often driven past Cafe Bonaparte, confused by the never-ending line to enter a shoebox-sized restaurant for Sunday brunch. In my mind, Sunday brunch should be a time when one can stretch out with the paper and take ones time eating, sipping, reading and enjoying the atmosphere.

Get Baked, and Wired

384765752_812dac56a7_o.jpg I pass by often during the work week, not bothering to stop in because I’m on my way to or from lunch. I’ve forgone the eclectic staff, inhabitants and interior for my standard triple, venti, skim 4 shot almond, 3 shot vanilla latte from that giant coffee conglomerate from the west. After being anally-raped for a 20oz frothy beverage and having to venture forth through the cross-winds coming off the canal, what do I get for my trouble? I get a burnt tongue from an excessively hot latte and sore ears. Is the extra walk and the long line worth the trek only to be disappointed by not so frothy goodness? I think not.

During my morning travels today, as I meandered along Thomas Jefferson Street, stopping to take a few quick snaps of the canal, I decided to stop in the often forgotten local bakery and imbibe in the foamy goodness of a 16oz treasured latte.

Homeless Baggage Transport Engineering

When I travel, I travel crazy light. I am so minimalist, I never check my bags.

But even my economy pales in comparison to this traveler. They’ve compiled their entire existence into one shopping cart for total mobility.

Before you think this is sarcasm, be it known that I am truly in awe of many homeless people’s personal effects transport systems.

This is a very vertical arrangement, but there are others, horizontal, multi-directional, that are just as impressive. Feats of engineering to facilitate survival on DC’s rough streets.

Of course, they would probably rather trade daily wanderings with more sedentary, and secure, domiciles, but until then, for all my dislike of bums, I do give them this:

They are the master packers, baggage transporters extraordinaire.

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