Pentagon Protesting Youthful Exuberance

See these three sad-looking kids from Chicago. They are the next generation of carpet-bagging protesters, coming to DC to speak their youthful minds. They are all geared up for the March on the Pentagon this weekend that proposes to have a protest at the Pentagon.

While I doubt that any of the claimants will get even in sight of the military’s shrine to bureaucracy, no matter ther claims illuminated in the WashPost today, I do know that these three are feeling quite sad and wet after last night’s rain. They didn’t read the protest transportation plan and instead hitched rides with “friends” to DC.

It’s only too bad that said “friends” then disappeared and these solid middle class kids are now begging on DC streets. Begging because they are too scared to call Mom and Dad to say “Hi Mom, yes, I know you said I couldn’t go, but I went anyway. Now that we’re here and broke, with only $10 between the three of us, can you send money and tickets home?”

If you feel pity for the threesome and can take their other two friends who are also a-begging, please let me know in comments. I’ll connect you with the homeless crew.

Oh and Jess’s Mom, Jess is okay and she’s definitely learned her lessons for the day: don’t trust “friends” for a thousand mile ride home and never leave town without cash or credit.

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