My parents drove it up here from the Bahamas

2010 Camaro

2010 Camaro

Last Thursday evening, I took a trip over to the Washington Auto Show after work.  I’ve been itching to get a close-up look at the new Camaro since that Christian Slater show got cancelled, since my first car was an ’82 Camaro.  With pinstripe!  (It was a piece of stuff, but man, did it look cool in the high school parking lot.   But I digress.)

All the car companies had hybrids on display, with electric prototypes heavily featured.  However, I’m a pony-car lover and went there to look at the pretty muscle cars.

Ford and GM (along with all their brands) were located on their own exhibit space on the upper floor of the two-story show.  I headed up the steps in eager anticipation and singing Dead Milkmen songs to myself, and was greeted at the top by…a seven foot tall purple-and-green robot.   But I pushed on!  My impressions of the Ford and GM show floor after the jump.

Cadillac and Chevrolet were right inside the door of the hall, and there on my left was the Cadillac XTR Roadster…my dream car!  Only $10,000 more expensive than the last time I checked, but just as awesome.  Among Cadillac browsers, however, the STS-V seemed to be the winner: it had the most rear leg room of all the Cadillacs.   To my right, I spotted the Volt, complete with rotating display and convention-hall babe to tell us all about it.  It has decent looks and was generating a good bit of interest.  There were quite a few attentive folks gathered around the display and checking it out in detail.  The latest reports put it on the street in late 2010.

Then, finally, I saw them…a pair of bitchin’ Camaros.  I went camera-mad and I think I made the convention-floor babe a little nervous.  I was pleased to hear the generally positive comments among the Camaro-lovers there.  The throwback look might not make everyone happy, but I love them.  (Before I discovered the XLR, I wanted a ’68 Chevy Camaro SS.  Specifically, the blue one with the racing stripes that my neighbor had.)

Moving along, I passed the Saab, Hummer (!), GMC, Volvo, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury exhibits and went straight for the Mustangs.  The Shelby Cobra looked just as great as one would expect.

Hybrid Badge

Hybrid Badge

Overall, Ford’s displays were fancier, with more cars on platforms.  GM just put its cars out there without much fanfare.  For instance, the Mustang was surrounded by a “garage” showing all the wheels available, staffed with enthusiastic-looking pony-car types listening to mullet rock and giving away Mustang stickers.  The Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury EVs were all on rotating platforms and there was even a Ford Transit van getting some attention.  On the opposite side, GM seemed more interested in letting the cars speak for themselves.  The unfortunate side effect was that some of their best cars seemed to have been abandoned on the floor.  Chevy just kind of…stuck its fantastic $100,000+ Corvette ZR-1 (with amazing supercharger, carbon fiber everything, and killer new looks) out there on the floor, and locked it.  I watched at least twenty guys figure out that was what it was by painstakingly reading the window sticker, since there was no introductory text near the car.  They would try to open the doors, without success, and look at each other with disappointment written all over their faces.

Coming up:  Friday’s trip back to the Convention Center and exploration of the other floor of displays, including Chrysler, foreign brands, and exotics.

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  1. tomm on February 9th, 2009 @ 5:59 pm

    Excellent Dead Milkmen reference.

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