Real World DC: Episode 12 Breakdown

Erika is unhappy in DC

It finally happened.

In this week’s episode Erika finally had enough of living in DC: she couldn’t stand the posh house, the fame that comes with a camera crew, or the rampant drinking and lack of actual responsibilities that comes with being on The Real World.

If she only learned from her counterpart on Jersey Shore, Angelina.

Does anybody remember Angelina from Jersey Shore? Probably not because she left after the first weekend at the house. Little did she know that by walking away from the show she’d be walking away from fame and fortune as the remaining cast members became pop culture superstars. Luckily Erika benefits from toughing it out 2/3 into the summer before calling it quits. She also benefits from the fact the Real World will never regain the Jersey Shore-like buzz it once had.

However there is a similarity between the two reality show departures: both casts were seen enjoying a dinner like family, happy that the outcast is finally gone from their lives. I expected some sort of “we’re a family” line to come out during that last dinner scene but nobody on The Real World has the charm and charisma as The Situation.

Drama In DC

Andrew Is Finally A Washingtonian: He Visits The White House

Real life means not treating your job like a college term paper

So we know that when Andrew isn’t hitting on girls (which is probably on hiatus thanks to his new girlfriend,) he’s drawing cartoons.

So it looks like that he made some calls MTV hooked him up, and he drops by The Washington Post to pay a visit to resident Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Tom Toles. It’s your typical, “OMG this guy is doing exactly what I want to do” kind of encounter. When Andrew suggests that one day he would love to draw for The Post, Toles admits that it’s a long-shot- which is code for, “start in a smaller market first” or “maybe you should work hard at something besides bringing chicks to the hot tub.”

So is Andrew going to get an impressive internship over at the Post? No- but he got the next best thing: The Washington Times! The only thing I know about The Times is that their billboard ticker outside the offices always has interesting headlines. In an interview with their multimedia editor, Andrew is asked about his abilities to handle deadlines  to which he affirms that he can handle them.

Why aren’t we surprised that we can imagine him blowing by deadlines? And he does- but that’s for later.

Been there, done that

As part as his assignment to create a political cartoon for the paper he gets to shadow Curl on a visit to the White House, a trip Mike is very jealous of- and he should be. Any true Washingtonian living here has visited the White House, maybe it was through a tour, a friend on The Hill, your job, or through good ol’ DC Networking. Martin Austermuhle over at DCist dropped the fact he’s been in the briefing room- and I’ll go ahead and be a complete asshole- and mention that I’ve been there, done that as well.

Andrew is cracking wise from the podium we hear a PA announcement for last call… til Marine One arrives. I didn’t know the White House actually does PA announcements for The Press, kinda cool for those that live in that wing. So like many of us living here Andrew got to see President Obama… from 100 ft away. Good thing he had the courtesy to not wear the Panda hat. Andrew also sits in during a Gibbs Press briefing and clearly has no idea what’s going on- good thing he didn’t try and ask a question. I would of loved to see that make the news, “clueless Real Worlder asks Gibbs a dumb question about where the party is in DC.”

With the paper expecting a draft from him the next day, you would think that Andrew would be responsible and produce- but instead he blows it off for a day and makes up lies to The Times as he stares at a blank sheet of paper. Pretty much how any college student treats a mid-term. I don’t know what to say except, “ANDREW YOU AREN’T GOING TO GET A JOB AT  A PAPER BLOWING OFF DEADLINES!”

It’s ok though because he’s on MTV, and the paper runs his stuff regardless of tardiness.

So the moral of the story? You can succeed in life if you work hard- or if you are connected to a major cable network.

Erika Wants To Leave The House, Doesn’t Get Sympathy Of Her Roommates

I wanna go home!

Everything started off well in this episode, we learn that Erika’s boyfriend is going to visit- which is good because she admits that she’s really horny. She also wants to fix up Callie with Ian’s friend Evan. Great intentions however anytime there’s a lot of pressure to put two people together, we know it’s never going to work. Even though Callie makes a great first impression by welcoming Ian and his friends in nothing but a towel, Erika quickly gets annoyed that Callie and Evan aren’t hitting it off. Again, love isn’t something you force- and this situation seems as forced as Obama’s attempts to pass a health care bill.

Erika starts to whine about feeling miserable in DC and wants to go back home. Eventually she decides to flip a coin to make her decision. After flipping a coin it comes up heads- to which she said means she should go home.

Problem is she never says which side would mean what- smells like a rigged wager to me.

Erika declares her intentions to the roommates and they react by telling her what a great experience it would be if she stayed and how much they would miss her. Instead she whines that they aren’t supporting her decision and throws a fit. Erika then says she’s changed her mind- that she’ll stay because they want her too, but her roommates tell her that she should do what’s good for her- not them.

The perfect place to discuss serious housemate issues

It just looks like nobody is going to be happy with whatever happens.

Personally I think Erika is just trying to illicit sympathy, first she tries to get her roommates to support her when she wants to leave and it doesn’t happen. Then she tries to get her roommates to love her by saying she’ll stay but that doesn’t happen. Look Erika, your roommates make a good point- DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

Bottom line: Erika is a big bag of drama and she should leave. Good thing that she ultimately does.

Memorable Quotes

Doesn’t Andrew mean the Washington Post?: “This is a big-time paper. It’s the Washington Times. It’s everywhere.”

One Up


I don’t think I’m ever going to feel good about him during an episode about him- so might as well throw him here when I can’t approve of Erika and Andrew.

One Down


I was going to pick Andrew but could we seriously expect a kid like him to stay on a deadline? Not really. Good riddance Erika, let’s hope you don’t become the Angelina of The Real World DC.

Hey I Know That Place!

The Washington Post: The top paper in DC and one of the top in the U.S.

The Washington Times: Less popular then The Washington City Paper or The Express- perhaps more popular than new Redskins QB Rex Grossman.

The White House: Where our President lives.

Public Bar: Watch out, the lines for the bathroom here are long- but then again so is any place you go to on a weekend…

Lauriol Plaza: One day I will get my Margaritas on here.

Final Word

I don’t know how I felt about the shameless editing together of the playing in the rain, celebrating Erika’s departure up against Erika’s tears in Ian’s embrace. I seriously doubt those two things happened at the same time- and just appears to make the roommates look really insensitive when I bet the two event happened nowhere near each other.

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