A Little Bit of Egypt Over in Falls Church

Wayan, my humble fellow writer and colleague, recently took a trip to Cairo, where he encountered sand storms and almost died while trying to cross traffic. As lovely as that sounds, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little taste of Egypt right here in the Capital Region, where you can get run over by our own cars or Metrobuses?

Well now you can!

I took a back road recently on my way to Alexandria, in anticipation of the major roads being backed up due to rush hour hoo-ha and passed the Khan El-Khalili Warehouse. What was this, I wondered. A store with an Egyptian name and tinted windows. Any store with tinted windows is an immediate draw for me, like shiny things are for crows.

Khan El-Khalili Warehouse is a treasure trove of goods imported from Egypt and for sale to anyone with a few bucks in their pocket. The first thing I noticed was the sweet smell of incense and spices, along with intricate artwork on the walls. The store seems to be overflowing with gifts, art, clothes, home decor, furniture and a giant clot of hookahs in the back of the shop.

Mind you, these are tobacco water pipes, not bongs. This is no head shop but the real McCoy in terms of African imports. Or the real El-Khalili. The manager of the store told me all his imports are from Egypt and that the store carries a range of items for folks from various countries, such as Ethiopia and Somalia, on top of Egypt.

Go check this place out. It is at 5826-A Seminary Road in Falls Church. Tell them Carl from DC Metblogs sent you. It won’t get you a discount and they will look at you confused, but it’s always good to tell folks how you heard about them. And there’s a parking lot right there, so you don’t have to act like Wayan and almost get hit.

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