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If I had to pick the top three things I have discovered I love about blogging they’d be, in order, the great people I might otherwise not have met, the dynamic nature of blog writing, and the things Metblogs has pushed me to discover. I might flip those first two, but since I’m meeting some of said people for drinks tonight I’m going to suck up a bit in advance.

It’s fantastic that I can write about something here and get dissenting opinions or supplementary info on a posting. I’m sure I’d enjoy writing for print sources and there’s certainly nothing preventing someone from writing in to print writers with follow-ups, but you’ll never find things tacked onto the bottom of a print WaPo article with links and supplimentary information.

My post about Tapeo did just that – our second commenter was the guitar player from the video, Michael Perez, who identified dancers Ginette Perea and Samantha Zerpa, clarified the schedule, and suggested the paella. Greatly appreciated, Miguelito – my darling girlfriend and I ponder it every time we go but I have dragged my feet. Having grown up in Miami there’s a few things I set the bar a little high for, and I’d rather have no paella at all over a disappointing one.

What Miguelito did NOT do was sufficiently shill his website, DCFlamenco. There’s six years worth of archived articles with profiles, tips, announcements, and news in there, plus sidebars with information on flamenco performances in the area, FAQs about flamenco that cover both watching and participating, message boards and more. If you’ve got even a hint of interest you should check it out.

Thanks for a great local resource, Miguelito!

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  1. Michael Perez (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 4:20 pm

    Hey Don. You certainly did a better job of shilling my website than I could. Thanks!

    I’ve been so tempted to write an article comparing the paellas of all the Spanish restaurants in the DC area, since I currently perform or have previously performed at just about all of them. But I know I’d get in a little trouble promoting one restaurant over the other. I’ll leave the restaurant reviews to you and I’ll just focus on the flamenco. Hehe

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