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Real World DC: Episode 5 Breakdown

What is it about fame that makes you unable to hold down a relationship?

We’ve seen many Hollywood marriages go down in flames, many Hollywood romances fizzle before the tabloids get their fair share of pasting them on magazine covers- so what is it about attracting a lot of attention that spells bad things for relationships?

I don’t really know the answer but I do know one thing: never go on a reality show with a girlfriend, especially The Real World.

Ty and Mike were smart in ending their relationships before moving into the house, Erika and Josh however… well what was the over/under on episodes before Josh or Erika would cheat on their partners?

Drama In DC

Emily And Ty Start To Get Annoying (Well At Least To Me)

Are Emily and Ty done?

Are Emily And Ty done?

The show started off with lots of talk on the Emily-Ty relationship… or maybe as Dane Cook calls it, a relation-shit.

I get it guys, you love hooking up and love the fact you guys aren’t attached emotionally. It’s the ultimate situation right? (Well maybe it’s not The Situation but still…) You don’t need to constantly feed us confessionals and asides about how cool it is they hate relationships but are hooking up…

However things don’t go so well when Ty starts to come off more girly than Emily- dropping the “L word” on her in the bar.

Now I don’t know if Ty really is a softy deep down, or if he thinks using the L word will get him laid- problem is he has to remember he’s not dealing with any ordinary girl. Emily probably has bigger balls that Ty right now- and proud of it!

She loves commitment just as much as the next stereotypical guy, and has cooled off after that awkward exchange in the bar.

So does this mean Emily and Ty are over? I say no- I can see this pushing and pulling between the two to last long enough to make us wish MTV had better story lines.

By the way, can the cast stop spying on them? Ashley is once again caught spying on her roommates, and Erika and Callie join in later in the episode. What is it about roommates hooking up that makes people want to watch?

Rule #1: You don’t fall in love at The Jersey Shore The Real World House

Long Distance Relationships Aren't Realy Going To Work On The Real World

Long Distance Relationships Aren't Realy Going To Work On The Real World

Teasers from last week revealed Josh would be infidelitous soon, too bad that’s going to be his first real storyline on the show.

Josh and his girlfriend, Ashley Marconi, are talking on the phone, being all mushy, so far so good.

Next thing though, the house gets a phone call (can you really call The Real World house?) Josh’s mother, gives him the tip that his girl maybe “running around with other guys.” Man I wish my mom actually used cool lingo like that.

Cut to Josh and Ashley yelling on the phone. For a minute there I actually thought I was watching The Jersey Shore for a minute, something about phone arguments and tattoo just got me confused (Josh wasn’t talking on a duck phone right?)

So Josh deals with the girlfriend news the only way he can- with pain… and nose rings…

This Ain't The Notebook.

This Ain't The Notebook.

I was surprised he hadn’t gotten his nose pierce before I just assumed it was amongst all the other body mods he’s got going on. After he gets the work done he’s back at home saying how he actually doubts Ashley really cheated on him and says, “She’s going to be there for me and I know I’m probably going to be there for her.”

Emphasis on the probably. You know it’s not going to end well if you say “probably going to be there”.

Ashley visits from Philly and have lovey-dovey, burger sharing, moments. When she leaves I witness the worst staged goodbye kiss ever.

As she waits for the bus to leave Josh runs on, asks the driver for two seconds, and locks lips with his girl. The kind of spontaneous moment that would of been genuine if the camera was already on the bus waiting for Josh to run in.


Ms. Collins Might Not Exactly Be In Josh's Range But Who Cares- She's Hot!

So how does Josh deal with his girl now out of town? Hitting up Tattoo bar and dancing with DC socialite and blogger Kelly Ann Collins. The two go back to the house where Emily catches them making out and handles it in a very mature fashion:

“OMG They are making out! They are making out! The are making out! OMG!”

Well played Em. Also well played Josh- the 35-year old Collins could be considered a Cougar snag but the blogger’s attraction to famous people and cameras probably helped him out a bit. I’d like to see you get within 10-feet of her if you were just an ordinary person.

The only downside of making out with hot bloggers? It’s eventually going to end up on The Internet. It also doesn’t help when this is the daily routine for your girlfriend when you are away

Taken from Ashley’s blog:

Let’s face it, the whole time Josh was away I was a complete mess! For a whole month, I don’t even think I moved off the couch.

I had the same routine everyday:

1) wake up & shower (brush teeth etc.)

2) eat, that’s if I had an appetite

3) stalk his life

4) wait for a phone call


That explains why Ashley quickly found out and was furious at Josh the next day.

Another couple in dire straights- thanks to MTV!

(Also thanks to Elizabethany for the info on Ashley’s blog- make sure you catch her weekly Real World DC podcast!)

The Girls Sing, Drink, and Be Merry

Erika also gets some more face time this week, she lands a chance to sing on stage with The Cab, a band she respects not because of their record sales, but more because she has them on her iPod. I have a lot of music on my iPod- I can’t say I respect every artist I put on there. Good thing Erika is more judgmental with the music she has on her iTunes. I often whore my iPod out to the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Justin Timberlake- I mean girls like that stuff right?

In other news, girls do two things when they are drunk: drunk dial boys & cry. Callie has did both these things this week.

Memorable Quotes

Mike on short people: “She’s like a real person but smaller- like pocket size.”

Two Up


Yes I know she is still a ticking time bomb, but she managed to get the face time she deserves without causing drama. Of course I still think that’s to come.


I understand her reasons for drunk dialing, as pointed out by Emily, so I give her a pat on the back and say, “I’ve been there.”

Two Down

Emily & Ty

If only the two were really over so I can move on…


How can I not look down on you after cheating on Ashley? However I will say the way the two fight makes me believe they are just a couple that’s always been arguing and cheating on each other. It’s probably the way the two work out as a couple in some weird way.

Look I Know That Place!

Earth Treks Climbing Center: Located in Rockville, Columbia, and Timonium; looks like the crew actually ventured into MD to scale some walls.

Jinx Proof Tattoo and Piercing: Where Josh goes for pain.

Lucky Bar: I enjoy Lucky Bar for happy hours, less for actual going out at night.

Tattoo Bar: The bar is so rock & roll, just like Josh. Also the place where he meets Kelly Ann Collins and where the two held their RWDC premiere party. Looking at some of the photos the two still look close.

Josh and Kelly Ann Collins at Tattoo Bar

Josh And Kelly Ann Collins At Tattoo Bar

9:30 Club: DC’s premiere music club.

Buca di Beppo: Where does Josh take his lady? To the finest Italian chain restaurant in DC! At least it’s not Olive Garden.

Shady Bus Terminal: For those that know where the bus terminal is in NE, you have to admit that it’s not in the nicest part of town. I myself had a shady encounter just walking past it.

Rhino Bar: Where everybody is a douchebag and we know Callie hates d’bags.

McFadden’s: DC’s college bar. Love the open bar promotions, hate the watered down drinks.

Final Word

MTV fails at setting up Josh’s relationship with Ashley as all kisses and hugs.  How does Josh go from being angry at his cheating girl to saying how much he loves his, “little ball of fire?” Next thing you know they are sharing burgers in the kitchen but once she leaves he’s out making out with bloggers.

No relationship is totally perfect and even though Josh cheated on his girlfriend, I didn’t believe it was a violation of something that was truly pure to begin with. Looking at the Real World Dailies- I think I rest my case.

DC Video: Eezy Money Hears It For DC

I ran across local rapper Eezy Money‘s DC remix of Empire State of Mind called Capital Conscience and I have to admit it’s really catchy- check it out:


Dave Matthews To Make Two DC Stops In 2010


DMB at Virginia Beach

I am a big DMB fan.

Even though I’ve been to 30+ shows in my short life, I always try to catch the local stops the band makes and today the band released their summer tour dates, which includes a show at Nationals Park on July 23rd. This won’t be the first concert held at Nationals Park (John & Joel played there last July) but this will be a rare stadium stop for a band that have scaled down their venue sizes in recent years. However the band has made an occasional stadium stop in recent years, with shows at Fenway Park last year.

While I’m excited to be able to commute to a DMB show via Metro, a few fans have expressed dismay at the lack of tailgating options. While I will miss the parking lots before a show, I am more than fine with a pre-game at my place or at a downtown bar.

Dave Matthews will also coming into town on May 20th at DAR Constitution Hall, for a show with longtime friend and collaborator Tim Reynolds.

It’s going to be an exciting year for me in seeing Dave- I haven’t been this excited for Nats park since the Red Sox were in town.

Real World DC: Episode 4 Breakdown


Here's a tip, don't try and hit on a girl and her best friend at the same time. You aren't getting the three-some.

The Panda wasn’t so pimpin’ on this week’s episode of The Real World DC. We all know that his main goal in is to get laid- well I’ll tell ya that as another dude living in the area- it’s not the easiest task to accomplish. Of course it helps when you have a decent game, which he certainly does not.

Meanwhile Mike and Ashley were getting along and found something to bring them together: their love of god. Unfortunately a few d-bags at The Big Hunt caused an episode long fight that left me wondering how one could maintain anger over something so trite.

Let’s take a closer look.

Drama In DC

Pimpin’ Panda Gets A Few Lessons

It doesn’t take a public policy analyst to see that there are a lot of flaws in Andrew’s game. Besides the weirdness, animal headware, and awkward sayings; he goes right for the kill faster than a cheetah hunting prey in the African Serengeti.

But then again aren’t most guys like that?

Even I know how to unhook a bra... well I think I do...

Even I know how to unhook a bra... well I think I do...

Andrew apparently needs some help if he wants to land someone besides a fame-seeking drunk groupie. So his roommates decide to give him some tips. I learned along with him as the roommates dispensed some interesting tips such as buying a girl appetizers AND dinner and the correct way to unhook a bra.

Lucky for him he had his friends teach him that- I had to learn the hard way. It probably still takes me 5 minutes to figure that sucker out. I’ll master it. Someday.

So with his new-found knowledge Andrew ventures out for some field work and lands Allison Mead, a Georgetown Student who has been no-so-secretly dreading the day her encounter would air on MTV.

Why so much dread Alli (as she’s called on the show)? Andrew totally digs you- he thinks you possess everything he’s looking for in a girl:

Congrats Allison Mead, you are now Girl #2 for Andrew.

Congrats Allison Mead, you are now Girl #2 for Andrew.

“She has a high pitched voice that I like and she says ditzy things- these are the qualities I look for in a girl.”

Hmm I think we have to work on Andrew’s game and his taste in women.

After spending the night and resisting his advances, the two go out to a picnic lunch in Dupont. Not that bad of a date idea Pimpin’ Panda. So how did the date go?

Andrew: All the girls were interested this morning…

Alli: Why, what did they say?

Andrew: Do you really like her? And all that stuff…

Alli: What did you say?

Andrew: I played it cool.

Alli: Oh…My god…

Andrew: I told them I was in love with you…

Alli: Awkward…

Yes awkward indeed. This date didn’t go well at all. However Andrew doesn’t give up easy. He manages to invite her back over that night and she visits… with her cousin…

Ya things aren’t going well at all.

I hate it when I get stuck in the spooning zone...

I hate it when I get stuck in the spooning zone...

Andrew does manage to get some alone time with Alli (thanks to Emily sleeping upstairs for the night.) By the way, why didn’t Emily just shack up with her favorite man-to-hate/love Ty? Well unfortunately Alli once again plays the nice girl and doesn’t do anything with Andrew, much to his dismay.

Later on Andrew calls her up to get a “check your e-mail” request. In a rather lengthy e-mail she must of said something along the lines of, “look you are really weird but I liked the fact you were on TV so I thought I’d go along for awhile- but in the end you are still really weird so I don’t want to date you anymore. I really hope you don’t hate me.”

Sorry Allison, he probably hates you- also who breaks things off via e-mail, what are you 21? Wait a minute…

Andrew clearly has no sense of dating when he calls it a break-up. Sorry Andrew, you weren’t even Facebook official yet.

Mike And Ashley Have A Trite Fight

Trouble in paradise...

Trouble in paradise...

Everything was going so well for Mike and Ashley, they shared a little kiss early in the season, they both like god and think church is cool, what could go wrong?

The Big Hunt apparently.

The group gets heckled by bar patrons on a night out to the Dupont haunt, which immediately made me wonder if it happened the same time they ran into their biggest enemies on the blogger world. Bottom line was this: Ashley got really bitchy about the situation and Mike hates it when Ashley is a bitch, so he tried to smooth things out by being friendly to the hecklers, which Ashley didn’t enjoy.

So that sparked the fight which lasts the entire episode. While out at the Polo India Club, Mike calls Ashley a bitch when she gets mad when someone snaps a photo of them. This manages to fan the flames high enough for an argument in the kitchen where Ashley pulls out a woman’s secret weapon: tears.

“All my hostility for her melted away when I saw her cry, ” remarked Mike.  Eventually the two talk it out and make-up with a joint confessional.

Here’s my take: I understand Ashley’s anger towards the DC locals, the city knew all about the show filming and they were easy targets where ever they went. However I also understand Mike’s point of trying to be nice and not have Ashley give the cast a bad image. However I’ll side more with Mike on this one. If I was in this situation I’d take the high road and be nice.

Memorable Quotes

Andrew asking the same question I ask everyday: “What’s up with DC? Guy can’t get some lovin’?”

Josh upon walking into Nellie’s Sports Bar: “We walked into the lion’s den without even knowing it.”

Mike it’s public when you have sex on a boat: “I’m just trying to figure out it a Gondola is a public place”

Andrew on how it feels to not get any action: “I didn’t get to sleep once, I laid there thinking about my boner. I’m pisssed.”

Andrew on his move to get a girl to give it up: “I just kept poking her with it.”

Two Up


After the house acting pretty immaturely when Andrew brought home a girl, Emily was a great roommate in giving up the room for him and his date.


While he does have no game at all, it’s entertaining to see him try and land a girl. At the same time I’m also learning what NOT to do by watching him.

Two Down


She has drama queen written all over her. Like Mike, I don’t know how much more I can take.


While he gets points for teaching Andrew how to take off a bra and I side with him a little bit in the fight, I really will knock both him and Ashley down for getting into such a stupid fight in the first place.

Look I Know That Place!

Capitol Skyline Hotel: Home of their weekly summer pool parties, I always look at it when I am driving to Nationals Park for a game- and wonder how that place manage to attract so many people. I mean if you look at it from the outside it looks like it should be bombed out.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church: Located on Church & 15th, it looks as if it will be the Sunday place of worship for Ashley and Mike. I think I walked in there once when I was lost looking for the Keegan Theatre.

The Big Hunt: I was disappointed when I heard the cast stopped by there this summer, expecting the cast to stick to swanky clubs; I didn’t think they would actually stop at decent local dives like Big Hunt.

Little would they know that Nellie's would become a RWDC regular destination.

Little would they know that Nellie's would become a RWDC regular destination.

Nellie’s Sports Bar
– “I like sports. I like bars,” says Andrew when wondering if the guys should redeem a mysteriously sent gift certificate to Nellies. Little did they know that they were walking into a gay bar. I almost did the exact same thing while trying to find a good sports bar. Their reaction as they walk in is half hilarious/half homophobic.

Rhino Bar: Is this going to get a plug every episode?

Sweetgreen: If I ever want a salad I guess I should stop by there, apparently the pita chips are awesome.

Russia House: Which one is it on Connecticut? The one with the Russian flag!

Polo India Club/Bistrot Du Coin: Ashley said that they were outside a club when she flipped over someone snapping a photo of them, looking at the video they were actually in between the Polo India Club and Bistrot Du Coin, which makes sense since it’s up the street from The Russia House.

Final Word

MTV you need to do a better job with your shameless corporate placement. I understand Subway must be a sponsor since they had subs waiting for them when the moved in. Also the Michael Phelps ad I saw during the breaks was somewhat entertaining. However nothing says shameless like gratuitous logo shots:

They walk in...

They walk in...

They order food...

They order food...

And they leave...

And they leave...

I think I saw the sign the first time.

Buy A Keychain, Get Free Frostys For Entire Year

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Alana Elliot

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Alana Elliot

The title doesn’t lie. As you know I love to talk about free food and this deal is almost too good to be true.

But it is.

Goodwill of Greater Washington and Wendy’s are kicking off an incredible fundraiser: Between January 4th and February 28th, 2010, any customer who purchases a Frosty-shaped key tag at participating Wendy’s in the Greater Washington, DC region for $1, will receive a free Frosty with any purchase at Wendy’s for the remainder of 2010.

$1 buys you free dessert with your Wendy’s meal for all of 2010. How sweet is that?

DavCo Restaurants based in Silver Spring, owns over 155 Wendy’s restaurants and has the exclusive rights to the metropolitan areas of Baltimore MD, Washington DC, and St. Louis MO.

“At Wendy’s we understand the dignity, independence and self sufficiency that come from work”, commented Rick Borchers, DavCo Restaurants’ Chief Operating Officer. “In the midst of a recession, partnering with Goodwill just made logical sense. We are excited about the opportunity to help our local community.”

Approximately 80 cents from every key tag sold will benefit Goodwill.

“Given the magnitude of this promotion, and the critical importance of Goodwill’s job training and employment services in today’s challenging economy, we believe the Frosty™ fundraiser will have a measurable impact on our community”, said Brendan Hurley, Goodwill of Greater Washington VP of Marketing & Communications. “We are very grateful for Wendy’s generosity and philanthropic spirit.”

You should be able to purchase your key tags at participating Wendy’s restaurants and local Goodwill retail stores.

Brendan Hurley from Goodwill sent me an e-mail telling me that the campaign has done great in it’s first couple of weeks- so be sure to grab your key tag and enjoy Frosty’s for all of 2010!

Felonious Capers: Arenas Charged

Funny thing about bringing guns across a State/District line-it’s a felony. 

Already suspended by the NBA, and the subject of an attempted disappearing act by the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas has been charged with felony gun possession-carrying a pistol w/o a license. 

The really bad news is that this almost certainly ends Arenas’ year of playing, and probably ends his time as a Wizard.   One has to imagine that once the Wizards get new management and the lawyers get a good look at this they’ll find good cause to tear up what remains the absolute worst $111 million dollar contract ever signed. 

Thankfully, the good news (although still speculation) is that although this charge can get you 5 in the nick, but the charges are being filed in an “information”-which likely means that a plea deal is being worked out.  Personally, I believe Gilbert that the bringing of the guns (and even the waving them in the face of teammates) was without malicious intent and likely in jest-which of course doesn’t excuse the law, but hopefully mitigates the situation enough that he won’t go to jail.

Frankly-this isn’t a huge surprise.  There hasn’t been any effort by Arenas to hide the fact that he did have the guns and so the hammer was going to fall.  If he hadn’t acted like a complete dope the past two weeks, it might have dropped lighter and quieter-heck, he might even still be playing.  Alas, we are well beyond that point.

Any shocking fallout will be updated here.  On another note, enough of these negative, tumultuous sports teams in DC!  I’m going to look into a few Caps posts.

Real World DC: Episode 3 Breakdown

You can easily breakdown last night’s episodes into two easy-to-digest plot lines/life lessons:

  1. Sometimes you shouldn’t date/hook-up with someone that’s too much like you.
  2. Never ever, EVER call a woman fat.

Two easy to remember lessons to remember as we walk away from the third episode of The Real World DC.

Drama In DC

Ty And Emily Are Mr. & Mrs.Smith

Emily and Ty Love To Hate Each Other

Emily and Ty Love To Hate Each Other

So Ty and Emily both enjoy sex, being confident yet insecure, and macho. It’s just a recipe for disaster as the two try to find some sort of official arrangement after “cuddle buddy night.”

After hooking up with Emily, Ty tries to feel some sort of remorse because he promised himself he wouldn’t hook-up with anyone while on the show. Really? It’s the Real World! What’s more real than using your temporary fame to score some chicks? At least Andrew was openly honest with his intentions. Ty becomes boringly vulnerable as he decides he should tell his ex-girlfriend about the hook-up, because ex-girlfriends love nothing more than to hear who you are currently sleeping with.

Ty’s vulnerability hits a drama-queen high when he decides to pour his heart out while the cast is out dancing. Blame it on the alcohol perhaps- but I see through you Ty and so does Emily. She is right on the money when she observes that Ty simply wants every girl to want him. His move to try and guilt Emily away from dancing with “other black guys” is weak and just shows how controlling you are.

Oh no cue the angry black man arch-type.

After the night out the two continue to bicker in front of the rest of the a cast, making me wonder how many episodes will revolve around those two and how much more can I stand it. Since Emily and Ty are so macho and tough, Emily feels the need to demonstrate her toughness by not punching like a girl and spitting in Ty’s face.

And The Party Just Took A Turn For The Worse...

And The Party Just Took A Turn For The Worse...

Cue angry black guy/creepy moment #2 (remember #1 was the most memorable, “You will have sex with me” line.)

Ty throws Emily up against the wall hold her hands above her. This is either going to get very kinky or end with a Ty and Emily PSA saying how domestic violence is wrong.

Luckily the moment defused before Ty could become a total asshole. Unfortunately he is already an 80% asshole 20% tool in my eyes. In confessional he acknowledges that you can’t hit a girl- which means he’s a step above certain people on other MTV shows.

So will Emily and Ty continue to bicker and hook-up? Probably. That’s real.

Never Ever Call A Woman Fat

While the cast wasn’t busy watching Emily and Ty fight and hook-up they were talking amongst themselves about body image, and how everybody is insecure about their bodies. MTV makes a fair attempts to approach an issue that doesn’t revolve bars and hot tubs. However when eight beautiful strangers complains about their bodies you can’t help but realize their good looks got them on the show as much as their penchant for crying, yelling, and making-out.

Josh does make a very good point: that girls are sensitive about their bodies. It’s something that all guys should know and respect but unfortunately some guys don’t.

Like Ty.

Does This Pen Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Pen Make Me Look Fat?

In a discussion about Playboy models, Ty makes the observation about Callie not being skinny enough for Playboy. Clearly upset, Callie goes outside and all the girls rally around her in a conversation worthy of The View.

I will say this, having met Callie and seeing her on the show- she’s is absolutely gorgeous, and she would be just my type. Ty thinks he’s being a realist by saying only skinny people make magazine covers. He’s actually wrong- being skinny may get you on covers but being famous helps out as well- I’ll be seeing you on the cover of Baltimore Weekly before your reality show fame dies out.

So how does the MTV wrap up this storyline? By dancing it out.

After a forced apology from Ty, the girls head on over to a dance studio for a Latin Dance class. Something else I’ve learned about girls from Dane Cook- sometimes they just want to dance. Boys? Well fuck boys.

Memorable Quotes

Possible reason Ashley may take up cock-blocking: “I love how we’re sexually frustrated but you’re not.”

Two Up


So far the season has been dominated by Andrew, Emily, and Ty- and their antics have ranged from entertaining to annoying. I will give Erika some props this week for getting some more face time on camera without causing drama… yet.


A few people out there are begging for more Josh and he didn’t get a whole lot of face-time in this episode, but I’ll appreciate the knowledge he dropped concerning women and self image.

Two Down


You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Stop trying to control a girl who’s clearly too much like you: a player. You lose points with me for your weak attempt to be vulnerable in a bar and for pulling the asshole move of calling Callie fat. Oh ya screaming, “look at me bitch!” doesn’t work either.


I have to include her here because when she gets together with Ty it becomes this Heidi/Spencer- like mess that sucks the attention from other cast members and us viewers. We get it, you want to be free… and that you love black guys. You go you rebel you.

Look I Know That Place!

Sweetgreen: Local DC salad chain, unlike Callie I’m not a vegan- so I haven’t been there.

Washington Sports Club: The gym where the cast works out during their summer here, I love how their walk back from the gym often takes them by  Royal Palace, a place I’ll never forget.

The White House: How do you know you are living in Washington DC? When you get lost and somehow end up at the White House. Callie goes for a long run and got lost and is seen running up to the White House trying to find her way back. The same thing actually happened to me on my first day of work.

Lauriol Plaza: I’ve been dying to go there and try their margaritas- best in town I hear.

Flow Yoga Center: When Emily says, “I discovered this great dance class” I wonder if she meant, “the Producers found and signed-off on this great dance class to end our storyline on body image.”

Final Word

Melodramatic line of the week:

Emily: Did we break anything last night?

Ashley: Only each other.

Thank goodness for Obama graffiti, remember because the show takes place here in DC, Obama’s likeness needs to make an appearance once every 15 seconds.

Embattled Metro Chief John Catoe To Resign

CatoePhotoMy friends at the Washington Post just informed me that  Metro System General Manager John. B. Catoe Jr. will step down from his post as head of the Washington Metro Transit Authority.

As chief administrator of the second largest rail transit system and the seventh largest bus network in the United States, Catoe had his contract renewed this past September til 2012. He will step down on April 2nd. He announced his intentions to step down after a special board meeting held on Thursday.

Complete details can be caught on Washington Post’s Get There blog.

Last night I was at a happy hour with co-workers discussing the failures of the Metro system. Interesting to see that after all the calls for his resignation, it looked as if he wouldn’t leave but now is.

I’ve always been a fan of the Metro system here in DC- I consider one of the best; however I can see that it has been on a sharp decline in service and capacity in recent months. The system needs to fix itself after the tragic Metro crash back in June. I hope a change in leadership helps restore WMATA as one of the best public transit systems in the country.

Cadillacs, Rent, and Reefer Madness: Shows To Watch This Month

It’s not even 15 days into 2010 and I already have a couple of shows under my belt for the New Year. I followed a bit of my own advice and went out to see a couple of the shows I previously mentioned back in November.

The Solid Gold Cadillac
Studio Theatre
Extended to January 17th


Nancy Robinette as Mrs. Laura Partridge in Solid Gold Cadillac

On New Years day I traveled down to the Studio Theatre where I was able to snag a complementary ticket- however this is a show I would gladly put down some money on. I originally highlighted this show for the laughs and it delivered as promised. Nancy Robinette is a delight to watch as Mrs. Laura Partridge, a minority stockholder turned company executive.

As a former actress, Partridge doesn’t approach business in a traditional way and sets up many comical confrontations with the executives of General Products (played by David Sabin, James Slaughter, Paul Nolan, and Leo Erickson.) The brass in charge are stereotypical executives (old white guys) who’s greed and avarice remind you of the big CEO’s that have made recent headlines. Michael Goodwin plays Edward L. McKeever, an unlikely “Prince Charming” from Capital Hill, who’s attempts to right the wrongs end up creating a scandal that would of plastered the today’s tabloids. I particularly enjoyed the cameos by a few of WJLA’s finest and the local crowd snickered at a few lines that take some light hits on DC’s political scene.

Solid Gold Cadillac is a 1950’s comedy that’s never been more true today and a must-see if you are looking for an intellectual laugh.

Keegan Theatre
Extended to January 30th


Keegan Theatre's Rent

Keegan must be thrilled for the sold out crowds that have flocked to see Rent, which has recently been extended to January 30th. John Loughney, who plays Mark, was surprised about the show’s success, “I don’t think we knew what kind of press it would get (luckily it’s been good!) and how quickly it would sell out. This cast cannot get enough of one another and the show- I think another 8 nights hanging out together and singing/ dancing/ acting our hearts out was very welcome.” I was lucky to catch a performance last week, grabbing a ticket after a last-minute cancellation.

I’m ashamed to admit that as a stage manager I walked into show with little knowledge of the show. If Team America was correct in their take of the show, I knew that this would be a show where AIDS would be an overarching theme. However I learned that Rent is more than just a musical where, “everybody has AIDS.”

The show is a wonderful cavalcade of music. The entire cast from Angel (Parker Drown) to the Ensemble delivered energizing performances. The challenge of fitting a big Broadway musical into the small Church Street Theatre was addressed with an innovative set-design that shows the bare brick walls of the theatre to help establish the urban feel of the Bohemian Alphabet City. If you are a fan of the show or a newcomer (like me) you should run- not walk to Keegan’s box office and grab tickets. As of this writing, all but two shows in the extended run have been sold out.

(Disclosure: Keegan Theatre has recently offered me a contract to work with them this season and if Rent is any example, I’m excited to be involved in future productions!)

Reefer Madness
Dominion Stage
January 15th – 30th

I’m not going to lie: Reefer Madness had me sold solely on the title. Of course when I heard Dominion Stage was putting on Reefer as part of their 60th Anniversary Season, I did a little bit more homework on the show. Reefer Madness originally started as a 1936 exploitation film- a cautionary tale about Marijuana that instead became a cult classic comedy in the 1970’s. The musical revolves around the tale of wholesome teenagers Jimmy Harper (Joel Piper) and Mary Lane (Jaclyn Young) and their discovery of the recreational drug. Their world spins wildly out of control and ends in calamity- and zombies. Now that I know the show has zombies as well I’m doubly sold to catch it. The show opens this Friday at the Gunston Arts Center in Arlington.


What’s Your Neighbor Renting?

Have you ever wondered what those noises coming from under the door of your neighbor down the hall really were?  Was he watching a Rob Zombie film, or trying to create a real zombie?  Well, the New York Times has created this awesome and engrossing interactive map of Netflix’ most rented films of 2009 to satisfy your curiosity!  You can check it out by zip code or by title.

Netflix Popularity Heat Map, courtesy NYT

Netflix Popularity Heat Map, courtesy NYT

While The Curious Case of Benjamin Button seems to have been near-universal in its appeal (that’s near-universal…it’s certainly not in my queue!), other films were…not so universal.  The different stats on Rachel Getting Married versus Lakeview Terrace, for example, provide an intriguing glimpse at the DC area’s demographics.

Truly fascinating!

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