Dove Love

This morning I woke up to an eerie sound outside the bedroom window.


Upon closer investigation, I was staring into the sad little eye of a dove, preening on the windowsill. Completely oblivious to my presence, it called and called, fluffing up its feathers, bowing.

My cat started to go wild, meowing and winding around my legs.

And then suddenly a second dove appeared, and the two did the most intricate dance of bobbing heads as if they were kissing each others’ cheeks. From my windowsill to the neighbors and back again, the courtship continued long after I finally had to break away and get ready for work.

I often wonder about wildlife in the city. I remember my junior year at CUA an eagle made a nest in the eaves of the Hartke Theatre. The doves are now making a home for themselves on my roof and windowsills. Maybe they’ll even make a nest outside my bedroom window. My home, their home.

One thing is for certain. Spring is coming…

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