Real World DC: Episode 11 Breakdown

Only three more episodes of Real World DC? What will I do with my Wednesday nights? Where will I go to get my daily dose of DC B-Roll shots and rampant drinking & drama?

I will say one thing, I’ll have a lot more free time on Thursday mornings.

Drama In DC

Panda In Love?

Panda love

Right off the bat we are introduced to Andrew Leigh, a model that Andrew met at Fly Lounge. The two appeared to hit it off, perhaps all too quickly. Given that she’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, some are wondering if she wasn’t a plant from the show considering she previously auditioned for Real World DC. MTV provides some comments from the roommates about her intentions and they have her back– but a part of me can’t help but think how convenient it is that the guy who’s storyline has mostly been about getting action finds a really hot girl to make his girlfriend.

Did I say girlfriend? Yes Andrew and Andrea spend the entire episode doing cute things like cuddling and painting nails. Somewhere along the way however Andrew strays off the path when he and Josh bring home a couple of girls. Sure we know that Josh is a beast that cannot be tamed but is Andrew? While Josh is having his way with his girl Andrew is left entertaining a girl in the confessional… and we know things happen in the confessional

Just in the nick of time Andrea arrives from her night out and an awkward moment is had as she spies some other woman all over Andrew. Mike plays damage control upstairs while this other chick is trying to convince Andrew that Andrea isn’t even pretty. What? What planet are you from? Well Andrea and Andrew eventually patch things back up and become an official item. Of course I don’t think couples are official until it’s on Facebook- but that’s just me. Over at Elizabethany’s RWDC chat they already came-up with a pet name for the two: Pandrea. It sounds like a mix between a bread shop and the blue planet in Avatar.

Regardless of Andrea’s intentions I do have to say Andrew is my new hero- he proves that you can be quirky and weird and still land a model- it does help if you look cute however. Looks like I still have a long way to go…

Erika Is Jealous of Everyone

Erika's ready to smack someone

Erika is just a Debbie downer all episode. First she fails to appreciate one of DC’s biggest sports: soccer. The cast gets to sit in the loud and rowdy Barra Brava section of the stadium and Erika fails to get excited about the game. Hey put a few beers in me and I’ll be ok with bouncing around and screaming. Next she has a phone interview with NPR, which I found weird because most other employers gave cast members face-to-face interviews. Maybe it’s a radio thing.

Well she decides to play phone queen and rags on Mike when he is on the phone with his boy crush before the scheduled interview. Now maybe a simple, “get off in five” note would suffice, but she instead writes a long note about how NPR may call early- may call late- and how she only has one chance to get this right.

Kinda melodramatic right?

Well looks like she was right about one thing- she talked with NPR but later found out she won’t be able to work with them after-all. Cue downward spiral of self loathing and whining.

She tries to write some music to help feel better but instead makes me feel worse because she sounded terrible. I don’t know who’s worse- her or Josh? Maybe a trip to a trendy place like Busboy and Poets might cheer her up? Not really- she sees the lovely Alyssa Suede on stage and you can read the jealousy in her eyes. Later on Callie’s photography is featured on the front page of The

Everybody is happy about Callie's photo... except Erika

Washington Blade and everybody looks happy…except Erika.

Everybody is working hard and earning success, while Erika appears to be working not as hard (or at all) yet failing to gain anything from it.

Things are heading towards an early exit as Erika considers going back home where she can truly be happy and do what she wants (wait what is it that she can’t do here in DC to make her happy? She’s done nothing but moped and cried.) Callie doesn’t take this news well and amongst a heated discussion blurts out, “No one is scripting us, no one is telling us what to do!”

Um Callie… YOU ARE ON THE REAL WORLD. You life right now is far from unscripted.

So is Erika bound to leave? Probably. Are we going to care? I hope you don’t because I don’t.

Memorable Quotes

More on Andrew’s type of girl: “She has so many problems and I love girls with problems.”

Andrew’s true talent: “I’m good for multiple orgasms, its my lot in life.”

One Up


The more I talk to others about this show the more we can all agree on one thing: Callie is the most normal person in the house. She doesn’t get into trouble and she listens a lot. She did a lot of that this episode.

One Down


Move out already- I’m tired of your whining- I’m glad Ashley kept her mouth closed this episode or else I’d have her down here too.

Hey I Know That Place!

RFK Stadium: Home of DC United and the Eagle Bank Bowl

Sweetgreen: Still haven’t eaten a salad there.

Bodega: You know this had to be a big date for Andrew- he didn’t take her to Buca.

Busboys and Poets: Some people love it, some people hate it I don’t mind going there with my netbook for all day blogging sessions.

Final Word

I really don’t have a final word for today- but I will repeat what I said earlier: Andrea is really hot.

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  1. Iris (unregistered) on March 15th, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

    Look,whoever is saying that andrea is fake..would you quite stating the obvious?

    this is a reality TV show! Who is real? NO ONE. Whether these people actually like each other or are just in it for camera time (which is probably true) they are doing whatever they are doing the RIGHT way. Get together, start suspicion, drama, fights, sex, kissing, ‘love’. this andrea really knows what she’s doing if she’s a fake. I’m kinda hoping she’s not though (and yes i did see that she tried to get on the show anyway) its all good i guess.

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