The Real World DC: Rumor On Cast Arrival, DC Freaks Out

zn4jygExcitement and disgust.

Those are the simultaneous feelings I had when I heard the Real World DC cast had arrived at Regan National Airport.

First I was excited to hear that things are starting up and soon the stories of the debauchery at clubs and bars will keep me entertained all summer long. However when I saw the degree people have become obsessive of it makes me wanna puke.

Read these tweets.

“Jeep and crew just left, door by patio is open. Basement looks nice. No guards, 4 construction workers.”

Are we planning a covert mission here!?!? I can see the next tweet in my head:  “no guards, construction workers gone, Bravo team in position.” I wonder if any other city has had this problem before, are we going to see an episode next year where they have to explain how a mob of fans coordinated a stalk attack through twitter?

Check out #rwdc and #rwdcwatch for even more ridiculous stalkers.

Now I’m excited to have The Real World in DC and to be living in the same place they are filming the show. I will eventually take a walk down to the house to see it and say I was there- but I’m not holding my own stakeout to see people that aren’t even scandalous famous yet.

We live in the same city as The President of the United States, yet we have people stalking a bunch of quarter-life aged adults as they get drunk on basic cable.

Seriously DC calm down, I think I’m going to have more fun watching the show next season if there wasn’t paparazzi like crowds in every shot.

UPDATE (8:04)

Again another reason why we shouldn’t freak out- it appears that today’s news was only a drill. It is now uncertain if the cast is actually here or not- but it looks like it was all a false alarm to me. Today’s rumors and excitement  shows the power of groupthink that Twitter can exacerbate. I mentioned it last week in regards to the Metro Crash, early on there was a lot of mis-information being spread around through Twitter- and this is another reason why  we should all just calm down. Once they are here they are here for six months, we’ll get tired of them sooner than you think.

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