What a first day for biking!

Yesterday I rolled out my new electric bike for a new regimen of (fair-weather) bike commuting, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But, what a day to choose.  It turned out that a young cyclist was struck and killed by a garbage truck in a tragic, but textbook, “right-hook” collision.  According to the Post, no charges have yet been filed, but the driver and cyclist were both identified in the paper’s coverage.  The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is having a memorial today, and hopefully the MPD will be following up as well. 

D.C. Assistant Police Chief Patrick Burke said that he used to commute to work on his bike along the street where Swanson was killed. With rising gas prices, he said he expects to see more cyclists and pedestrians in the streets.”It’s imperative that drivers are cognizant of this and that we all share the road,” Burke said.         

I’m thankful that most of my commute is trail-based – nary a garbage truck in sight.

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  1. treewishes on July 9th, 2008 @ 8:17 pm

    So how was the eZip?

  2. ajw93 on July 10th, 2008 @ 9:13 am

    Actually it is excellent — really fun to ride. It’s not very powerful, though. (Of course, it was less than half the price of most e-bikes out there!) And a little on the heavy side, but that’s OK because the motor mostly makes it up. I can rationalize it because I feel like I’m still working even though the throttle is engaged.

    The best bit is that I get to work in almost exactly the same amount of time as I did when doing my usual bus/metro commute!

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