"Friendly" My Ass

Just when I think DC Cabbies have cornered the market on assholatry, I meet somebody like this Friendly cab. Coming home from an install tonight, I watched as this guy leaned on his horn when the car in front of me took the merge on to the on-ramp of I-66 at a speed that was not to his satisfaction, only to swerve across a lane of traffic to build up speed to cut him off (passing both of us in the meanwhile) and giving us the finger.

Wow. I guess Arlington “Friendly” Cabs aren’t quite as friendly as we’d all like to think.

"Friendly" my ass. — Originally uploaded by tbridge

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  1. redsoxliz1980 on June 13th, 2008 @ 8:32 am

    I think every big city thinks their cabbies are bad. It’s a cabbie job requirement. When I was living in Boston I saw a cabbie run over the foot of a woman crossing the street and then stop and having a screaming match with her, in the middle of the street. Unreal…

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