Thanks loads, Warner

Photo courtesy of clownfishWhen you’re next gassing up your car for over $4, my fellow Virginians, you can take a moment to say a silent prayer of gratitude* to Senator John Warner, who earlier today rejected a bill that would have continued tax credits for investment in non-oil energy sources like wind, solar, biomass and even some alternative methods for using coal. Presumably this was because the House version of the bill endeavored to pay for this by “closing a tax loophole that allows individuals that work for certain offshore corporations, such as hedge fund managers, to defer tax on their compensation.” But hey, why should people who earn 30M a year pay taxes like the rest of us?

Maryland’s Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski supported the bill, as did Jim Webb.

Solar Panels All Done!, courtesy of clownfish

Update: * unfortunately the sarcasm-drip doesn’t come through well in print, but that’s “gratitude” as in “oh THANK YOU Senator Warner, I LOVE paying as much for energy as I possibly can,” in case you were unclear.

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