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Buried Life Crew Attempts To Play Basketball With Obama

And now an MTV post that’s not about Real World DC.

The Buried Life, another MTV series focuses on the journey of four guys traveling the country to complete their “bucket list.” While they are out crossing off items on their list they return the favor by helping a stranger complete an item on theirs. It’s a pretty neat idea and I’ll admit, something I wouldn’t of expected on MTV.

Of course to make it more MTV the four guys are skater types who stereotypically, “life live on their own rules.”

Well anywho this past week’s episode featured the crew visiting DC to attempt item #95: Play Basketball with Obama. Quite the task for four young adults with no DC connections at all. However thanks to their gumption ( or magic of MTV) they get in with some big DC people. They talk to a number of congressmen including Baron Hill of Indiana and Missouri Senator (and Twitter fan) Claire McCaskill.


Sure sending e-mails to Rahm really isn’t getting close but somehow the crew gets into the office of Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. There the secretary shoots the breeze with them and makes a call over to the White House. Clearly this segment was done over the summer- right now LaHood is busy with Metro and Toyota troubles.


They even somehow get in touch with Reggie Love who tries but ultimately can’t fit the boys in for a game of hoops.

With Obama in the White House DC has become an even more popular place to shoot reality shows. Real Housewives of DC is the next big series to hopefully make a TV debut; Blond Charity Mafia, the first DC reality show that I wrote about last year, has been relegated from the CW to MTV UK. Ouch.

What will the next big DC reality show be? Let’s hope it’s something besides rich people acting all snobby in Georgetown.

Real World DC: Episode 9 Breakdown

Best Episode Ever.

Ya I went there- I’ll go ahead and say it. Last night’s episode had everything I would be remotely interested in when it comes to The Real World: girls, drunken behavior, and more girls. The fights and drama? It was present and did enough to make things interesting, but not overbearing- like the perfect pinch of salt.

If the rest of the season holds up to this standard I may half enjoy watching it.

Drama In DC

Push Comes To Shove For Emily And Ty

The honeymoon is over

So the showmance between the two have cooled- does that mean they will be able to live as roommates amicably? Hell no.

Ty decides to constantly push Emily’s buttons through physical and verbal teasing, once again proving that the two are pretty much married. Even when they “aren’t together” they fight- the tension is so thick you would half expect them to stare each other down before a violet orgy of make-up sex. In some sort of drunken interpretation of The Bro Code, Ty stands his ground when Emily wants to break up yet another instance of Josh cheating on his girl (more on that later.) Emily is visibly shaken when the drunk Ty pushes her around.

Judgment? Well Ty is fully embracing his angry man role on the show. He’s not getting what he wants so he’s going to take it out by getting drunk and angry. The once cool and confident Ty has been replaced by a whiny, tantrum-prone baby. Ty’s angry black man-ness comes to a head when he throws Andrew off the front porch at the end of the show. Will Andrew be alright? Oh no, “to be continued!”

Will Emily and Ty be alright?I’m not holding my breath.

Pimpin’ Panda Finally Gets Laid

Watch out: this beast has been unleashed

The show finally gets back to Andrew’s quest to get laid. He tries his hand at a women that he describes as similar to Erika because she has lots of ink. Then she meets the one… as in the one that will finally sleep with Andrew. You can tell the lady is a true DCist, she gives him her business card before she walks out the door. With a new found sense of pride, Andrew does what any guy would do: go on a ladies blitz of man-whore like levels.

The girl up? Emily. Not not roommate Emily, I’m talking about a girl he met at Rhino Bar. He seals the deal to the dismay of his roommates who would like to see him settle down and date one girl, not “love them all” as Andrew says. Well Andrew does decide to do a little romancing and asks Emily out on a date. The date didn’t really start off on the right foot (Emily admits she considered standing him up) and never really got off the ground (Andrew: she was blabbing about something.)

So that’s 2 for ladies he’s slept with and 0 on dates that have led to second dates.

Josh Does His Best Tiger Woods Impression

Aw man if I was only hot I could have all the ladies line-up for me and my friends.

Remember that time Josh cheated on Ashley with Kelly Ann Collins? You would think that after my blog helped her catch his infidelity he would be more careful.

You were wrong. the beast is out of the cage now and it is all over Washington, DC.

After bringing home yet another girl to hook-up with, Ashley makes a late night phone call that Josh takes with another lady in his bed. On that call he claims that he’ll,  “try and be faithful for the rest of my time.” Of course it’s all B.S. Just like the excuses he makes to her that he can’t help himself. In his defense, it’s not like his own mom is helping him, she tells him to forget about your girlfriend down there. Good to see it all runs in the family. Don’t worry Mrs. Conlon Josh should be making you proud as he and all the other boys in the house are making out with girls up against the walls of Rhino Bar.

We also see two of Josh’s women return back into his life. Ashley visits him and pretty much plays out the same way it did last time:

1. Cuddle/hook-up in bed

2. Ashley says how much she loves Josh

The old home wrecker is back!

3. Ashley leaves

4. Josh cheats on her with Kelly Ann Collins

That’s pretty much what happened except this time Ashley dyed her hair back to brown. Also does Josh feel a bit of guilt that he likes the woman Erika describes as “old” and “a home wrecker?” Possibly- he decides to break up with her after Kelly Ann’s return visit.

By the way KAC isn’t too insulted by Erika’s comments according to Twitter.

Memorable Quotes

Josh’s is allowed to cause drama: “James Bond got a license to kill, rock stars have a license to be outrageous.”

Andrew reaffirming previous stated qualities in women: “I like em young, blond, and ditzy.”

If Andrew was a superhero: “It’s hard when you are this good looking- girls just beg to just come back to sleep with you: it’s your curse, your power, your responsibility.”

The best RWDC house guest quote ever:

Emily (from the bar): “Guys I’m not going to be in the hot tub – I refuse to be one of those girls.”

Chelsea: “It’s too late dude.”

One Up


I was considering making him my down this week but I’ve come to realize that the show is more enjoyable with him causing trouble on it.

One Down


Throwing Andrew off the balcony? Not cool, even if half of America wanted to do it after episode 1.

Hey I Know That Place!

Third Edition: I’ve never been but I hear it’s kinda snobby.

Rhino Bar: Where you show up and make-out with women up against the wall. Also how many times can they show this place in one episode?

Kid Power: Where Emily goes to interview for an internship- located in Chinatown.

Buca di Beppo: The official date restaurant of The Real World: Washington D.C.

Edmund Burke School: Where Emily teaches poetry and where people underestimate kids all the time (but not really since Edmund Burke is a co-ed independent school- if it was a DC public school then maybe.)

Final Word

Look I understand Emily that you are teaching poetry but really with the snapping? Where are we,  in a 1995 coffee house?

Real World DC: Episode 8 Breakdown

Sure the Winter games maybe in full swing but I remain vigilant to my duty to provide you with the weekly breakdown of Real World DC. That and I’m not really watching the games at all (has Lindsay Vonn won a gold medal for her SI spread yet?)

Anyways I’m happy that the show has taken a break from the stupid, pointless fight storylines to provide something with a little more substance.

Drama In DC

Mike Comes Out Of The Closet (But Which One?)

Wearing a suit was a wise move for Mike

The episode starts with Mike visiting his local congressman, Representative Jared Polis. Polis is the first is the first openly gay man elected to the House as a freshman according to Wikipedia, which makes him a no-brainer appearance for the show.  His meeting with Mike made for one of the more serious and well-done scenes of the entire series. Mike who has been in confusion of his sexuality meets a person that he can look up to as he catches the political bug that bites almost everybody that lives in DC.

Two other notes about this visit:

  1. Good thing he learned from his earlier job interview that you should put on a suit when you are meeting somebody important.
  2. It’s cool that Polis has appeared on the cover of Metro Weekly, but why take a photo of the framed cover when you could grab a photo of the actual man?

Mike realizes his true love is back home

Meanwhile, Mike’s casual relationship with Eric is great but he is slowly realizing that Tanner (boyfriend back home) is really the guy for him. He attempts to call him to patch things up but has to talk to him through their friend Meghan. Really? Not that I don’t think Tanner was too upset to talk to him, I just think it’s really dramatic to have somebody else act as a negotiator between the two. Regardless the two patch things up and Tanner agrees to visit- but not before Mike’s own family stops by.

Awkward gay kiss

Mike’s family flies in from Colorado and visits the house. Mike takes his little brother out to Adams Morgan (pretty much the place you should take out-of-towners visiting) and shows off his “bi-ness” by making out with Callie.

Ya it must of been as awkward as it looked on TV, however I can relate to him for having the feeling that he has to prove something in front of his family. I may or may not have gone on rampant displays of affection to show my friends I’m a ladies man.

Mike’s tension with his family over his sexuality come to a head when his mom and him have lunch with his HRC bosses. Mike’s Mom learns of his work and his passion for LGBT issues and tells him how proud she is in a teary exchange.

While the moment is reality TV gold I have trouble with he fact we only assume he is coming out of the closet that he’s gay. We don’t see Mike clearly admitting that he’s gay- only his mom talking about his son as a gay man. So there’s still a little bit of ambiguity on the issue. Is Mike truly out of the closet as a gay man or as a bi man?

Battle Of The Band Between Josh And Erika

The two musicians in the cast finally get a storyline as they both try and start a band to varying degrees of success.

The beast is unleashed, but can't sing

Josh quickly finds a group of musicians to start a band with, with him as the front man and singer. He admits that he’s front man material because he attracts attention- interesting to say when you only been in two of the eight episodes so far, sounds like you need to work on attracting the attention of the producers.

However he does have the look of a front man and probably would make a great one- except he doesn’t know that he’s missing a key ingredient: the ability to sing. Through practices we hear that Josh can’t really hold down a tune. During a practice at the house he admits he was off because he skipped a line- I don’t know if skipping a lyric can account for the fact you are tone deaf. Will Josh’s new band, Wicked Liquid, take off? Well so far they have been using the attention from the show to get gigs but will they keep coming now that we see that they have a front man who can’t sing?

Erika only wants one thing for X-mas: a band

Erika on the other hand is more talented but is a diva, drama queen, and can’t find a band (or isn’t trying hard enough.)

She spots a violin/duo that she’d love to work with, but after their car breaks down on the morning of their first rehearsal she refuses to work with them. Sounds a little harsh considering they e-mailed later expressing their continued interest.

Even though she wants to be in a band so bad she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to fix it besides whining. Mike suggests posting ads but she counters with, “it didn’t work in Chicago- why would it work in DC?” Maybe because they are different cities with different scenes and needs in the community. Wow Erika- way to be a go-getter. Also she cites that only 20% of the music industry is women, a fact I can’t really confirm but she is right that women are a small piece of the music industry.

Erika doesn't understand why Ian won't answer his phone after 14 calls

When Erika isn’t whining about her music she’s whining about missing her boyfriend Ian. She gets jealous that Ian is in a room with other women (OMG!) It’s not like Erika is not surrounded by other men when the cast goes out to the DC hotspots. Later in the episode she finally starts to reveal her psycho side when she can’t get a hold of Ian and ends up calling him 14 times.

I knew that the girl was a crazy bitch.

Memorable Quotes

Erika on how often cars break down: “People’s cars just don’t break down  like the morning that it’s supposed to happen.”

Josh on how he’s front man material: “You just take one look at me and that’s about it- that’s all you need.”

Josh on his music making process: “That’s what we do- we make hits, we make magic and we’ll have a solid album in like a matter weeks.”

One Up


Sure he can’t sing for the life of him but he’s always good for great quotes.

One Down


Sure she can sing but she’s slowly revealing that she is nothing but trouble.

Hey I Know That Place!

Office of Jared S. Polis: L0cated in the Canon House Office Building.

Washington Sports Club: Apparently there is a gym on 15th & P that’s really gay, Vida Fitness? Results Gym? I wonder which one he’s talking about.

Tom Tom: Ya maybe if I was at Tom Tom I’d want to prove my masculinity as well.

HRC: We finally get the name of the mysterious handler/co-worker that always is in any HRC scenes- his name is also Mike.

Final Word

I love ridiculous action in the background of shots- like a shot of The Situation making out with a girl during a Ronnie scene on Jersey Shore. That being said did anybody see Emily sleeping at the keyboard when Mike went to talk on the phone?

Emily can't you find another place to take a nap?

Snowiest Winter on Record

Wow. Have we all survived Snowmageddon? Snowpocalypse 2? Snoverkill? Well, we can certainly give ourselves an extra pat on the back, since it is officially the snowiest winter on record. All three major airports (DCA, IAD, BWI) reported record snowfall during the past week of blizzards.   Amusingly, NBC4 ran this tidbit on their chyron the other day, noting that the DC record was 126 years old instead of 111; this year’s total beats out the winter of 1898-99.  I’m not criticizing, though!  They were tired after providing us with not one but two non-stop snow-coverage days inside of a week.  The recordkeeping dates back 126 years, so it’s not like the number came out of nowhere, after all.

Streets were downright Zhivago-esque

The streets were downright Zhivago-esque

How did you cope, DC?  Did you shovel snow for yourselves and your neighbors?  Participate in a snowball fight?  Go sledding?  Go skiing?  Go to some other part of the country?  I’m one of those psychotic snow-lovers, so I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Each day I went for a walk around my neighborhood, taking in the sights and the quiet that only a thick blanket of snow can provide.

Real World DC: Episode 7 Breakdown

Even being snowed in could make watching this week’s episode of the Real World DC any more bearable. Sure I know that petty fighting is a reality show staple but three straight weeks of it is almost as annoying as four straight days of snow days (ok maybe we’re spoiled down here in DC but at this point everybody is getting a little bit sick of the snow.)

Drama In DC

Mike: Bi Now Gay Later?

The Front Page: Perfect place for a discreet date.

Mike has started, “a thing” with Eric whom he met in the previous episode. While things are going well it appears that the two can’t get over the fact Eric is openly gay and Mike is semi-openly bi. Eric suspects Mike’s really gay and feels some frustration that this could only be a summer fling as their feelings grow stronger. Even though Mike hasn’t hooked up with a girl in a year, he’s still willing to show off his bi-ness by talking to girls in the bar, making Eric all the more jealous.

Despite these few bumps everything appears to be fine for the two- which is more that we can say about Ashley and Erika…

Who Do We Hate More: Ashley Or Erika

Can we save the drama for our Mamas? Also keep our mamas out of this.

The main fighting storyline this week revolves around Erika and Ashley, who are growing less and less fond of each other. They reach the point where literally any wrong move could spark another outburst complete with yelling and crying.

The problem here is that both of these girls are attention hungry, overly sensitive, high-maintenance drama queens. The defining difference is that Ashley is more blunt while Erika is more prone to crying and sob/pity stories. That doesn’t make any one of them any less guilty of being a drama queen.

However if I had to pick one that’s more annoying right now it’s Ashley. While Erika isn’t a saint by any measure I feel that Ashley has been more prone to get into your face (like when she said she wouldn’t argue but blow up 5 seconds later.) I felt somewhat happy to see the rest of the house gang up on her during the episode when she pulled out some low blows and insulted Erika’s parents. I didn’t know there was an honor code about keeping parents out of the fray on The Real World.

The episode ended with the two calling a truce- we’ll see how long this lasts.

The Real World House Is A Mess

A minor sub-plot throughout the episode was the fact the house is an absolute mess. It took them 7 episodes to address the issue- but really what do you expect? It’s hard enough keeping things clean with eight roommates, try eight college-aged roommates that are probably treating the place an upscale dorm room. No wonder they gutted the place after they moved out.

Two Up

Emily & Callie

They did a lot of listening, and kept out of the drama for the most part- and when they did jump in they took the side I was rooting for at the time.

Two Down

Erika & Ashley

You want to know how to get on this section every week? Be the petty fight storyline of the week. I can’t stand both of them at this point.

Look I Know That Place!

The Front Page: Where Mike and Eric go out on a date. Not that bad of a place, I’ve had a couple of nights there before.

The Grill from Ipanema: Located in Adams Morgan, cute name.

Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Tavern: Every time I walk by Garrett’s I also peek to see if anybody is eating at the table in front of the window. I’ve only seen one couple get seated there- not exactly the best seat in the house, or is it?

Urban Outfitters: The cast was spotted at the store numerous times during the summer, even though they showed an interior store shot after seeing them walk in, it had to have been cut from another store- Urban Outfitters didn’t allow the cameras in and they photogs had to wait outside anytime they shopped there.

American Eagle: The Georgetown location is now closed.

Ultra Zone: When the cast said they were up for a game of laser tag I first thought they might of been planning to go to Shadowland, but I was happy to see they traveled down to close to my ‘hood. I’ve played laser tag there a few times and it’s always a great time.

McFadden’s: Is it just me or did they cut in a shot of Fly Lounge during the McFadden’s scene.

Nellie’s Sports Bar: This time they visit without being all homophobic.

Final Word

I’ll repeat again, Bunin Murray I hope you have some more interesting story-lines ahead, I don’t know if I can watch another episode where it’s all about two cast members fighting over nothing.

Snow Apocalypse 2.5: Revenge Of The Bad Hastags!

Courtesy Flickr user lumaliulu

I haven’t been to work in a week.

While I managed to get out to a happy hour last night, and I took a walk in the wind tonight, my roommate and I are feeling the effects of cabin fever- which has reduced my blogging skills to simple bullet points:

Stay warm!

Snow Apocalypse II: Snowball Fight!

With snowball fights erupting all over DC in the wake of the Snomageddon II, I partook in a snowball fight at the Clarendon Metro station:


Snow Apocalypse II: Snow Harder

Snow won't stop this dog owner.

Snow won't stop this dog owner.

Don’t worry guys, unlike last time it snowed, I have a shovel this time around.

Well we’re now officially into Snowmageddon II, Snopocalypse II, whatever you want to call it (except I’m not a big fan of flurricane– sorry Chelsey.) The New York Times calls the storm “Potentially Epic.”

I say removed the potentially.

I walked out onto my porch this morning to appreciate the snow and noticed a few brave souls out with their pets- and even a crazy runner who thinks he can fit in his morning jog with all the snow on the ground.

Well I hope everybody is safe and warm, I’m mostly likely going to spend the weekend with movies and a bottle of white.

Snow Totals And Forecast

Current forecasts report, “Snow along with gusty winds and blizzard conditions at times. Snowfall rates of an inch or more per hour. High around 30F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Snow accumulating 4 to 6 inches.” The National Weather Service says, “High near 31. North wind around 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 6 to 10 inches possible.”

Everything looks sunny for Sunday- perfect day to spend shoveling yourself out.

Want to know how much snow did you get? Check out the NWS Snow totals. WUSA also has a really cool live cam that currently reports 16 inches in DC.

Paul Farhi over at the Washington Post is sick of all the local news coverage of the snow storm, look Paul it’s kinda like Brett Favre news coverage: people are sick of it but at the same time people want to know.

Everything Is Closed, Nothing is Working

Photo courtesy Maxie over at I Hate So Much...

Photo courtesy Maxie

Airports? Mostly closed.

Metro? Underground only.

Metrobus? Suspended.

Amtrak? Crippled.

Roads? Clogged (Route 66 is totally shut down.)

Forget about the unofficial motto for the Postal Service, it looks like this storm is too much for them to handle- no service today.

I’ve heard that a number of my friends around the area are experiencing power outages. Luckily I have power to write this blog. Here are the numbers you should have handy in case you lose power:

BGE: 1-877-778-2222

Pepco: Outages, 1-877-737-2662; Downed lines, 202-872-3432

Dominion 1-888-667-3000

Allegheny Power 1-800-255-3443

Just don’t try and leave the house.

Snowball Fights & Other Events

If you are brave enough to venture out there are a number of snowball fights scheduled today and Hotel Monaco in Alexandria is having a snow sculpting contest.

If you are looking for a fight (the snowball kind, not the Jersey Shore variety) then check out the listings over at Washington City Paper, WTOP, and NBC Washington.

Last Word

Whatever you do guys, just don’t follow the words of Andrew Church, and panic.


I’ll end this post with some morning video from my friend Raylene:


MASN Looking For Nats And Os Fans For Ads

You know those MASN Defining Moments ads? Where a crazed Nats or Os fan retells their favorite baseball moment?


Well that could be you!

I ran across this Craigslist ad looking for fans to make their next season’s worth of promos.

The Philadelphia Casting Co. is looking for Nationals and Orioles fans to audition in Baltimore tomorrow and Monday (hopefully you won’t be snowed in!) Auditions will be held Sunday afternoon and Monday, Feb 8th in Baltimore and in Washington, DC on Monday February 15th. 15 lucky Nationals fans and 15 fortunate Orioles fans will be chosen to appear on-camera in promos, if you get called back you pocked a cool $150. If you actually get chosen for a shoot you get $350. Not too bad for 30 seconds of fame. They are looking for people of all ages, 18-80.

Callbacks are in Baltimore on February 20th & 21st.
Shoot dates are March 1, 2, 4, or 5, TBD.

The ad recommends that you have, “a natural passion for the Os or Nats.” Might be hard to find in this crowd of ho-hum sports fans.

If you are interested Email a picture to: for an appointment- include email, cell, and location you would be able to audition in (Baltimore or Washington, DC.)

Real World DC: Episode 6 Breakdown

“He’ll walk around DC in that Panda hat, try and make funny jokes, and perhaps say something inappropriate to a cast member or woman- but he’s a wannabe lover- not a fighter.”

Didn't Emily and Ty have a fight right there last week?

Didn't Emily and Ty have a fight right there last week?

That’s what I wrote about Andrew after we first saw him in the first episode of The Real World DC.

Looks like I was wrong.

It appears that fighting is in the air, after Emily and Ty have a tiff in the previous episode, this week’s episode centers around a pointless argument between Andrew and Ashley.

Two sides, too stubborn to end a pointless battle. While some think The Real World DC has gone back to it’s usual trite drama this maybe more DC than you think.

Drama In DC

Andrew And Ashley Have A Pointless Fight

So how did this all start? Ashley feels that she doesn’t know Andrew as well as she’d like and wants to get to know him better. Andrew doesn’t show more beyond his goofy exterior and interior motives of getting laid. While Ashley finds Andrew funny, she feels uncomfortable when his act goes a little too far.

Rough-housing or Physcial Abuse?

Rough-housing or Physical Abuse?

Things blow up when the two goof around during a pizza dinner. She tries to smear pizza on his face; he tries to smear pizza on her bed; and before you know it he takes empty boxes and tries to throw them her way. What he thought was just another act of horseplay is something she doesn’t react kindly too.

Coming from a past of physical abuse she doesn’t like the gesture at all and the two argue to the point she leaves the house and spends the night at the hotel.

In the words of Emily during the show, “seriously?”

While I feel that victims of abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly, I feel that Ashley actually disrespects them by using it as a veil to go about and tell her story to the rest of the roommates, looking for sympathy. It reminds me how Vinny on Jersey Shore just walked around announcing that he got pink-eye. Is this something you really want to walk around the house telling everyone? I feel for the rest of the roommates, who looked just as disinterested as I was about the fight.

So after spending the night at the hotel she the two stop talking, each believing the other needs to apologize first. In a memorable scene, Andrew grabs a book on body language and is seen reading the chapter on conflict, comparing the photo examples with her current demeanor. Now Andrew isn’t innocent in the affair either, he walks around calling Ashley a drama queen, refusing to let her win.

So who do I think the winner is in this fight? No one. Ashley is a drama queen and Andrew is acting like a jerk. Unbelievable that this started over a pizza.

Callie Doesn’t Know What LGBT Means

While Mike is busy working over at the HRC, it’s time for everybody else to get jobs. Or at least for MTV to hook them up with jobs. Callie goes in for an interview at the Washington Blade (now the DC Agenda.) The Blade was unexpectedly shut down by its parent company a couple of months after Callie finished her internship with the paper. Back in December I talked with Callie about the incident and she told me she was surprised to hear about its fate, telling me about all the good times she had while working at the paper.

Well those good times started off rough, after securing an interview she had to create a resume and in college student fashion waited til the last minute to get it done.


Tip: Don't wait til you are 15 minutes late to get ready for your job interview

The morning of the interview she runs around half dressed, without a resume, freaking out about the situation. While her roommates put some finishing touches on the resume Callie expresses her frustration that she doesn’t even know how to use the Metro system.

It’s ok I don’t think WMATA knows either.

She arrives at the Washington Blade offices, under-dressed like all the other Real World job interviews, and tells editor-in-chief Kevin Naff that she knows nothing of Gay & Lesbian issues.

Unqualified? Absolutely not! She is on MTV after all.

Naff decides to give her a test assignment at Halo’s 5th anniversary party. She snaps some photos while Mike meets a new guy, Eric. Mike brings Eric back to the house where Eric pushes Mike onto the bed and the two hook-up.

So Mike is working over at HRC and Callie now has a job at the Washington Blade. They all live in a house in Dupont Circle. I wonder what the theme of the season is going to be? Is this what MTV thinks of when they think of Washington D.C.? I only question this because they could also be showing off other things about D.C.- like politics maybe?

Memorable Quotes

Andrew knows all too much how I feel about living here: “It’s tough to be a guy in Washington D.C.”

Two Up


Sure I was down on you last week, but you earned some points as soon as you reacted to Ashley leaving the house for a hotel.


I think I got your role on the show down, you are either cheating on your girlfriend or listening to other roommates bitch while looking cool and collected.

Two Down

Ashley & Andrew

Save the drama for your mamas. That fight was a waste of an episode.

Look I Know That Place!

ACKC Cocoa Bar: I’ve walked by it but never been- I prefer coffee.

National Press Building: Home to many media outlets and former home of The Washington Blade.

Tom Tom: I’ve been there a couple of times, nothing memorable.

HRC: Where we learn Mike is working on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell related issues- very apropos given the current attention given to it.

The Churchill Hotel: Located a couple of blocks from the house, I wonder if MTV paid for the room. Amazed that MTV would simply let one of the cast members spend the night away from all the cameras.

The Metro: MTV don’t try and fool us- I totally saw you splice in a shot of an train in NE DC while Ashley and Callie were traveling underground from 14th street back to Dupont.

Final Word

Andrew, you still need to work on your game. You try and take home this girl (named Andrea, but not to be confused with another Andrea you’ll meet later) and your best line is , “come see my house?” Almost as transparent as, “wanna come back to my place and see a movie?”

Another tip: Girls don't dig the animal hats.

Another tip: Girls don't dig the animal hats.

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