So, Who is EdBuild?

Blogger La Shawn Barber recently penned a column about a unique new deal between DC Government and EdBuild, a 15 month old non-profit that suddenly may find itself with part of a $2.3B No-bid contract with the city’s schools to rebuild them both physically and academically.

How does a 15-month-old non-profit wind up with part of a $2.3B contract? Well, that’s where La Shawn comes in:

The Post characterizes Neil O. Albert, one of EdBuild’s founders, as an “associate” of mayors Anthony Williams and Fenty, but he’s much more than that. Albert served as a deputy mayor and director of the Department of Parks and Recreation under Williams. Last week, Fenty appointed him deputy mayor of economic development. Albert said he’ll resign as EdBuild’s president and CEO.

EdBuild was created by the Federal City Council, an organization comprised of powerful D.C. businesses with deep pockets, and the council’s chief executive officer is John Hill, former chairman of Mayor Williams’s library commission and one of EdBuild’s board members.

Waaaaaait just one second. Mayor Williams’ old deputy mayor, and Mayor Fenty’s new deputy mayor is the CEO. The Federal City Council, who created EdBuild, is run by Mayor Williams’ library commission guy? Yeah, something ain’t right when they’re getting a $2.3B no-bid contract.

So, why aren’t you reading about this in the Post? Well, the VP of the Federal City Council, and its chair for finance, is Donald Graham. The publisher of the Washington Post.

Maybe that’s why…

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