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Caught some lunch at the Rocklands in Virginia Square today, and they had this bottle sitting out. Sure, it’s hotter than pretty much any other sauce I’ve tried, but the flavor was incredible. The sweetness of the pepper came through quite well, despite the incredible punch it packed, and it was an excellent companion for my brisket sandwich today.

Sure, I could’ve gone for the plain fire sauce, but what’s the point in hot-sauce unless it makes you swear and cry out for divine intervention?

Pwnsauce — Originally uploaded by tbridge

Strawberries from the Market

The first strawberries of the year. I got the call on Thursday, when my friend and expert-jam-crafter Lisa let me in on the knowledge: Westmoreland Berry Farm’s first week at the Courthouse Market would be this Saturday.

One of the things I miss the most in the winter is the family-run operation’s presence at the farmers’ market. Fresh berries, farm jam, all manner of delectable treats that remind me of my love of summertime. So, their return is a joy to celebrate and enjoy.

The rain was gentle, as we walked through the market talking to all the vendors. I picked up 8 quarts of strawberries, and today I’ll turn part of them to ice cream, freeze a few, and just eat a few. The market was not as crowded as I expected at a little before 9am, but the goods were plentiful. I left with buffalo half-smokes, mozzarella and ricotta made locally, some basil, dill and tomato seedlings for the garden, and the aforementioned strawberries.

Mmmmmm strawberries.

Strawberries from the Market — Originally uploaded by tbridge

United Unveils New Unis, Fall to Fire

Thanks much to Ben Stanfield for his awesome photos of yesterday’s game against the Fire. DC United showed off their brand new uniforms. We lost 2-0, which kinda sucks, but I’m rather impressed with how the VW logo looks on the unis, even if it is a bit large.

Big Time Tackle — Originally uploaded by acaben

A personal plug

Below is an event I’m organizing tomorrow night. It’s the second one so far, and should be great. We got a great response from performers and have a really interesting lineup of talented dancers and other artists.

The Dinner Party: An evening of experimental dance, music and performance art

Tuesday, May 6, 8pm
The Warehouse Theater, 1021 7th St., NW

In an effort to expand DC’s venues for in-progress, experimental, and new work, The Dinner Party is a new series of monthly open showings that will take place on Tuesday nights in the Warehouse Theater downtown. The evening will end with a short facilitated audience discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there!

I know food prices are going up…

…but this is a little ridiculous. Spotted at the Shirlington Harris Teeter. I wonder how long this will be there until someone points it out to staff?

I know food prices are going up, but this is ridiculous

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Baskin Robbins Employs Seven-Year-Olds

Okay, maybe not, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at this sign. I guess with all the computers nowadays and the emphasis on assessment testing, things like penmanship have gone by the wayside. At least it wasn’t done in Crayon.

On a separate note, my lovely wife and I were able to enjoy a few 31-cent scoops this evening after supper. Definitely worth every penny.

Photo: Baskin Robbins Originally uploaded by carlweaver

iPod’s got nothing on this

You know how it is. At best, a Metro commute is something you zone out for, where you take a little vacation in your head and enjoy the opportunity to not be productive. At worst, it’s an ordeal to be endured stoically with earbuds firmly attached, while trying not to notice how smelly the guy next to you is, or that someone threw up in the seat in front of you.

But every once in a while, you get a little Metro serendipity, like I did recently on the Green Line platform at Gallery Place. These three gentlemen regaled the assembled commuters with Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, the Temptations, and a number of other famous old doo-wop/Motown songs that anyone who has ever flipped past an oldies station should recognized. And they were good, too.

Doo-wop at the metro station

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Ice Cream Weather

I know – it would have been even better had Cold Stone been outside, rather than in the Ballston Mall. However, you can’t deny that even the Weather Channel is predicting ongoing ice cream weather until about late September.

My choice this evening was a malted shake with French vanilla ice cream. For those of you who are uninitiated, French vanilla is the king of the ice cream jungle. It can kick ass all over chocolate any day. Plus, it tasted rich enough that it was like sweet butter and vanilla flavoring.

What’s your favorite ice cream place? What do you get when you go there?

Photo: Ice Cream! Originally uploaded by carlweaver

From the Flickr Group

From time to time, you just need to embrace the lolcat. Thanks, rsplatpc, for embracing it in a uniquely DC fashion.

Couldn’t resist — Originally uploaded by rsplatpc

Metro Auditions Set

While I may not have been successful in my bid for a national anthem slot at Nationals Park, I suppose I could try out to sing at the Metro. Metro’s looking for musicians to audition to sing at area stations this spring, summer and fall. Auditions run two days in May, and there’s a ton of detail at the MetroPerforms! page. Bring a headshot and a bio, as well as your musical group.

Me? I want a bagpipe choir.

But that’s just how I roll.

Street music — Originally uploaded by CGoulao

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