Real World DC: Episode 7 Breakdown

Even being snowed in could make watching this week’s episode of the Real World DC any more bearable. Sure I know that petty fighting is a reality show staple but three straight weeks of it is almost as annoying as four straight days of snow days (ok maybe we’re spoiled down here in DC but at this point everybody is getting a little bit sick of the snow.)

Drama In DC

Mike: Bi Now Gay Later?

The Front Page: Perfect place for a discreet date.

Mike has started, “a thing” with Eric whom he met in the previous episode. While things are going well it appears that the two can’t get over the fact Eric is openly gay and Mike is semi-openly bi. Eric suspects Mike’s really gay and feels some frustration that this could only be a summer fling as their feelings grow stronger. Even though Mike hasn’t hooked up with a girl in a year, he’s still willing to show off his bi-ness by talking to girls in the bar, making Eric all the more jealous.

Despite these few bumps everything appears to be fine for the two- which is more that we can say about Ashley and Erika…

Who Do We Hate More: Ashley Or Erika

Can we save the drama for our Mamas? Also keep our mamas out of this.

The main fighting storyline this week revolves around Erika and Ashley, who are growing less and less fond of each other. They reach the point where literally any wrong move could spark another outburst complete with yelling and crying.

The problem here is that both of these girls are attention hungry, overly sensitive, high-maintenance drama queens. The defining difference is that Ashley is more blunt while Erika is more prone to crying and sob/pity stories. That doesn’t make any one of them any less guilty of being a drama queen.

However if I had to pick one that’s more annoying right now it’s Ashley. While Erika isn’t a saint by any measure I feel that Ashley has been more prone to get into your face (like when she said she wouldn’t argue but blow up 5 seconds later.) I felt somewhat happy to see the rest of the house gang up on her during the episode when she pulled out some low blows and insulted Erika’s parents. I didn’t know there was an honor code about keeping parents out of the fray on The Real World.

The episode ended with the two calling a truce- we’ll see how long this lasts.

The Real World House Is A Mess

A minor sub-plot throughout the episode was the fact the house is an absolute mess. It took them 7 episodes to address the issue- but really what do you expect? It’s hard enough keeping things clean with eight roommates, try eight college-aged roommates that are probably treating the place an upscale dorm room. No wonder they gutted the place after they moved out.

Two Up

Emily & Callie

They did a lot of listening, and kept out of the drama for the most part- and when they did jump in they took the side I was rooting for at the time.

Two Down

Erika & Ashley

You want to know how to get on this section every week? Be the petty fight storyline of the week. I can’t stand both of them at this point.

Look I Know That Place!

The Front Page: Where Mike and Eric go out on a date. Not that bad of a place, I’ve had a couple of nights there before.

The Grill from Ipanema: Located in Adams Morgan, cute name.

Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Tavern: Every time I walk by Garrett’s I also peek to see if anybody is eating at the table in front of the window. I’ve only seen one couple get seated there- not exactly the best seat in the house, or is it?

Urban Outfitters: The cast was spotted at the store numerous times during the summer, even though they showed an interior store shot after seeing them walk in, it had to have been cut from another store- Urban Outfitters didn’t allow the cameras in and they photogs had to wait outside anytime they shopped there.

American Eagle: The Georgetown location is now closed.

Ultra Zone: When the cast said they were up for a game of laser tag I first thought they might of been planning to go to Shadowland, but I was happy to see they traveled down to close to my ‘hood. I’ve played laser tag there a few times and it’s always a great time.

McFadden’s: Is it just me or did they cut in a shot of Fly Lounge during the McFadden’s scene.

Nellie’s Sports Bar: This time they visit without being all homophobic.

Final Word

I’ll repeat again, Bunin Murray I hope you have some more interesting story-lines ahead, I don’t know if I can watch another episode where it’s all about two cast members fighting over nothing.

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  1. Ryan at MTV (unregistered) on February 11th, 2010 @ 12:09 pm

    I also hope there is not so much arguing next week. Have you noticed that all the episodes filled with drama mainly have to do with Ashley. Do you think if she wasn’t on the show there would be much less arguing and tension in the house?

  2. Patrick (unregistered) on February 11th, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

    Absolutely but that’s the exact same reason why she’s great for the house- MTV wants fireworks, not boredom. She’s perfect for the show.

  3. USandA (unregistered) on February 21st, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

    Is it just me or is Josh unwatchable. After ep 8 where his huge ego/terrible singing voice dominated the whole thing, I went from barely noticing him to hating him. He’s like those blind, deaf tools on American Idol that think they re awesome and embarrass themselves on national television. I somehow think he’ll come out of this even more of a douche bag though.

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