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Capitol Hill Craigslist Ad Considered One Of The Weirdest By Consumerist

I’ll let the ad speak for itself- my apologies if you know the guy looking for a roommate/specimen:

h/t Consumerist

Daily DC Item: Brad & Angelina Are In Town, Obama No Longer Sole Superstar In Town


Angelina on set (Photo: Splash News)

I was going to write a commentary on a news worthy story- I swear. But in the middle of writing it I found out some juicier material: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in town! As I type this Pitt should be on Capitol Hill meeting with Nancy Pelosi concerning, “Make It Right, a project launched in 2007 to construct affordable and environmentally-sustainable housing for low-income residents of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans who lost their homes as a result of Hurricane Katrina,” according to Pelosi’s office.

So what’s Angelina up to? She’s keeping busy filming scenes for her new film, “Salt.” Entertainment Wise has some photos of her running in costume for some sort of chase scene.

Alright so is there enough room for three superstars to be in town? If Angelina is filming scenes in town she maybe here for a few more days, any chance of seeing the two out on the town?

I’m amazed that it took a friend’s comment for me to learn about the news- I would of expected MSNBC to have live coverage of the photo op, and a little bit more buzz than today’s depressing economic news. Not even the friend that told me is really excited, “haha i guess its kind of exciting, im not about to up and leave my office but its neat.”

Is it really exciting or neat? Anybody going to flock to The frigid mall right now?

Nancy Pelosi’s Cat Cam Capers

It appears that Nancy Pelosi is taking a page from Barney Cam and posted a video on her YouTube channel that appears to be a cute video of her cats in the Capitol– I urge everyone to check it out for the pleasant surprise at the end.

After watching the short video I have to say that she may be the hippest Speaker of the House ever.

No on H8

Join the Impact has finalized the location for the DC protest against Prop 8 that turned thumbs down on same-sex marriage in California on November 4 (and the three similar measures in Arizona, Arkansas, and Florida).

Where:  The Reflecting Pool in front of the US Capitol Building

When:  Saturday, November 15, 1:30 pm

The point of this gathering–of this whole movement, with protests in every state on Saturday–is positive and fun.  This is not about h8 or blame, but looks forward toward to what needs to be done now to achieve one goal: Full equality for ALL.

There will likely be a similar proposal on the DC ballot next year, so this will be an interesting test of the mandate for change, as well as the opportunity for a fascinating political discussion on what is meant by “separate but equal” and “civil rights”.  Last I checked, those are pretty fundamental concepts in the District.

If you haven’t seen Keith Olbermann’s commentary on the issue, it’s certainly worth a gander.  And if you’re as touched by this as I am, join us on Facebook, and I hope to see you there.

Eastern HS Marching Band Needs YOU!

The Eastern High School marching band has been invited to perform at the Pro Football Hall of Fame festivities next week.  Problem is, they’re having trouble raising funds for the trip.  According to a great piece over at City Desk, the band was counting on checks from summer jobs to pay for their bus tickets to Canton.  If you haven’t heard, there was quite an issue with the District’s payroll system and now the band has $500 total.  Unsurprisingly, the Redskins organization “doesn’t do smaller grants” and basically isn’t helping, even though the band is representing the District (what, the Redskins are in Md now, so I guess that doesn’t count?  The school’s practically in the shadow of RFK, but hey, those days are over?) and 2 of the 6 inductees for 2008 were Redskins players (Darrell Green and Art Monk – Green, as you probably know, spent his entire career with the Redskins).

Their plan is to leave at midnight Friday.  If you can, please help by contacting band director James Perry at James2081[at]comcast[dot]net

Eating Out: The Good Stuff Eatery

An occasional series where my friends and I go out to eat. And then tell you about it.

Outside The Good Stuff Eatery on Friday night

At the urging of a friend from school, we ventured to Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn’s new restaurant on Capitol Hill: The Good Stuff Eatery on Friday night. As yet another entry in the DC burger scene (recently chronicled by the Post’s Tim Carman), I found myself wondering if a celebrity like Chef Spike could move product. The answer, as proven by the crowds on the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Ave. SE, is unquestionably “yes.”

Full review after the jump.


The Hill in One Word or Less

If you want to check out what’s going on at the Capitol, but can’t be bothered to read all of the Congressional Record and even the Post’s Politics section is far too detailed, check out Capitol Words, which will give you the word of the day on The Hill:


The word of the day last Wednesday was Oil. I can tell you’re shocked and appalled.

Pearl Jam for Donations?

Gossard.jpg If you love Pearl Jam, and were going to buy tickets for their DC show on June 22nd at Verizon Center, you might consider getting them for a donation to Steve Novick’s campaign for US Senate, instead.

Of course, I know squat about Novick’s politics, but this way you get to meet Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, and hang out with him before the show. Of course, maybe this is the best way to get influence in the Senate, as DC’s currently boned on the whole representation deal. Maybe this is a great way to make known the struggle of all District residents when it comes to representation in Congress. You can let Steve Novick just what you think about the royal screwjob that DC residents get.

Or, it’s just a way to get a cool set of tickets to Pearl Jam. $250 for a pair, though, that’s kinda ouchie to my wallet.

The Irony, She is a Fierce Mistress

A group of truckers was supposed to drive very slowly through DC during morning rush today in order to protest gas prices (by wasting it? I don’t get it.) and then go over to the Capitol to raise heck with the Congresscritters and Senators and demand a gas price cap.

Sadly, they got stuck in traffic on I-270, and missed morning rush.

I’m seriously laughing at my keyboard right now that they got screwed by the very force they intended to screw us all with. Surely, they’re going to be present today, messing with our street traffic for a bit, but at least they had the common decency to get stuck like the rest of us…

Now That’s a Fun Truck…

lasershot.png Found this via Wonkette, with a much bigger picture. Apparently, they’re having some sort of firearms training group (Warning, website has sound, which may or may not make you hate humanity…) demonstrating their wares in various House of Representatives offices today. Laser Shot’s mission is: “Our mission is to be the leader in firearms training products specializing in “Use of Force” and “Judgmental Training” to save lives emphasizing on military and law enforcement products.”

Hysterically, their Mission statement includes links to their four major branches: Military, Law Enforcement, Hunter Education and…

Home Theatre?

No really. For real. They will sell you a kit to install in your home theatre so you can practice pistol shooting, rifle shooting or shooting skeet! The best part of all of this? The “firearms” they sell are probably the only legal ones for the District.

I guess if somebody breaks in you can put a dot on their chest…

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