Daily DC Item: Stimulus Package Has Jumped The Shark

dsc01972Not many Presidential catch phrases become part of the mainstream. President Clinton has his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” debacle; President Bush has his “Mission Accomplished” banner which is now enshrined for all eternity in Wikipedia; and President Obama will forever be known for “Yes We Can.”

But how about now? In the face of economic chaos will we forever remember the words “stimulus package?” Is this going to be on of those vocab words high school students will have to remember years from now?

The moment I realized that those words were going to become a part of pop culture for the next year (maybe more) is when I received a free gift certificate in the mail for the local Champps restaurant. See where they cleverly referred to the current economic times in their copy?

So many places are having sales and bargains and just dropping the phrase, or perhaps playing with it to seem hip and cool. Last week the Orioles unveiled their Birdland Stimulus Package, a promotion to help raise declining attendance numbers.

I know there are so many more retailers and businesses using the stimulus package phrase, however they have glossed over me right now as most advertising does. Anyone else know who else is playing the stimulus package card?

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  1. ajw93 on March 13th, 2009 @ 9:19 am

    I’ve seen several "Stimulus Packages" advertised on TV already. I believe that Friday’s is one other place that has a Stimulus menu. Also, Hyundai now has an offer where if you buy a new car, and lose your income, they’ll pay your loan for 3 months…but if you still don’t get a job you can just return the car with no credit score impact. Interesting sales strategy.

    Of course, the O’s might have saved some of their attendees if Angelos hadn’t deliberately fielded the worst team possible for the past few years, in his desperate efforts to keep the Nats out!

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