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Real World DC: Episode 2 Breakdown


Maybe that Panda hat can win over the ladies.

Last week I wondered where the drama was with Real World DC, after an informative but rather bland first episode I tuned in to the second episode looking for some more DC Drama. The drama was delivered- or should I say the action was delivered.

Real World Episode 2302, “Bipartisan Lovin” is aptly titled for it was focused on what we expect in a Real World season: hook-ups and drama.

Good to know the cast already know their roles, and started to pair up like The Great Flood was coming. Amongst all the flirting going on I was disappointed to see nothing with our rocker couple of Josh and Erika. You guys should of followed Mike’s lead (Mike put things on hold with his boyfriend in order to get the “full experience” of Washington DC.)

Now on to the drama!

Drama In DC

The Pimpin’ Panda

Hey let's go to the hot tub!

Hey let's go to the hot tub!

Out of the blue Andrew develops feelings for Callie (“She’s nice and she turns me on.”) I think if I was going to mack on someone in that cast it would be Callie: Ashley = Drama, Erika = Crazy, Emily = Stubborn. Too bad Andrew’s game isn’t working on her, in fact she gives him the relationship kiss of death during a confessional: “I like him like a brother.”

Guys everywhere are cringing just reading that.

Can Andrew game his way past it? Not when you practically beg and plead for a moment alone. It was painful to see him try and get a moment alone with Callie on the 4th of July. I think the game is over my dear panda.

So what would a Real Worlder do? Find some other chick to hook up with. No problem for Andrew who finds a classy (hey she was in Georgetown) blonde bimbo to take back to the house. In fact the hook-up couldn’t get more stereotypical:

  • Go out to bar, have women dance with you because you are being filmed
  • Bring back drunken ladies back to the house
  • Make-out with ladies
  • Invite them to the hot tub
  • Have roommates talk about the situation while you hook-up in your room
The Panda hat pays off...

The Panda hat pays off...

What is it about a Real World House hot tub that turns ladies on? I don’t think the Jersey Shore hot tub turns anyone on. Also the girl who Andrew brought back was named Krystal- a name I feel would be apropos for the show.

Update: It looks like Andrew actually snagged a quality lady. I found out that Krystal is a GMU Grad who is apparently a DC socialite and according to her friends– didn’t mind doing the Real World groupie thing.

But did Andrew get laid? Hard to do when the entire house is peeking in the doorway (Sign of immaturity #1.)

Not So Will And Grace

Looks like Ashley has her eyes set on Mike according to some lines said while walking down the street and some locked lips on the floor of Rhino Bar:

Ashley: “We like full tongue kissed.” (Sign of immaturity #2)

Mike quickly sheds his fear of DC Gay bars...

Mike quickly sheds his fear of DC Gay bars...

So when Mike meets a nice boy at Cobalt and brings him back to the house was she jealous? Well she says she wasn’t and regrets making out with him to set-up that idea. She further explains on Twitter:

“Heres the deal I look at Mikey like my gay hubby. Hes a HOT GUY so I get drunk, I’ll kiss him, I’ll cuddle BUT IT’S BECAUSE hes not a threat”

She goes on to explain that she even leaves him condoms on his bed.

So is this a lame, engineered storyline or could Ashley have the hots for Mike?

Two Bulls Locking Horns

We know where this is going...

We know where this is going...

Emily and Ty was quickly introduced as a possible item early in the first episode, so how are things developing? To me it’s kinda boring. In the episode Emily and Ty finally kissed after Ashley and Mike broke the roommate make-out barrier. But seriously what kind of kiss was that? It’s was pretty lame in my eyes. A quick smooch then Emily runs off to her girls. What are we in 7th grade? (Sign of immaturity #3)

It appears to me that the Ty, Emily relationship is going to be very contentious. Ty has lots of game and will continue to talk the talk. Emily has expressed how non-committal and stubborn she is. Wow it’s like two guys trying to hook-up. It’s going to be this continual chase between the two which will most likely end in hooking-up in various parts of the house.

Overconfident/Creepy line of the night comes from Ty: “You will have sex with me.”

Memorable Quotes

Andrew on Callie: “She’s my whale and I’m Moby Dick… oh wait was Moby Dick the whale? What’s that- Captain Ahab… and she’s my dick.”

Erika to Krystal’s friend: “If you come back to the house with our boys you better just expect to be partially naked by the end of the night.”

Ashley to Krystal’s friend: “We don’t judge… no I lie- I judge.”

Two Up


He is a Pimpin’ Panda- what else can I say? He already pulled off the girl in the hot tub move we all dream about.


He popped his DC Gay Bay cherry and interviewed with the HRC (however I don’t know T-shirt and shorts is the right attire for a job interview.)

Two Down

Josh & Lauren

Guys, roommates are hooking up all over the place- where are you two!?!?!

Look I Know That Place!

Rhino Bar: I went there to see the Red Sox win the World Series, but otherwise I don’t go down there that often. Good to know it’s a good place to get a lap dance on a couch.

Polo & Shorts? Not really interview material.

Polo & Shorts? Not really interview material.

Human Rights Campaign: I’ve lived here for three years and it took me the longest time to realize what those blue and yellow bumper stickers were for.

Cobalt: Andrew tried putting on some make-up for his first gay bay experience. This look eerily close to what I did for Rocky Horror. What else happened at Cobalt besides Mike finding a make-out buddy? Elizabethany filmed a clip of Ty taking off his clothes that same night.

While Emily and her sister walked around for coffee I spotted one of those ghost bikes on the corner.

Thaiphoon: Due to it’s proximity the house it’s going to be in pretty much every porch shot.

The Diner: I hear it’s a good place to eat and I’ve visited it’s sister restaurant Tryst.

Final Word

On cutaways: Stop showing a B-roll shot of Adams Morgan and then show the cast in Dupont or Georgetown.

In one scene you see the cast going through Andrew’s closet, revealing the presence of a skunk hat. Andrew also sports a Moose hat as well. Does he have an entire zoo of animal hats?

Redskins: Shanahan Hired-Is it Real Change or Just The Same?


Congratulations Washington, put another “Offseason Super Bowl” championship in your invisible trophy rack-you’ve managed to land the biggest free agent coach out there (except for Bill Cowher, but he’s not coaching probably and who wanted him anyway, right?) 

Mike Shanahan and the Meddlesome One have agreed to terms, and now Shanny will be Head Coach and Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Washington Redskins.  He will also, clearly, be watching  a lot of News Channel Four.  Watch this link and tell me that Lindsay Czarniak won’t be getting a “Lunch with Lindsay” interview with the new HC in the next month.

This comes just days after (officially) firing Jim Zorn and a few weeks since hiring son of a former Redskin Bruce Allen to be Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

Wait.  What?  Oh-they are co-Vice Presidents.  Well I think those of us who have watched “The Office” this season know how well co-managers work out.  Officially, reports are that Shanahan would have the final say on player personnel-but I don’t think that makes Allen in charge of the wait staff or anything.  Final accountability for whether the ‘Skins sign overpriced free agents will, therefore, be with Shanahan.

Despite these “sweeping” changes, there is still plenty of reason to doubt that anything is actually different.  Despite the dramatic swing from Zorn to Shanahan, this isn’t the first time in the Dan Snyder era that the ‘Skins have been steered by a well known skipper with clout.  Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer and one Mr. Joe Gibbs are all household NFL Head Coaching names that weren’t able to do much, if any, better under Snyder than their lesser known colleagues.  If Snyder, who knows a lot more about business than football, continues to get involved in football operations don’t expect Washington football to be relevant over the next five years.   

Yes, it would seem that Snyder is finally ready to divorce himself from the field-but Washingtonians have heard that song and seen that dance before.  Shanahan’s contract may say he has the final say-but we all know that the man writing the checks always has the final say.  Given that the ‘Skins continue to make money hand over fist despite such terrible outings this past decade, the man writing those checks probably realizes he only needs to appear to be making changes rather than actually making them. 

Still-there is hope.  In Washington there always is (and only seems to be) hope for the football team, but hope nonetheless.  The Number 4 pick overall and a coach that knows what he’s doing are definitely steps in the right direction-and Bill Romanowski seems pumped up in this clip where he’s forecasting a Super Bowl for Washington.

Oh-and if you have a Clinton Portis jersey you may want to put it on Ebay, like, now.  With his spat with Jason Campbell over the last day gaining heat, he’s inability to do anything worthwhile on the field and a guy who already traded him running the team…well…let’s just say Hilary might be the only Clinton working in Washington come Spring.

Happy New Y-OH CRAP. Gilbert’s Got a Gun…


Welcome back DC Sports fans and Happy New Year!  Surely, like me, you all thought we could get through the weekend (or at least until the ‘Skins v Chargers game) before we felt collectively disappointed in a professional athlete that plays for a Washington area sports team.  And yet, we have our very own Agent Zero to thank for the first blog worthy headline of the new year (and decade). 

It appears that Arenas pulled a gun on a fella named Jevaris Crittenden (you can tell how much of the Wiz I’ve seen this year) in the locker room on Christmas Eve.     The dispute (based on a variety of sources) was over money owed resulting from a card game played on the team plane the night before (That’s Christmas Eve Eve).    Funny, I would have thought Gilbert “I’m getting paid $111 million” Arenas to not need to brandish a gun to get paid-but clearly I don’t understand basketball the way he does.  I suppose it was a good thing that Crittenden is alleged to have pulled a gun in the locker room as well-you know, to defend himself…or start a fire fight, who knows? 

Side Notes

* I can’t sneak a can of Coke into the Verizon Center.  How are these guys bringing guns in? 

* Sources all seem to agree the guns were not loaded-which any Washingtonian could have told you because there hasn’t been a Bullet in the Verizon Center since 1997. (ba-dum bum).

* The NBA and the Wizards are both taking the matter seriously and have no further comment.  Thankfully, Gilbert Arenas is neither taking the matter too seriously or keeping quiet.  Follow his twitter for more.

* The one thing that no one seems to be speculating on is whether Arenas will face discipline and how that may/may not affect the team.  Of course at 10-20, even if he is the best player on the team, it seems a foregone conclusion that the Wizards could only be so hurt on the court without him. 

Here’s to the fresh start of 2010 sports fans!

Real World DC: Premiere Party & Episode 1 Breakdown

RWDC Cast Members Emily, Ty, Ashley, and Callie with Chris Wiggins and Elizabethany (Photo: Alfredo Flores)

RWDC Cast Members Emily, Ty, Ashley, and Callie with Chris Wiggins and Elizabethany (Photo: Alfredo Flores)

I don’t really watch The Real World.

When I was in college my roommate and I would head on over to the female side of the floor of my dorm to hang out and watch episodes of Real World Philadelphia, but besides that I haven’t watched a whole lot of the granddaddy of Reality TV. My inexperience with the show doesn’t make me feel too alienated since many Washingtonians tuned in for the first episode of The Real World DC, some for the first time ever or first time in a long time. Having a reality show filmed in your urban backyard kind of has that effect. The show did slightly better in the ratings compared to the previous season, Real World Cancun, no undoubtedly thanks to many locals who wanted to see how the 23rd season of the Real World would profile DC.

I caught the first episode at the Metromix Premiere Party over at BlackFinn. There I met up with Suburban Sweetheart and Emily Goodstein and watched the first episode with members cast and other members of the media. Party organizers Elizabethany and Chris Wiggins were pleased to see the small downtown bar packed with fans.

It was really interesting to see the cast react to their first glimpses of themselves on television. Ashley shed a few tears while watching an emotional heart-to-heart between her and Ty. The cast must also be stuck in Real World mode, many Tequila shots were taken while watching the season premiere.


Just hanging out with the RWDC cast (Photo: Alfredo Flores)

After the episode the cast stuck around BlackFinn to watch the after show, mingle with bar patrons, and of course- take more Tequila shots. The cast then high tailed it to Halo to meet up with fellow cast member Mike Manning who was hosting an after-party to the premiere party.

After talking with the cast in earlier, it looked as if this latest season of The Real World is going to attempt to go back to its roots of less hot tub, more issues. This is Washington DC- where people greet each other with a handshake and political affiliation; wouldn’t a DC reality show be all about the serious issues of our Nation’s capital? So did the first episode live up to those claims? Almost. The show introduces us to eight strangers who say the right things (Ty: “I’m one of those people that wants to put their foot in every door.”) but reveals themselves with typical reality show ambitions. Cast member Erica can be seen in an interview talking about expanding her music career and Andrew’s top goal in DC: get laid.

The cast was quick to introduce drama with a dinner-time argument over religion, but in reality it was just a stubborn shouting match between Ty (who doesn’t believe in God) and Mike (a devout Christian.) Was there any breakthrough moments that explored the issue? Not really, the tense moment resembled two sports fans arguing over who’s football team was better.

The first episode succeeded in introducing us to this year’s slate of characters- but the jury is still out on if Real World DC will be a a stand-out amongst forgettable season in recent years or a feeble attempt to go against the Jersey Shore standard reality drama.

The Drama In DC

So with the first episode of the show we meet the eight roommates, let’s scope them out.

RW-Andrew01-035Andrew Woods
21 – Denver, CO

You either think he’s funny or obnoxious, nevertheless he comes off as the biggest personality on the show. He’s funny in a complete weirdo kind of way and will do or say anything to be funny/get attention. Viewers saw him lie to Emily and Callie about his hobbies and background- but did anyone catch the very subtle “Oh! A lesbian!” line he said when Erika and Josh were walking up to the house? At least we don’t have to worry about him being racist- since he thinks that anyone that enjoys basketball can’t be a racist. His main objective on the show is to get laid, a very noble goal for someone on The Real World, however we’ve already seen his game and while the cast members brush it off as lame I think he has a good chance to get women with the whole funny guy/complete geek act he has going as he doesn’t go overboard with it. Plus having cameras around will help him too. Drama level: Low – He’ll walk around DC in that Panda hat, try and make funny jokes, and perhaps say something inappropriate to a cast member or woman- but he’s a wannabe lover- not a fighter.

RW-Ashley01-004Ashley Lindley
22 – Houston, TX

The first cast member to be introduced, we are told that she’s a big fan of Barack Obama and was a delegate in the 2008 election. However her big mouth and tendency to snoop on the other cast mates puts her in line to be the house drama queen, not house politico. In the first episode she reveals a past where she physically abused by her father and has a very contentious rapport with Ty. However those that watched the after show saw a different rapport between the two, perhaps a sign of things to come later this season. Drama level: High – She has all the makings to start or get involved with every situation in the house.

RW-Callie01-004Callie Walker
21 – Huntsville, TX

What I’ve noticed about Callie is that she prefers her left side in photos. She also often does this raised eyebrow, chin up kind of pose in a lot of pictures. The shutterbug from San Houston State not only looks good in front of the camera but loves to take photos behind the lens as well. She’s a vegan and we are led to believe that she’s somewhat conservative (even though she’s told me that she’s socially liberal.) Drama level: Low – Her personality doesn’t really stand out too much and I have a bad feeling that she’ll be easily overshadowed by the bigger egos in the house.

RW-Emily01-038Emily Schromm
20 – Columbia, MO

Wait she’s only 20? Unless she turned 21 over the course of the season does this mean she didn’t partake in the many trips to the DC bars? It’s not like she doesn’t want to drink.  Now a former member of a fundamentalist Christian cult she’s all about rebelling and living the life she didn’t have in her earlier years. She’s all about adrenaline and dating both women and men. She’s also got a nose piercing and a tattoo- both signs she’s a rebel. Like Callie she comes across as quiet but she conveys this real down to earth attitude that makes her one of the cooler heads in the house. Drama level: Low – I don’t think she’s going to be starting any fights but she’s already shown a liking to token hot black guy Ty.

RW-Erika01-023Erika Lauren Wasilewski
21 – Chicago, IL

In her audition tape she describes herself as, “a little crazy, and a lot of rock and roll.” We also heard her sing- which I think is good but not great. In the first episode we saw her rock and roll side and her love for rock and roll people- like Josh. She also says she’s only cheated on a boyfriend once- and that was when she started dating her current boyfriend. Erika’s bf I got news for you- she’s probably going to make it two times. Drama level: High – we haven’t seen her crazy side yet but I know it’s going to come out and when it does, it’s going to be amazing. Also we know anybody that comes on the show dating somebody is just asking for infidelity.

RW-Josh01-017Josh Conlon
23 – Philadelphia, PA

Andrew described him best, he’s a coolest guy in the room and he knows it. He hails from Philly where he worked at Pat’s King of Steaks. He’s an aspiring musician and just looks like he lives and breathes the rock and roll life style. It was great to see him in the confessional holding an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. Right now we don’t know a whole lot about him yet but we did see that he has a girlfriend. Good thing that the two cast members with significant others already have crushes on each other. That’s going to go over real well. Drama level: Medium – Maybe he’ll get in a fight but he seems too cool minded for that, but that girlfriend back home situation is looking mighty tempting for some drama.

RW-Mike01-016Mike Manning
22- Thornton, CO

The big revelation at dinner on the first night was that he’s Bi. I have a feeling he’s definitely, “bi now, gay later.” He told me that he was a closet case before the show and you can see his slight uncomfort when he talks about it. He doesn’t want to be known for his bi-sexuality. Too bad you are on the show as the token bi/gay male. Besides that he comes off as a really nice guy, it makes you wonder how he got on the show in the first place. Drama level: Low – He’s somewhat naive when it comes to his sexuality and I see his awakening to the issues being the main storyline for him this season.

RW-Ty01-008Ty Ruff
22 – Baltimore, MD

I enjoyed the fact the other cast mates were hoping for the “hot black guy” to arrive and he walks up to the house just in time to satisfy the quota. A lot of people are already making reference to Ty also fitting the, “angry black man” role and I have to say he does come off very cocky and very out spoken. He’s already picking fights and if this trend continues- I see him starting many, many fights this season. Drama level: High – He will have his share of words that will spark much drama.

Look I Know That Place!

For the first episode the locals were pretty lame. Mike and Ashley met at Reagan National Airport, Emily and Andrew met on The Mall (so cliche), and Josh and Erika met at Union Station. Callie and Ty traveled to the house solo: Ty is seen coming out of the Dupont Circle Metro while Callie gets lost getting to the house.

Their first dinner? Buca Di Beppo. Yes a chain restaurant. There’s been a lot of snarky remarks about the choice but it’s only the first night and as a video producer there’s only so many places that would of allowed MTV cameras inside. Also from a logistical standpoint there’s only so many places that could close off an entire area for the cast to eat privately.

Otherwise there were a good amount of B-roll shots including the Columbia and 18th section of Adams Morgan.

Final Word

The first episode did a lot of standard intros, nothing exciting, nothing really dramatic. Let’s hope the next few episodes can hold DC’s attention before we start waiting for The Real Housewives of DC.

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