Around 100 in line for iPhones at Clarendon

I waited until I’d had a nice lunch before I joined the line here at the Clarendon Apple Store, which stretched down into the shopping center from their front door past the various outlets into the alley between South Moon Under and the Barnes and Noble. Folks got here early, and the smart ones brought chairs. Me? I’m just the guy with the extra battery and an umbrella. Conditions are currently fair, but threatening rain.

AT&T, though, can bite my shiny metal ass, as their wifi node at the Barnes and Noble oughtta be free today for all those people who’re about to spend $60/mo for two years with them, but instead it’s $4/2hours.


Nice folks in line, come join us. I’m around the corner in the black polo typing on my MacBook Pro.

Updated at 4:25p: The line’s probably 120 or so now, and has been relocated to the horseshoe here:

iPhone Line

Folks are pretty low-key, and Apple’s been great about checking on everyone, up to and including bringing us all some water, which was really kind. There’s a good mix of folks getting 1 or 2 phones, and everyone’s been really great. Not shabby.

The line is gone from the store as of 8pm. All the Apple folks look a bit weary, but good.

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  1. fedward (unregistered) on June 29th, 2007 @ 5:43 pm

    We just hit 30 people in line at 1425 K St. I got here at 4:30 and was number 14. A friend of mine in St. Louis says there’s a big Rendezvous iChat going on out there in the line.

  2. fedward (unregistered) on June 29th, 2007 @ 7:01 pm

    Two insights from the K St AT&T store:

    1. Their computer system is failing at handling all this. It was taking far too long to process each customer, and that’s why.

    2. They were out of 8GB models by the time I got inside. I bailed. I’m either hitting the Apple Store later tonight or ordering online. Or both.

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