Breast Feeding Ain’t WashPost Worthy News

Today the Washington Post unveiled a new home page and a new online section, Smart Living, which they say will:

aggregate the best stories, blogs and columns from The Washington Post and in the areas of parenting, health, food and dining, home and garden, pets, relationships, personal finance and more.

Prior to this launch, consumer content could be found in many different areas of the site; the goal of Smart Living is to provide a one-stop destination. Because we thought that sounded, you know, smart.

breast feeding

But guys, male readers of the Post, if you think this section might have anything for you, the very first image to pop up today should dissuade you.

While I am all about breast feeding, especially from clock stopping hotties covered in honey or melted chocolate, this section promises to be emasculating for those Y chromosomed.

Yo, word to the Post. “Consumer content” does not revolve just around lamb chops vert pre or governmental regulation of spanking. Consumers, and Post subscribers, come in way more stripes, flavors, and demographics than just soccer moms.

The section I await: a Blogger Directory. But I’m not holding my breath. Hell, who knows what qualifies as WashPost news?

Hat tip to Doug

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