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It’s Gonna Get Crazy

Well, the weather advisories are out for today, and in essence, they say “Batten down the hatches, it’s about to get insane outside.” Specifically the text I received says: Please secure loose items and watch for flying debris. So, when you’re out this afternoon, don’t even bother with the umbrella unless it’s made of cast iron, it’ll just become a projectile in the storm. Thunderstorms, high winds, flying debris, it’s all part of the forecast for today.

Jim Moran: Lockstep

Jim Moran, Congresscritter for the 8th District of Virginia and Alexandria resident. God what a toolbag this guy is. The Post Express Blog has all the sordid details on his career, except for the MBNA loan he took conveniently around the time of Bankruptcy reform bills. Assaulted an eight year old black kid? Check. Two jilted girlfriends in a fight in front of his Alexandria home? Check. More Pork Spending? He’s gonna earmark the shit out of appropriations bills!

Gotta love scumbag local politicians. I was really disappointed he survived his primary challenge in 2004, and deeply disappointed no one would stand up to this worthless thug.

shave and a haircut – two boobs


When it comes to haircuts, most guys have only a few options. For some, its the hair salon ala supercuts, hair cuttery, bubbles, etc.. For me it’s the Ballston Barbershop – and honestly it’s been barbershops pretty much my entire life.

For Mike Blot and Rudy Lilly, though, these options were not enough. They dreamed of a place where men could get haircut, manicure, pedicure, body wax – without the discomfort that comes with places that are too feminine and don’t allow men to be… well men. A place with "a relaxing beach atmosphere with sports on big-screen tv’s, irresistible music, and female stylists who just happen to be as attractive as they are talented."

And so they founded Paradise Cuts and made the employee uniform – bikini’s and sarongs. You may have heard their commercials on the radio about how bikini’s make everything better.

How big a deal is this? Big enough for the Washington Post to cover the opening day. The article quotes Stylist Sheryl Cubbage, 36, who also plays guitar in a local rock band,
on the
appeal of Paradise Cuts:

"Men like visuals, so why not have a good haircut and a . . . good conversation. It’s about being pampered. Women get it all the time, so why shouldn’t men?"

Today, you can only find this hooters-does-haircuts establishment in Fairfax – but Blot and Lilly currently have plans to expand their network of sexy stylists to Reston/Dulles and Alexandria. Franchise opportunities can’t be too far behind…

Greater DC as a New State?

With the impending Gay Marriage Ban well thought of in the rest of Virginia, and many other issues significantly disparate between the Tidewater and Northern Virginia, perhaps it’s time that Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria severed ties with the rest of the state that uses it only for tax revenue. Perhaps it’s time that these three districts join with the District at large to form a 51st state. With 5 million people in the greater DC area, this new state would be larger than Wyoming, Alabama, North Dakota and other states in population, and, due to DC and Northern Virginia’s unique position in the economy as the seat of government, the site of a significant number of beltway bandit contractors, and several large international commerce hubs, the state could have an economy to rival the largest state economies.

So, with this final straw potentially upsetting the creative class in Northern Virginia, and encouraging them to be elsewhere, perhaps it’s time to fight back a bit?

virginia candidates for senate face-off tonight

Virginia Senator George Allen (R) and challenger James "Jim" Webb (D) will face-off in Richmond tonight. The 8 p.m. debate will be moderated be moderated by Russ Mitchell, an anchor on The Early Show and Sunday Evening News on CBS. Viewers in Northern Virginia will be able to watch the debate live on WETA (local channel 26).

So far, both candidates have spent a considerable amount of time issuing and responding to personal questions or attacks. For Allen, the central issues have revolved around his (supposedly hidden) Jewish heritage, his use of the word "macaca," and his office’s showcase of a Confederate flag and rope tied into a noose. Webb has been questioned about a 1979 article on women in combat. Although I am hoping the debate will provide a showcase for both of these candidates to present clearly distinguishable platforms – I’m afraid that most of the debate will end up focused on questions of character…



Allen is predicted to say "Well shucks, you know that I was a bit of a rebel in my younger days, so I’ve always liked having a Confederate flag and noose ready for when the South will rise again."

Webb will think "…jackass," while stretching his hands in anticipation of the vicious pimp slap he is about to lay down.


Artsy Art

In addition to the Taste of Bethesda this weekend, you can go to Art on the Avenue – the 11th Annual Regional Multicultural Arts and Music Festival in the Del Ray area of Alexandria. The festival is on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 10 am-6 pm and will feature over 300 crafters and artists, international food, live bands, kids’ activities, and a pie baking contest. You can take the metro to Braddock Road and take the Old Town Trolley to the festival. After all, it’s not too early to start on your Christmas shopping!

PX Blue Light

Ever since prohibition ended I’ve always felt that bars haven’t been illicit enough. I mean, bars will pretty much let anybody in these days, the booze isn’t made in bathtubs, and and they usually don’t get raided by the ‘coppers’. And really, who wants to drink in a club that lets just anybody in and never gets raided by the coppers?

That’s why my new favorite bar is the PX Blue Light that opened in Alexandria last week. It’s a real honest-to-goodness speakeasy. It’s purposely hard to find, but I’ll let you in on how to get in. It’s at 728 King Street above Eamonn’s Dublin Chippery. You’ll know it’s open (and it’s not open every night) by the pirate flag flying above Eamonn’s. Go around the corner to the alley and look for the door next to a “blue light”. It’ll be locked. Knock on the door and a little window will open up. Tell them you have a reservation (you did remember to make a reservation right? 703-299-8384 though not required) If you are properly dressed and not a copper they’ll let you in.

Inside they are very tiny but kinda swanky, kinda like your rich friend’s living room. Except for the front door, the place didn’t really feel like a speakeasy to me (the waitress had more of a 60s go-go dancer look to her). The drinks are pretty pricey ($11-$16), but it’s worth it to bask in the exclusivity of the place. I mean, c’mon what kinda bar takes reservations?!? I’m not sure that their business model of not advertising and keeping the door locked is all that sound, but it makes for a great place to take a date when you want to show how well connected you are with the Alexandria nightlife scene. And tell ’em Metroblog sent ya!

Four Legged Friends

Thin Guinness 1

I started to write this post a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Guinness is a 2 year old black and white cat, found as a kitten on a doorstep in Shaw by friends of ours at about six weeks old. We took him at our friend’s behest and he’s been our able companion for the last two years or so…until he went missing the day after our wedding. Now, Guinness is an indoor/outdoor cat, so I am used to absences up to 24 hours (he’ll spend the night out hunting during the spring and fall), but beyond that I get a bit twitchy.

We papered the neighborhood with flyers. We called the nearby animal shelters and vets. We walked the neighborhood calling for him. We did everything just short of crawling through all the nearby brambles and knocking on every door in all of Fairlington. It was torture to just not know what happened to our Guinness. Just awful. But through all this, we got calls from the shelters saying they hadn’t seen him and wanted to know if he’d come home yet. No sign. Nothing.

Until Saturday. When I got a call from our neighbor to say he was spotted on our front porch. Tiff and I were on the last leg of our roadtrip across the midwest and after crashing the night in Pittsburgh, we sprinted home to greet our missing kitty. We’ve been through the worst, it looks like. The vet checked him out this morning and despite some issues with a foot with a cut, he’ll be just fine in about a week.

I was prepared to post this in the case that we gave up on Guinness, that we were ready to mourn him and suggest ways to do it. I am glad, now, to turn this into a post on who to talk to if you lose your pet in DC. Read on for all the details.


Storm Chaos

In the last six years living in DC, I’ve seen some epic storms, but none was like last night. Not even Hurricane Isabel was so bad as the storm last night. We finally lost power around 10pm. Several attempts were made by Dominion to get it back within a few minutes, but power wasn’t restored until around 4am this morning. With the Beltway closed in both directions due to a mudslide in Alexandria, DC’s going to be hurting today, especially with closures at the Federal Triangle metro in the middle of the Orange-Blue lines and Archives metro in the middle of the Yellow-Green lines, 20 minute delays on the Green-Yellow and Blue-Orange lines today may mean that today might just end up being a lost cause, commute-wise.

Personally? If you’ve got a PTO day or Personal day to spare, today’s the day to take it. OPM’s honoring Unscheduled Leave today, so don’t worry about that if you’re working for the Feds. If you are determined to go to work today, please be sure to take an umbrella, since it appears that this type of storm system maybe be in our future through Wednesday. According to Capital Weather, we might see another 3-5″ of rain by Wednesday, on top of the 5″ of rain that’s already fallen on DC this weekend… Get out the bailing buckets.

It’s not all bad news, though:

In the District, fire Capt. John Sollers reported flooding in some buildings in the 12th Street NW corridor between Pennsylvania and Constitution avenues. He said the basement of the Internal Revenue Service Building was inundated with about five feet of water.

Take heart, DC. And tell us your storm stories in the comments!

Godspeed sails into Alexandria

Starting today, a replica of the Godspeed, one of three ships to carry settlers to Jamestown in 1607, will be anchored in Alexandria.

Godspeed, one of the three original ships that in 1607 brought America’s first permanent English colonists to Jamestown, our nation’s birthplace, will serve as a floating museum for families, students and tens of thousands of visitors. We invite you to come and explore a sampling of 17th -century America … 21st century style!

Join in the excitement of the “Landing Party” – featuring live musical performances, family entertainment, historical and cultural displays highlighting the legacies of Jamestown and the growth of America — all free to the public, at a port near you.

The Landing Party will take place 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. on weekends and holidays and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. during the week. Events are scheduled at Founders Park, Waterfront Park, and the Torpedo Factory area. More about the Godspeed’s arrival and Virginia tribes quest for recognition from The Post which supplied the photograph above.

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