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A Steel Cage Match We’d Like to See: Tim Page vs. Marion Barry

One’s a drug-addled politician clinging to public office, the other is a classical music critic for the Washington Post. But it seems that when they get together, there’s sparks! Apparently, Barry’s staff sent Page (who I will remind you is a music critic) a press release about the councilman’s support/non-support of the hospital property in Southeast. Page, upset over the (possibly frequent) email from Barry’s staff sent back this response:

“Must we hear about it every time this Crack Addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new=and typically half witted–political grandstanding?

I’d be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list. I Cannot think of anything the useless Marion Barry could do that would interest me in the slightest, up to and including overdose. Sincerely, Tim Page.”

Yikes. Page’s reviews are usually this sharp-tongued when performers don’t meet his approval, so I don’t exactly think that Barry’s office (which freaked out and got Page suspended from his writing gig at the Post) should be as surprised as they acted over his comments. Given that nothing Page said about Hizzoner, the Mayor for Life, was factually false, I’m surprised that the Post caved in to the righteous indignation of Barry and his staff.

For Shame, Post. For Shame.

Major Rail Derailment in Southeast

derailment.png An 89-car CSX Coal train derailed today on the bridge across the Anacostia in Southeast DC. While no one was injured in the crash, 10 cars full of coal ended up in the river, leaking hazardous chemicals from the hydraulic system into the already-polluted Anacostia. The Fire Department is worked on a three-pronged effort to handle the crisis.

The rail bridge is feared to be damaged by the incident, and may be in pretty rough shape. NBC 4 is running promos tonight that suggest it’s possible the engine was unmanned, but I can’t find anything to back up that assertion. I’m sure more will be coming out in the next few days.

Traffic Advisory: Ford Funeral

Gerald FordToday is the funeral of the 38th President, Gerald Ford. His body, which has lain in state in the rotunda of the Capitol Building will travel via hearse to the National Cathedral for his 10am funeral. The procession will most likely bring traffic across downtown to a complete standstill right about now. As always, the Post has an excellent map of the route from the Capitol to the Cathedral and then the route back to Andrews AFB for his final flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The funeral today is invite only, and the security will be heavy near the Cathedral. If you don’t have to be in the city today, it’s probably a good day to be at home. I have a feeling that with the Federal Government off today as part of the national day of mourning, it’s going to be fairly quiet anyway. Banks are open today, financial markets are not (not that we have any here!). The Smithsonian is open today, as is the National Archives Museum, but not their research facility. The Archives have a Special Exhibit of Documents from the Archives.

No Deal.

Remember that deal we talked about earlier today? Yeah, not so much. Only 8 of the 13 voted in favor of the emergency member, one short of the supermajority necessary to enact such legislation. As it stands, there is now no plan for parking around the stadium, which could subject the city to serious penalties to the team if there aren’t some 1200 spaces available by opening day 2008.

Mayor Williams says it best: “Take any major project from the pyramids to Stonehenge. The stupid parking lot has taken more hours and meetings per parking space. It’s incredible.”

Right on, Tony.

Worst Idea EVER

Sorry folks, you won’t be seeing any new condos and shops in Southeast anytime soon. Deals to expand the area around the proposed new baseball stadium in Anacostia fell through last week, when the development group failed to reach Friday’s deadline. Unfortunately, now they don’t even have plans for a parking structure for the stadium, and the $21million in the budget isn’t enough to cover garages. But, paving over what little grass is left in DC is a better idea, right?

Here’s the best part:

“[Mayor] Williams had promised that the development would reinvigorate the waterfront and bring new tax revenue to offset the city’s $611 million investment of public money in the stadium project.”

So now, not only will we lose the opportunity to earn the huge chunk of change back, but we’re facing another lonely stadium in the middle of nowhere? The Nats suck anyway, when are these people going to admit this was a huge mistake?

Escape From DC

That’s exactly what two inmates from the DC jail did yesterday, breaking a glass window in the warden’s office, sliding down a canopy and running off for the Stadium/Armory metro station. There, they boarded a free shuttle to Southeast DC which was running because of this weekend’s track maintenance at Stadium/Armory. Of course, they weren’t the only ones getting the heck out of DC, an arsonist in Church Hill, Maryland also flew the coop from his pre-release center.

DC Police are of course very upset about this, but I think the most telling quote comes from City Councilman Phil Mendelson in the Post today:

“This is very, very troubling,” said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), who chairs the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the D.C. police and jail. “Nobody should be able to get out of the jail. That’s the whole point. This sounds like it was too easy.”

Yes, Phil, the point of jail is to keep people locked up in side, but they had to get new prison jumpsuits, get out of their cells, assault the warden’s office, break his window, slide down a canopy and escape a pursuing guard patrol. If that sounds easy to you, I think I should buy you a beer to get you to fess up to your own Indiana Jones past.

DC interstate exhibit


On Sunday, my wife and I checked out The Interstate in the District of Columbia exhibit at Union Station. It runs through next Sunday.

The story of D.C. interstates were told mostly by photographs. Each of the interstate highways to enter the city, I-66, I-295 I-95/495, I-395 (orginally I-95) had its own section. Many of the photographs included were of the original construction. There was also a corresponding interstate marker for each road, although the I-66 and I-95 shields were the size of three digit interstate shields and had the wrong font for the numbers, something that only a hardcore road geek like myself would likely notice.

Air Force One Borfed?

Picture 3-4

Sure, the President’s ride lives out at Andrews Air Force Base under heavy security, and it’s nearly impossible to get near the place without being fondled in uncomfortable ways by men and women whose job it is to kill people who wish to do things like this, but some guy managed to tag Air Force One.

I certainly can’t vouch for the veracity of the video in question, but if it’s honest, holy shit, people. What the hell is going on that some guy can get close to the engines of Air Force One?!

Are We Really That Indifferent To Neighborhoods?

Now, I realize that Daily Candy is just trying to help out one of their sponsors, but are we as bad as the author there suggests? “Folks in these parts just don’t seem to take the same pride in their neighborhoods as those in other towns.”

Sure, we’re no Chicago or New York in terms of our love for neighborhoods and names, and the District doesn’t officially recognize the names of the neighborhoods here, but I’d say there’s some serious love for the neighborhood in DC. Jenn even feels bad she can’t get into the ANC meeting!

What say you readers? Are we as neighborhood apathetic as Daily Candy says? If you’re feeling like you want to represent, though, check out DistrictTees or

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