Dulles: Rants & Raves

I don’t fly nearly as much as I used to. Since going into private practice a year ago, my occasion to galavant across the US is certainly less frequent. Today I’m on my way to Phoenix for some sunshine and baseball. They’ve made some real changes since last I’ve been out here to Dulles. For one, there appears to be free wireless internet access in the B terminal (it’s about time!!) which I am using to post this entry. They’ve even added a new cafe option, a tequileria, a new Harry’s Tap Room and even a Potbelly’s. But all is not well at Dulles. I had my longest screening line in recent memory, as they only had one metal detector open, despite a high volume of passengers waiting to get through security. And, of course, there’s the ever-present war on liquids. I saw a guy lose his pressurized hair gel to the screener, he shrugged, I shrugged and commented on the ever present demon scourge of Paul Mitchell. Folks, when the terrorists can deliver up some sort of superweapon capable of rendering serious harm in the form of a well-labelled Paul Mitchell salon product, they’re going to deliver them to CVS and Safeway, not an airliner. And the other thing, what in the name of God died in the tunnel between the main concourse and tunnel B? It was a mixture of mold, rotting lettuce and dear God, what is that thing?! It was so powerful I thought I was going to add some of my own smell to the experience. Clean it up, Dulles!

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