You’re invited (but please don’t actually come)

Photo courtesy of clydeorama

If you’re a hockey fan and interested in seeing Alex Ovechkin get a key to the city, drop what you’re doing right now and head to the John A. Wilson building on 1350 Penn, NW – the festivities are at 4pm.

If you think I’m a douche for not telling you till 50 minutes before, well, take it up with the Caps team. I have an email here stamped 2:41pm telling me about it. I guess they figure that if you’re not capable of stopping what you’re doing with that much notice – and reading your email up-to-the-second on your crackberry – then you’re not a good enough hockey fan to merit coming out.

Every time you look at an unsold seat and wonder why there’s not a butt in it, Caps, think about this level of organization.

Ovechkin by Bench, courtesy of clydeorama

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