Real World DC: Episode 6 Breakdown

“He’ll walk around DC in that Panda hat, try and make funny jokes, and perhaps say something inappropriate to a cast member or woman- but he’s a wannabe lover- not a fighter.”

Didn't Emily and Ty have a fight right there last week?

Didn't Emily and Ty have a fight right there last week?

That’s what I wrote about Andrew after we first saw him in the first episode of The Real World DC.

Looks like I was wrong.

It appears that fighting is in the air, after Emily and Ty have a tiff in the previous episode, this week’s episode centers around a pointless argument between Andrew and Ashley.

Two sides, too stubborn to end a pointless battle. While some think The Real World DC has gone back to it’s usual trite drama this maybe more DC than you think.

Drama In DC

Andrew And Ashley Have A Pointless Fight

So how did this all start? Ashley feels that she doesn’t know Andrew as well as she’d like and wants to get to know him better. Andrew doesn’t show more beyond his goofy exterior and interior motives of getting laid. While Ashley finds Andrew funny, she feels uncomfortable when his act goes a little too far.

Rough-housing or Physcial Abuse?

Rough-housing or Physical Abuse?

Things blow up when the two goof around during a pizza dinner. She tries to smear pizza on his face; he tries to smear pizza on her bed; and before you know it he takes empty boxes and tries to throw them her way. What he thought was just another act of horseplay is something she doesn’t react kindly too.

Coming from a past of physical abuse she doesn’t like the gesture at all and the two argue to the point she leaves the house and spends the night at the hotel.

In the words of Emily during the show, “seriously?”

While I feel that victims of abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly, I feel that Ashley actually disrespects them by using it as a veil to go about and tell her story to the rest of the roommates, looking for sympathy. It reminds me how Vinny on Jersey Shore just walked around announcing that he got pink-eye. Is this something you really want to walk around the house telling everyone? I feel for the rest of the roommates, who looked just as disinterested as I was about the fight.

So after spending the night at the hotel she the two stop talking, each believing the other needs to apologize first. In a memorable scene, Andrew grabs a book on body language and is seen reading the chapter on conflict, comparing the photo examples with her current demeanor. Now Andrew isn’t innocent in the affair either, he walks around calling Ashley a drama queen, refusing to let her win.

So who do I think the winner is in this fight? No one. Ashley is a drama queen and Andrew is acting like a jerk. Unbelievable that this started over a pizza.

Callie Doesn’t Know What LGBT Means

While Mike is busy working over at the HRC, it’s time for everybody else to get jobs. Or at least for MTV to hook them up with jobs. Callie goes in for an interview at the Washington Blade (now the DC Agenda.) The Blade was unexpectedly shut down by its parent company a couple of months after Callie finished her internship with the paper. Back in December I talked with Callie about the incident and she told me she was surprised to hear about its fate, telling me about all the good times she had while working at the paper.

Well those good times started off rough, after securing an interview she had to create a resume and in college student fashion waited til the last minute to get it done.


Tip: Don't wait til you are 15 minutes late to get ready for your job interview

The morning of the interview she runs around half dressed, without a resume, freaking out about the situation. While her roommates put some finishing touches on the resume Callie expresses her frustration that she doesn’t even know how to use the Metro system.

It’s ok I don’t think WMATA knows either.

She arrives at the Washington Blade offices, under-dressed like all the other Real World job interviews, and tells editor-in-chief Kevin Naff that she knows nothing of Gay & Lesbian issues.

Unqualified? Absolutely not! She is on MTV after all.

Naff decides to give her a test assignment at Halo’s 5th anniversary party. She snaps some photos while Mike meets a new guy, Eric. Mike brings Eric back to the house where Eric pushes Mike onto the bed and the two hook-up.

So Mike is working over at HRC and Callie now has a job at the Washington Blade. They all live in a house in Dupont Circle. I wonder what the theme of the season is going to be? Is this what MTV thinks of when they think of Washington D.C.? I only question this because they could also be showing off other things about D.C.- like politics maybe?

Memorable Quotes

Andrew knows all too much how I feel about living here: “It’s tough to be a guy in Washington D.C.”

Two Up


Sure I was down on you last week, but you earned some points as soon as you reacted to Ashley leaving the house for a hotel.


I think I got your role on the show down, you are either cheating on your girlfriend or listening to other roommates bitch while looking cool and collected.

Two Down

Ashley & Andrew

Save the drama for your mamas. That fight was a waste of an episode.

Look I Know That Place!

ACKC Cocoa Bar: I’ve walked by it but never been- I prefer coffee.

National Press Building: Home to many media outlets and former home of The Washington Blade.

Tom Tom: I’ve been there a couple of times, nothing memorable.

HRC: Where we learn Mike is working on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell related issues- very apropos given the current attention given to it.

The Churchill Hotel: Located a couple of blocks from the house, I wonder if MTV paid for the room. Amazed that MTV would simply let one of the cast members spend the night away from all the cameras.

The Metro: MTV don’t try and fool us- I totally saw you splice in a shot of an train in NE DC while Ashley and Callie were traveling underground from 14th street back to Dupont.

Final Word

Andrew, you still need to work on your game. You try and take home this girl (named Andrea, but not to be confused with another Andrea you’ll meet later) and your best line is , “come see my house?” Almost as transparent as, “wanna come back to my place and see a movie?”

Another tip: Girls don't dig the animal hats.

Another tip: Girls don't dig the animal hats.

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