I feel safer, don’t you?

So there I was, headed through the security (ha!) line at Dulles, when I overheard a curious conversation between the TSA screeners.

“…and while I was getting the knife, he threw the ID to the other side. That’s how they got me.”

“For me, it was after lunch one day, I wasn’t paying attention… that’s how they got me?”

“You see what you have to look forward to, newbie?”

It took me a moment to realize that they were describing the last time TSA screening testers had come through- the people who figure out whether a particular cadre of TSA personnel are at all likely to notice a weapon coming through the screening area- apparently it’s a lot easier to get past TSA security after lunch. If you have food coma, the terr’rists win!

I feel safer, don’t you?

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