Real World DC: Episode 13 Breakdown

One more week.

One more week til I can stay out on Wednesdays and not try and get back in for MTV.

One more week til America can go back to focusing on the second season of Jersey Shore.

One more week til the few readers I have left here can stop putting up with my weekly Real World rants.

One more week.

Drama In DC

Mike & Tanner Fall In Love But Face Tough Opposition

It's lurve!

Besides Callie, Mike has been one of the only other cast member who’s been portrayed pretty well on the show. His main storyline this season has been his sexuality and sorting out his feelings for his ex-boyfriend back at home. Earlier this season Mike realizes that Tanner is really the boy for him after trying out several locals. You could expect the show to pour on the lovey dovey when Tanner arrives and it does. Mike is so smitten over Tanner that even relationship-phobic Emily wishes she had something like that.

The two do all the touristy things in DC like walk around The Mall and share a shower. They also stop by the HRC shop by their house and buy some promise rings. Mike comments that he hopes for marriage one day if it becomes legal. Well Mike it’s time to celebrate because Gay Marriage is now legal in DC! When Tanner and Mike walk back to the house after a night out a clearly drunk observer asks if the two are gay- to which a clearly drunk Mike proudly proclaims he is and looks as if he wants to start a fight. Whoa there Mike you aren’t exactly Ronnie; plus it’s hard for me to believe a gay couple would get heckled in Dupont Circle. I believe it was more of a drunk guy wanting to say something in front of the gigantic camera following the two. DC couldn’t be a more accepting place for homosexuals.

You can’t say the same about Colorado, after Tanner leaves to go back home he tells his parents he’s in love with Mike and they not only disapprove, but cut him off and kick him out of the house.

It really disappoints me to see that kind of a reaction from a family, to see such insensitivity and intolerance towards your own children. I really hope Tanner’s family watched last night’s episode and realized how could they stop loving their own flesh and blood for being gay? I hope they walk outside and realized they just made themselves look evil on television. Like Ty, I too can relate to the issue of discrimination and I couldn’t imagine raising my kids like that.

Ty & Andrew Go Wedding Crashing

We're in Philly! Bring on the cheese-steaks!

Josh, who we haven’t seen much of unless he’s singing badly or cheating on his girlfriend, is traveling back to Philly to be in his cousin’s wedding. He’s excited to, “show everybody what I’ve been up to the past two months.”

Does that mean you’ll be the wedding singer? Does this mean your girlfriend won’t be there because you’ll be making out with the maid of honor?

No apparently what Josh means is that he’s going to bring all the cameras with him so he can attract more attention at the wedding than the actual Bride and Groom- and Andrew and Ty get to tag along as well.

Josh, Ty, and Andrew + Alcohol + Dance Floor + Women = Real World Philly!!!

Wait a minute MTV has been there, done that.

When Ty drinks he turns angry and turns into a cougar hunter

With an epic night ahead of them, the boys do what anybody should do before their wedding: eating messy cheese-steaks in their nice suits. It was probably the most stereotypical Philly thing they could of done that day. I’m sure cheese-steaks don’t dominate every Philadelphian’s life but thanks MTV for making us think that they constantly crave them.

At the wedding we learn that Josh’s cousin is proud of him for developing an entourage and we see that Ty truly has no limits when he macks on Josh’s mom.

Oh no maybe we shouldn’t let Ty drink anymore- wait a minute: been there, done that.

Wicked Liquid Makes Their DC Debut

Wicked Liquid is preparing for their big show at the Rock & Roll Hotel, and Josh couldn’t be more excited. He says everything is getting better: the guitar, his voice (we can only hope), but most importantly of all: his flow.

You need to have flow for this whole thing to work. That and also a VOICE!

It was funny to see his roommates actually debate on whether or not they would pay to see Josh perform. Andrew is a fan but you can read their opinion of Wicked Liquid on everybody else.

The concert wasn’t that bad- certainly not horrible but nothing great. The only notable thing probably is the first appearance of RWDC super-fan Elizabethany.

Time To Cram In Every Charity Event They Did This Summer

Look The Real World cast is making a difference!

So while Josh and Mike were dominating the story-lines what were everybody else up to? Charity work.

MTV works hard to make sure that the Real World cast makes it out to not only all the bars and clubs- but the occasional charity event as well.

We see the cast help out during the 9/11 National Day of Service and Ashley, Callie, and Emily lend a hand over at the Hard Rock Cafe’s Pinktober where they meet Melissa Etheridge.

Not much to say here, good for the cast to take a break from Rhino Bar to actually help out in the community.

Memorable Quotes

Mike reverts back to the #1 date place for Real World DC:

Emily: “What do you think you [and Tanner] are going to do?”

Mike: “Maybe go to Buca.”

Ty on Philadelphia’s diversity: “Andrew says there’s not enough blacks- too many Mexicans.”

Josh says the next best MTV line I’ve heard since Ronnie’s “pounding her out”: “Quit clocking my mother.”

One Up


He brings down a significant other and manages not to have drama while he’s here. Can’t say that about Erika and Josh.

One Down

Tanner’s Parents

I’m disappointed in you two.

Hey I Know That Place!

National Mall: So touristy.

Pat’s King of Steaks: I know it’s not in DC but hey people recognized it…

Hard Rock Cafe: I’ve been there before, not that bad.

Celebrations Weddings: I know it’s also in PA but I had to give it a shout-out because it’s by far the best name for an event hall.

Rock & Roll Hotel: Did you know that Ty is banned from the place? Because he doesn’t pay his bar tabs- trust me I know.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church: My best guess where Mike went to pray since he was there earlier in the season.

Final Word

Last night the “S#!t The Should Of Shown” episode also aired and while a lot of it were just re-aired MTV Dailies and interviews, I agree that a lot of the stuff they should of shown- but was it me or was it still pretty tame?

I don’t know maybe I’m getting old.

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