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Coulton at the Birchmere

When I say TONIGHT I mean TONIGHT FRIDAY AUGUST 31, not Saturday, as yesterday’s Express claims. Tsk, Post editors, tsk!

Tonight Jonatan Coulton will be appearing at the Birchmere with Bob Paul & Storm, formerly of DaVinci’s Notebook. I’ve seen all of them perform a few times and it’s always fun. Bob Paul and Storm were recently on Metro Connection, where you can hear a bit of what their banter and music is like. They describe themselves as funny guys who do music, but Coulton as a great musician who happens to be funny.

Coulton was on the front of yesterday’s Express (no, I don’t read it either – he mentioned it on his website) with an interview on page 41. [pdf] The money quote, I think, is “The credit has to go to Sir Mix-a-lot, since not only is [baby got back] wickedly funny, there is an important message in there about body image.”

He’s speaking, of course, about his breakout hit, which you can listen to free here.

At $20 I think it’s a pretty good deal for a show at the Birchmere. I only recently went for the first time, and was quite happy with the experience. Go early so you don’t have to pay Ticketbastard’s silly fees.

UPDATE: Whoopsie! Thanks Gina, I don’t know why I got Bob stuck in my head – the only thing I can imagine is some random neuron in the back of my brain remembering DaVN’s multiple collaborations with The Bobs. Sorry Paul!

Canal Weeds

canalweeds.jpg Could someone well-versed in the flora and fauna of Mid-Atlantic waterways please tell me what the heck these weedlike plants are reaching up from the depths of the C&O Canal in Georgetown? They are freaking me out with their resemblance to rotting zombie hands.

(Photo by Russell Heimlich.)

Metro Surprisingly Nice This Morning

Metro pillar closeup For the first time in a while, my wife and I had a nice, fast, stress-free, seamless morning Metro commute to work. I think this is the first morning since two Fridays ago that there has not been a “we will hold here for two minutes” backup on the Red Line, “residual” delays on the Orange and Blue, or a jerky “train will move forward” series of stop-start arrivals at various stations.

It’s more than a bit sad that such flawless days on the Metro are becoming more the exception than the rule. Now I bet I’ve jinxed it and will have a hellish trip home tonight.

For Sale: Kenmore Washer Dryer Set w/ Free Delivery

Soon after assuming my half-million dollar mortgage, I started thinking on how to convert my basement to a livable space for friends and family.

The first step on the long path to add a kitchen is to sell the high capacity & heavy duty Kenmore washer dryer set that came with the house.

They are clean and modern, in perfect working order – just like new. As a Metroblogging DC special, I’m selling the washer and dryer for only $350, a ~60% savings from their retail prices.

You can see the current model equivalents here: washer: 02627542000 dryer: 02667422000.

I’m even offering free delivery in Petworth & Columbia Heights neighbourhoods of Washington DC. Or you can pick them up. I can also deliver them for $15-$50 elsewhere in the Metro area, depending on distance, but cash payment is required before delivery.

Email me now if you are interested or read more details after the jump…

Not the kind of yellow usually associated with journalism

Well, our paper of record has decided that our local Christians are sufficiently thick-skinned to see one of their deceased whackos get some ribbing but that our local Muslims aren’t. You can see the pulled cartoon on Salon, where the management is apparently a little less chickenshit.

I look forward to the next time WaPo gets indignant over some lack of free speech or protection of reporters and their sources so we can remind them that “use it or lose it” is advice that covers a lot of ground.

The pulled cartoon is here. The one WaPo felt was okay is here. (You may be asked to view an ad before seeing the comic) Remember: mocking the dead is okay. Mocking live abstract radicals is not.

Update: I forgot to add – you can’t see the Opus that WaPo actually ran on Sunday since the radical Islamist one is what’s on their website. However they decided to forgo the comic with a subtle joke about celibacy (“anything else I won’t be getting?” “God willing”) to re-run an old one that makes repeated mention of marital infidelity. If anyone has a link to the comic that did run please post it in the comics comments, I think it’s illustrative of how whack this decision is.

Metrorail Power Problems Continue

WMATA is having more power problems today. There isn’t any rail service between Arlington Cemetery & Braddock Road – a shuttle service should be running now – and as you might imagine, expect delays yellow & blue line.

Add to that the Betrothed Butterbean reports there are masses of emergency vehicles around the U Street-Cardozo station. WMATA only tells us the cryptic:

Expect delays on the green line due to an emergency situation at U St. Cardozo there is no rail service between Georgia Ave & Shaw Howard.

She also says there is a MedStar helicopter headed to Washington Hospital Center – might that be related to the Metrorail emergency?

Anyone onsite to tell us the real deal?

Pedestrian Crosswalk @ Lincoln Memorial

What do you think of the new crosswalks around the Lincoln Memorial? Specifically this one that crosses 23rd Street NW and its twin on Henry Bacon Drive NW.

While I have to say they offer great pedestrian access to Daniel Chester French’s wonderful sculpture of the 16th President, they don’t look friendly to Virginia-bound traffic.

Every time I’ve biked or ran around the monument, there is a long backup of traffic to Constitution Avenue, especially on Henry Bacon Drive NW.

Drivers, what’s your feeling? Is your wait worth a safe and easy tourist experience.

Harpers Ferry Weekend Getaway for the Carless

View of Harpers Ferry from the Train Station I don’t drive. It’s a long story involving a dent in a parked car on a village road in Southeast Asia, but suffice it to say that I do so enjoy living in DC where I can take the Metro and walk places and not need to pay hundreds for insurance or parking or gas or maintenance. And my carbon footprint is tiny. The major disadvantage to my carless lifestyle, however, is limited travel options, so a peculiar challenge presented itself to me after my wedding two months ago: where to go for a nice, quick, cheap, outdoorsy DC-area weekend honeymoon using only those forms of mass public transportation immediately available to our downtown location?

My solution: Harpers Ferry. Is it possible? I found out:

I feel safer, don’t you?

So there I was, headed through the security (ha!) line at Dulles, when I overheard a curious conversation between the TSA screeners.

“…and while I was getting the knife, he threw the ID to the other side. That’s how they got me.”

“For me, it was after lunch one day, I wasn’t paying attention… that’s how they got me?”

“You see what you have to look forward to, newbie?”

It took me a moment to realize that they were describing the last time TSA screening testers had come through- the people who figure out whether a particular cadre of TSA personnel are at all likely to notice a weapon coming through the screening area- apparently it’s a lot easier to get past TSA security after lunch. If you have food coma, the terr’rists win!

I feel safer, don’t you?

Rock and Roll Hotel Turns One!


This Saturday my favorite DC rock and roll hang-out celebrates its one-year anniversary with a band/DJ/beer bash hosted by the notorious Andrew WK.

Not only is this the one year anniversary of the RNR Hotel but I think this birthday party should also be a celebration of the Atlas District revival. Afterall RNR is one of the first joints to put the “life” back into nightlife down there.

So if you’re already an RNR regular or just RNR-curious I suggest heading down to the club tomorrow night to wish this awesome establishment many successful years to come!

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