There’s a campaign for everything…

Living in DC it is not new to almost anyone to be involved in some sort of political campaign, issue advocacy campaign, or anything else you can think of. DC is just a more competitive town, with a more competitive nature than most. And at the least if we all haven’t worked or volunteered on some political campaign, we have friends that do.

So when I say there’s an election, campaign, or contest for everything, I really mean it. The Carnivore Project is hosting an international contest between meats. Yes, meats. I know my veggie friends here might take offense, but if you’re already a carnivore, you might as well take heed and make your opinion known. The contest works in brackets (think March Madness) with different meats trying to beat out others and then moving forward to a next round.

Local DC blogger and author at BaconUnwrapped is showing the world that they can be proud of their DC chefs and foodies. Bacon advanced through the first round beating Steak 67 to 32. That’s pretty impressive considering steak is a favorite food for many. But this week DC Bacon is up against a European touting Sausage. I think it’s an easy choice for most, but somehow Sausage is winning.

The voting will close soon, help show the Carnivore Project that DC can win this with Bacon as their favorite meat and advance it to the next round. Vote Bacon, vote often.

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  1. Jared (unregistered) on February 14th, 2007 @ 10:06 am

    The Sausage lead may be a matter of time zones – they’ve got an 8 hour head start on voting.

    Go bacon!

    There’s also a Sushi vs. Shrimp undercard, but it doesn’t seem to be attracting as much attention.

  2. jrsmoltz (unregistered) on February 14th, 2007 @ 4:47 pm

    If this was the thick, meaty, salty bacon they like in England and Ireland it would be a slightly tougher vote. But in the end the victor should still be the versitle sausage.

    Bacon is a fantastic meat but personally I don’t think there should be any question that sausage is the superior.


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