Street Vendors: Do you know yours?

Flower%20Man.jpg D.C. Flickrite DottieBoBottie likes taking pictures, lots of pictures and it just so happens this week that she’s been taking plenty of pictures of flowers, more speicifally the bouquets on offer by our lovely street vendor over on 19 and L NW.

People like you and me pass street vendors constantly during the day-to-day, we may even have a few favourites that we frequent but how many of us actually stop and take the time to strike up a conversation with them? Perhaps we stop for a hotdog before dashing to that next meeting but how about stopping for a hot dog and some conversation? Just so happens that Dottie did just that whilst taking pictures of this street vendor’s blooming offerings and the vendor asked Dottie to take his picture.

Dottie’s picture reminded me of the hot dog guy who frequented Boston’s Post Office Square Park during the warmer months. This was no ordinary hot dog guy, he was one of the legends of Boston’s financial district. He knew your grandmother, you’re children and he shared a piece of himself with you. When my firm moved to the Seaport District, we’d make the trek up to P.O. Square once or twice a month to check in and see how the planning for his daughter’s wedding was coming along or a recent picture of his grandson.

Do you know your local street vendors? Is there anyone out there you frequent because of a connection?

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  1. wayan (unregistered) on February 26th, 2007 @ 9:44 am

    I love me some Carlos burritos. Carlos is the street vendor at 17th and K St. who sells coffee in the morning and burritos for lunch – for the last 11 years at least.

    I know I’ve been going to him that long and we talk philosophy and relationships (maybe that’s just one topic) in between transactions.

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