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Ditching Work for Sport

It’s a packed house over here at Ireland’s Four Courts as Liverpool and AC Milan face off in the finals of the Champions Leagues. Milan’s up 1-nil at the half, scoring a goal on a deflected penalty kick, causing half the bar to cheer and the other half to groan.

The last time I saw a pub this packed at half-past three was the World Cup. Irish accents, British accents, American flat vowels, they’re all here, along with the rapid patter of Spanish and Portuguese.

Skip out on the rest of the day and head here, or Lucky Bar, or Elephant and Castle and catch the second half.

Hot Pads

Perhaps if Wayan’s couch guest is still looking for a place to stay, he should take a gander at HotPads appears to be a mash-up between google maps and wikipedia, offering a user-friendly at-a-glance look at available housing options inside the beltway.

Users can customize their search requirements by zip code, city, county or state, using a variety of variables. A quick Georgetown search turned up not a whole lot, whereas a quick search of my home zip code turned up two rental possibilities.

Looking for a roommate? You apparently can use that feature too, although it turned up zilch for me. This appears to be a great tool for relocation professionals who know naught about the new city they’ll call home. Doing a quick search of cities such as Seattle and Boston turned up a whole lot of useful information.

These three Notre Dame former college roommates moved to the D.C. area and created HotPads in early ’05, relaunching the site last month. The best thing about HotPads? It’s totally free.

Between HotPads and The D.C. Crime Map newcomers to D.C. can learn much more about prospective neighbours before they even put down a deposit. Say ‘sayonara’ to moving in sight unseen, suckers.

Dremo’s Last Days?

When I first moved here, it was Ningaloo, and I played pool on the tables there in the summertime, drank beer out of pitchers and flirted with the bartendress. Then it was closed, and it eventually became Dr. Dremo, or just Dremo’s. Good beer on tap, old video games, interesting interior decor, and famously, no air conditioning. Now they’re down to what could be the last days of Dremo:

Dremo’s lease runs out at the end of August ’06. The developer’s plans are up for review at two Arlington county meetings: project planning meeting Sept 5 ’06 and the county board meeting September 16 ’06. We are guessing we are safe until Sept 16th. If the plans are approved, then the sale will take place and we will have to get out. What we don’t know, is when we will have to get out. It could be Sept 1st, it could be January 1st. We don’t know.

It would suck to lose such an august member of the Beer Bar Family in the DC area, air conditioning or no, just to put up yet more condos. Please go out and support Dremo at the Arlington County Council Meeting on the 16th.

Good Cheap Eats

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of Ray’s The Steaks. Even though I’m a little upset with them, I’m sure one cup of Crab Bisque all will be forgotten. Now, though, there’s a deal in place at the Arlington Ray’s that is one that absolutely, positively cannot be missed. According to Jason Storch of DC Foodies, Ray’s will be offering a $20 Bistro menu that includes a cup of their phenomenal soup or a salad, and a choice of their Hanger Steak or Salmon, all served with their famous mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.

When you see Michael, tell him Metblogs sends their love. There is no finer steak in town that Ray’s, get out there before the wait gets too bad.

Ray’s The Steaks

1725 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA

Ray’s Reopened

DCFoodies reported on Saturday that Ray’s the Steaks has re-opened! As a considerate reporter (and not at all motivated to make sure there was a seat for me) I waited until I could go and verify this myself yesterday. Sure enough, Ray’s is open for business at 6pm every Tuesday through Saturday with a new no-reservation policy. Show up, smile and be seated as soon as there’s a spot.

This was my first Ray’s visit and I was not disappointed.

“Babes for Boobs” Call for Volunteers

Yours for $180!

My friend Trisha is organizing her Fourth Annual “Babes for Boobs” Celebrity Dream Date Auction to raise funds for breast cancer, and she needs a few more volunteers.

Ten guys and ten girls are auctioned off to go on a date with the winning bidder. To sweeten the deal, each date is sponsored by local businesses so you get great free stuff like dinner for two at Georgia Browns, two tickets to the Improv or canoe rental for two from Shenandoah River Outfitters.

Its super easy too – Trisha does all the work and all you have to do is show up beautiful. The event itself is fun, outrageous, casual, and just good clean fun. I should know, as last year I went for $180. Yep, a hottie paid to date me. The ego gratification alone should tempt you!

So don’t be shy – send her an email and go for it: trisha_white AT yahoo DOT com

Tiffany’s Odyssey

On Friday, my car and I were involved in a little, er, “incident” with Arlington County. I learned a number of lessons during the odyssey I undertook in trying to straighten it out, and I thought I might share them with you.

Between Courthouse Metro and Virginia Square, there is only one Chevy Chase Bank. Only one, at the Virginia Square station. There are, however, FOUR IRISH BARS. And for it being lunchtime on St. Patrick’s Day, none of them looked particularly busy. Could it be that the Irish Bar Market in Arlington has finally been saturated?

WMATA actually has a cool Lost-and-Found ticketing system where you can input descriptive information about the item you lost, the day you lost it, and where, and they’ll check incoming items against the database for 30 days. Neat! The problem is, it takes several days for items to reach the Lost and Found office, which is in Silver Spring, and only open odd hours. And if you’re like me and lose your keys, you’re better off just going there, because no matter how much detail you give about your keys, they think all keyrings are the same. (Mine contains keys to my place, Tom’s place, my office, my car… I’m screwed.)

Arlington County employees are actually pretty friendly and helpful and efficient. DMV employees, on the other hand….

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