Real World DC: Episode 8 Breakdown

Sure the Winter games maybe in full swing but I remain vigilant to my duty to provide you with the weekly breakdown of Real World DC. That and I’m not really watching the games at all (has Lindsay Vonn won a gold medal for her SI spread yet?)

Anyways I’m happy that the show has taken a break from the stupid, pointless fight storylines to provide something with a little more substance.

Drama In DC

Mike Comes Out Of The Closet (But Which One?)

Wearing a suit was a wise move for Mike

The episode starts with Mike visiting his local congressman, Representative Jared Polis. Polis is the first is the first openly gay man elected to the House as a freshman according to Wikipedia, which makes him a no-brainer appearance for the show.  His meeting with Mike made for one of the more serious and well-done scenes of the entire series. Mike who has been in confusion of his sexuality meets a person that he can look up to as he catches the political bug that bites almost everybody that lives in DC.

Two other notes about this visit:

  1. Good thing he learned from his earlier job interview that you should put on a suit when you are meeting somebody important.
  2. It’s cool that Polis has appeared on the cover of Metro Weekly, but why take a photo of the framed cover when you could grab a photo of the actual man?

Mike realizes his true love is back home

Meanwhile, Mike’s casual relationship with Eric is great but he is slowly realizing that Tanner (boyfriend back home) is really the guy for him. He attempts to call him to patch things up but has to talk to him through their friend Meghan. Really? Not that I don’t think Tanner was too upset to talk to him, I just think it’s really dramatic to have somebody else act as a negotiator between the two. Regardless the two patch things up and Tanner agrees to visit- but not before Mike’s own family stops by.

Awkward gay kiss

Mike’s family flies in from Colorado and visits the house. Mike takes his little brother out to Adams Morgan (pretty much the place you should take out-of-towners visiting) and shows off his “bi-ness” by making out with Callie.

Ya it must of been as awkward as it looked on TV, however I can relate to him for having the feeling that he has to prove something in front of his family. I may or may not have gone on rampant displays of affection to show my friends I’m a ladies man.

Mike’s tension with his family over his sexuality come to a head when his mom and him have lunch with his HRC bosses. Mike’s Mom learns of his work and his passion for LGBT issues and tells him how proud she is in a teary exchange.

While the moment is reality TV gold I have trouble with he fact we only assume he is coming out of the closet that he’s gay. We don’t see Mike clearly admitting that he’s gay- only his mom talking about his son as a gay man. So there’s still a little bit of ambiguity on the issue. Is Mike truly out of the closet as a gay man or as a bi man?

Battle Of The Band Between Josh And Erika

The two musicians in the cast finally get a storyline as they both try and start a band to varying degrees of success.

The beast is unleashed, but can't sing

Josh quickly finds a group of musicians to start a band with, with him as the front man and singer. He admits that he’s front man material because he attracts attention- interesting to say when you only been in two of the eight episodes so far, sounds like you need to work on attracting the attention of the producers.

However he does have the look of a front man and probably would make a great one- except he doesn’t know that he’s missing a key ingredient: the ability to sing. Through practices we hear that Josh can’t really hold down a tune. During a practice at the house he admits he was off because he skipped a line- I don’t know if skipping a lyric can account for the fact you are tone deaf. Will Josh’s new band, Wicked Liquid, take off? Well so far they have been using the attention from the show to get gigs but will they keep coming now that we see that they have a front man who can’t sing?

Erika only wants one thing for X-mas: a band

Erika on the other hand is more talented but is a diva, drama queen, and can’t find a band (or isn’t trying hard enough.)

She spots a violin/duo that she’d love to work with, but after their car breaks down on the morning of their first rehearsal she refuses to work with them. Sounds a little harsh considering they e-mailed later expressing their continued interest.

Even though she wants to be in a band so bad she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to fix it besides whining. Mike suggests posting ads but she counters with, “it didn’t work in Chicago- why would it work in DC?” Maybe because they are different cities with different scenes and needs in the community. Wow Erika- way to be a go-getter. Also she cites that only 20% of the music industry is women, a fact I can’t really confirm but she is right that women are a small piece of the music industry.

Erika doesn't understand why Ian won't answer his phone after 14 calls

When Erika isn’t whining about her music she’s whining about missing her boyfriend Ian. She gets jealous that Ian is in a room with other women (OMG!) It’s not like Erika is not surrounded by other men when the cast goes out to the DC hotspots. Later in the episode she finally starts to reveal her psycho side when she can’t get a hold of Ian and ends up calling him 14 times.

I knew that the girl was a crazy bitch.

Memorable Quotes

Erika on how often cars break down: “People’s cars just don’t break down¬† like the morning that it’s supposed to happen.”

Josh on how he’s front man material: “You just take one look at me and that’s about it- that’s all you need.”

Josh on his music making process: “That’s what we do- we make hits, we make magic and we’ll have a solid album in like a matter weeks.”

One Up


Sure he can’t sing for the life of him but he’s always good for great quotes.

One Down


Sure she can sing but she’s slowly revealing that she is nothing but trouble.

Hey I Know That Place!

Office of Jared S. Polis: L0cated in the Canon House Office Building.

Washington Sports Club: Apparently there is a gym on 15th & P that’s really gay, Vida Fitness? Results Gym? I wonder which one he’s talking about.

Tom Tom: Ya maybe if I was at Tom Tom I’d want to prove my masculinity as well.

HRC: We finally get the name of the mysterious handler/co-worker that always is in any HRC scenes- his name is also Mike.

Final Word

I love ridiculous action in the background of shots- like a shot of The Situation making out with a girl during a Ronnie scene on Jersey Shore. That being said did anybody see Emily sleeping at the keyboard when Mike went to talk on the phone?

Emily can't you find another place to take a nap?

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  1. USandA (unregistered) on February 21st, 2010 @ 6:29 pm

    Is it just me or is Josh unwatchable. After ep 8 where his huge ego/terrible singing voice dominated the whole thing, I went from barely noticing him to hating him. He’s like those blind, deaf tools on American Idol that think they re awesome and embarrass themselves on national television. I somehow think he’ll come out of this even more of a douche bag though.

  2. Mike (unregistered) on February 24th, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

    Great re-cap! Thanks for the fun post.

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