Lewis Black at 6th & I

When my friend Holly told me that Lewis Black was doing a signing in DC, I was surprised. He’d just gotten done playing the Warner a few weeks back, but he was back in DC again! Sure, why not. Politics & Prose was hosting the signing at the 6th & I Historic Synagogue just north of Chinatown. The crowd outside the Synagogue at 6:45 was impressive, wrapping around the corner. By the time all of us were there and ticketed, the only seats that were left were in the balcony with a poor sightline down to the center stage speaker’s platform, which was frustrating.

It was pretty impressive, though, to see the place fill up in as quickly as it did. Mr. Black did a short talk on his creative process and what it was like to write the book, and then the floor was open to questions. There were some good questions (What would you ask the candidates if you were moderating the debate?), and some bad ones (I’m looking at you, rambling lady in the neon green top who just would not shut up.) but the crowd was pretty affable over all. The tour is for his new book Me of Little Faith.

I do admit to chuckling to myself that as Lew was dissecting Catholicsm, Judaism and a number of other faiths, it was right in the heart of the major league thunderstorms that blew through town last night. Thanks much to P&P for coordinating the event, and 6th and I for hosting in their beautiful sanctuary.

Lewis Black at 6th & I – Closeup — Originally uploaded by tbridge

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