160-race losing streak.

Friday on ESPN’s FirsTake, there was an amusingly in-depth interview with team president Stan Kasten and President Teddy Roosevelt, trying to get to the bottom of why, in fact, Teddy has never won the Presidents Race at Nationals Park.  In watching the video, it became apparent that some sort of a fix is in, despite Kasten’s protests that “it’s inevitable” that Teddy will win.  I mean, slipping on a Banana in Pajamas?  When was the last time the BinP were out in public?  What other purpose could they have to be at the ballpark, other than to engage in some bipartisan plotting by Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln?  And what about the Baltimore Oriole and his blatant clipping move (approx. 2:00) ?  Surely some sort of penalty should be assessed.  I mean, just because he doesn’t have the newest ballpark on the block any more, his has to act like a blue  jay?  Sheesh.  Well, turnabout’s fair play, as Teddy soundly whooped the bird in a match race between the two.  Hah!

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  1. tmoney on July 14th, 2008 @ 11:12 am

    Thanks for the clip, that was great!

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