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Well that’s underwhelming

Our friends in Boston who purchased some furniture during the pre-season are going to get their purchase prices refunded because the Sox won the series.

We can get a free taco if we go to Taco Bell between 2pm and 5pm tomorrow. Beef variety, by the way, though perhaps they’ll give you one with just veggies, Carl.

As if having the Nationals rather than the Sox wasn’t punishment enough. This is just MEAN.

Wait, these are the cheap seats?

If you like your theatrical experiences a little more highfalutin than spoken word poets, how about a little Marlowe? Christopher, not Philip. The Shakespeare Theater is kicking off a new program designed to put more youthful butts in seats and it’s pretty cool. If you happen to be a year or two *cough* younger than me you can take advantage of their new 20/10 program. 20 seats in every single production that week (minus Friday and Saturday) will be set aside to be sold for $10 to anyone 35 or younger. Considering the seats normally run up to $55, that’s a pretty nice deal.

The seats are released every week starting at 10am on Tuesday for the shows through that Sunday. You just need to show up at the Sidney Harman Hall Box Office at 610 F St. NW with ID in hand, otherwise they’ll have to saw you in half and count the rings.

If you’re a little more on the decrepit side you can still enjoy the kickoff for this new program. According to the press release, all the seats for the November 6th opener of Tamburlaine will be sold for $10 when the program’s first week starts tomorrow morning at 10am.

DC Cabs to Stage Ineffectual, Largely Unnoticed Taxi Cab Strike Wednesday

Well, the DC Cabbies are about to have their revenge on the city for the declaration of meters. Wednesday, coincidentally that’s Halloween, there will be a taxi-cab strike.

Except that there are multiple taxi-cab groups, not all of whom will be striking. So, there will just be fewer taxis on the street, not that you could get one to actually stop for you, ever. So, if you’re headed out in the District for a halloween event, take public transit, or plan on having a Designated Driver instead of planning to hail a cab.

Don’t give into these crazies advocating the return of the craptacular zone system which benefit only the cabbies.

DC Police to Add Industrial Grade Vibrator to Squad Cars

Sure, they call it the Rumbler, but it’s the same concept that sent a woman over the edge on the Howard Stern Show. The idea being, the car puts out some subsonic rumble for 10 seconds or so, causing everyone within 200 feet to turn and wonder if there’s been a localized earthquake, or if perhaps a building had come down, but I guess it’s more effective in our solitude-obsessed iPod society. It’ll certainly make you take notice.

Personally, this quote from the article made me laugh aloud and wonder if the city’s on a bender: “Lanier added an aside about the Rumbler: ‘Cops love new toys.'”

Yes. They love new toys. I know this is off the cuff, I know it’s meant in good humor, but I get the impression that these days, humor might not be in the department’s best interests, given that their officers have been arrested (and convicted!) for stealing from victims, as well as the ongoing investigation regarding the shooting death of Deonte Rawlings in Southeast, maybe now’s not the best time for humor from the chief?

Regardless, make sure to get out of the way if you suddenly feel the ground shaking, it’s probably just the Police asking to get by, as we live in a fairly stable geological region.

Word to our library

It’s hard for me to believe it’s only been a year since I went to the ACLU’s 2006 member conference kickoff, but sure enough, Oct 16 2006 says my byline. At the time I said that the highlight of the evening was Steve Connell and Sekou (tha misfit), much to my surprise. I put up some clips that failed to meet WebJedi’s standards and I’m happy to say there’s several better ones to eyeball and a number of audio clips too.

If you’d rather enjoy the energy they bring to a live performance, you could hie yourself over to Signature Theater and see the production of The Word Begins. $40 might be a little more than you’re used to paying for spoken word, but maybe there’s a discount code out there somewhere, hmm?

Or, for the low price of free (well, not free but paid for indirectly) you could go see them at the Arlington Central library during the monthly FROM PAGE TO STAGE event done in partnership with Signature. It’s from 7 to 8pm tonight and no reservations are required. Just show up, and say hi if you spot me – I’m not going to miss a chance to see them again.

Arlington Central Library
1015 North Quincy Street
Arlington, VA 22201

DC is Officially Uptight

Wandering through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco today, BB and I came across the most interesting sight.

Our collective first thought: imagine a Wonders of Cannabis festival on the National Mall. Now wouldn’t that be groovy? And impossible.

DC is way too uptight to be San Francisco cool.

Rain Found Leak

Look what all this rain has found in my roof: a brand new leak.

Thanks for the tip Mother Nature. I will be sure to fix the roof before winter snows make it worse.

For those that are counting, I am using the amazing safety pin and string in the paint bubble method to drain water before it seeps down the walls.

What is your rainy weekend find?

so say we all…. so say we all.

Hey! SciFi! What the hell is up with the neglect? Why no BSG movie preview lovin’ for DC?

As if it was not enough that I was left hanging months ago, literally jumping out of my seat and screaming at my television at the end of the season finale, now I’m going to be taunted by my twitterfolk in Chicago, Boston, LA, Seattle, and NYC that they’ve seen it a full twelve days early.

Are we not geeky enough for you? Are we not sufficiently devoted to political intrigue presented in a space milieu? If you prick us, DO WE NOT BLEED?!?

My tortured fangirl’s heart weeps.

Jens Lekman at the Black Cat

Jens Lekman may be trying to steal my boyfriend. As we strolled down the moist, chilly blocks from Lekman’s Black Cat performance last night, all my date could talk about was how sweet and charming Jens was, his lovely voice, and general awesomeness. Not that the Swedish indie pop signer’s charms were lost on me, mind you. There is good reason that, in their review of his most recent record, Night Falls Over Kortedala, Pitchfork praised his “boyfriendable baritone” and why few writers even try to avoid mentioning his dreamy smile. At his best, Lekman leans his head back and beams like Snoopy doing his happy dance and gives off an air of clever contentment.

On his records, Lekman relies heavily on an effective and sophisticated use of samples to back his sweet and witty lyrics with layers of strings, horns, and piano, drawing heavily from disco and Motown sounds (both vintage and current). From this, I had expected a live performance more akin to Atom & His Package or any of the dude-accompanying-a-laptop shows I have seen lately. Instead, a band of seven impressive multi-instrumentalists dressed in matching white outfits plays much of it live, along with Lekman himself playing guitar and occasional keyboard. The six young women played various combinations of drums, bass, timpani, saxophone, trumpet, and triangle, among other things, over the course of the night, along with a male dj/sample triggerer/laptop guy. During a particularly cheerful moment, they all put down their gear and performed a minute-long airplane dance during a long, bouncy sample.

For all the infrastructure Lekman brought to the stage, and all the energy and enthusiasm that went into the big, danceable, production-number tracks, he is at least as compelling when things quiet down. For songs like the aching “The Cold Swedish Winter” or poignant “Shirin” (about an Iraqi refugee hairdresser), Jens was left alone on the stage, with only his guitar to accompany him. For his final song, he employed an agreeable audience for finger-snapping percussion and backing vocals, something he would sweetly call “The most beautiful version of that song I have ever heard.”

I’m Writing This Through Bacon Tears

This was sent special to Metroblogging DC today.

It was fitting that Mahalo published “How to Make Perfect Bacon” on the same day that Hudson Restaurant officially opened, taking over the same space of the former David Greggory restaurant, because this means we’ll have to make our bacon on our own and won’t be able to rely on Chef Greggory anymore.
Chef Greggory loved pork – he roasted a pig on Wednesdays for a Pork and Pinot Happy Hour and made a variety of happy hour treats, including my favorite – pulled pork on a bacon-flecked buttermilk biscuit that was downright dangerous.
And then there were the bacon dinners.  Once a month, Chef Greggory served a six-course dinner with bacon as a featured ingredient in each course (yes, even dessert), with a matched wine accompanying.  Seated at large tables and ganged up with strangers, the bacon and wine made friends of everyone by the end.  Most were repeat attendees, so faces began to look familiar after a few months.  The best part?  Take home bacon – everyone went home with a pound of artisanal bacon and a catalog full of bacon products.
The day after a bacon dinner I had a client lunch scheduled, and she wanted to go to David Greggory.  I walked into the restaurant and Chef Greggory was sitting at the bar.  He turned to me in surprise and said, “What are you doing here?  You’re not out of bacon are you?”
I am now, Chef Greggory.  And we’ll miss you.

Lisa King is a writer and consultant in Arlington, VA

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