Not a Good Red Line Day

IMG_2272.JPG Double rush hour whammy on the Red Line tonight:

  1. Track flaws on a 39-foot section of rail necessitate reduced speeds between Medical Center and Friendship Heights, causing a mild cascade of delays in both directions.
  2. More urgently, smoke in Union Station prompted an evacuation and closure in both directions, with shuttle buses being called in between Judiciary Square and New York Ave stations.

I got to Metro Center around 6:30PM, saw the trains backed up and the platforms getting crowded, and opted to try and catch a bus home. Murphy’s Law kicked in as soon as I got to E Street, just in time to see my bus leave the station, crammed full — so I set out on foot, having to switch sides almost every other block for one “Sidewalk Closed” construction sign after another, and catching pretty much every Don’t Walk pedestrian light between Metro Center and Capitol Hill.

I eventually made it home, passing one of Metro’s backup shuttle buses at Judiciary Square, crammed full of cross-looking commuters, its LCD sign naturally saying “NOT IN SERVICE.”

Good luck and godspeed tonight, Red Line riders. I hope you can all make it home speedily.

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  1. poo poo (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2007 @ 9:42 pm

    yeah, i hit chinatown at about 5:30. WOW! the platform was packed! anyone wanting to take the metro *had* to deal with the crowds, and i opted to hang out for the next train. it was pretty clear that the one coming down the track as i arrived was NOT going to be a viable option.

    so i waited. and got closer to the track as each train passed by….

    the interesting thing was the way that folks tended to bond. there was one guy telling a lady next to him that she should back away from the tracks, because in DC, we don’t have heroes like the guy in n.y. that rescued the person that fell into the lines. she laughed, and said that it was funny, because new yorkers are generally so rude!

    another guy instigated conversation with the dude next to him. he was moaning about how he didn’t have time or the space to take off his sweatshirt and was dying of heat! the other guy offered to help him take it off, and he did. sweatshit boy wouldn’t stop thanking him until we got to union station.

    so… lame as it was, there were some little glimmers of "hope for humanity" on the dc metro.

    you just have to look for ’em……

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