O’ Woe is the Snow

After coming back from a week in the tropics, I arrive only to find DC in the “depths of winter” sporting the same temperatures. Being a hearty “ski bum” myself, I was wondering when those folks who actually ENJOY the winter months would start bemoaning the lack of cold temps and the white stuff. Granted, this would be a time to get your wish list together of equipment you expect to see at the local “fire sales” at local retailers of winter gear.

I know, from reading older posts, that most DC Metblog authors are summer loving residents of this fine city, how are you, the readers who like the supposedly ‘cold’ months, coping with this lack of frigidity? Have you turned to thoughts of baseball, golf, or other spring-time pastimes, or have you run indoors and turned the thermostat down REALLY low to go into “winter simulation mode”?

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  1. Snowboard bunny (unregistered) on January 8th, 2007 @ 8:45 am

    I haven’t given up hope just yet for the snow to arrive! I will simply bide my time until this area recieves the long awaited cold weather it so deserves. In the meantime, a trip to Colorado will help me get through the unseasonable temperatures around here.

  2. Don (unregistered) on January 8th, 2007 @ 10:19 am

    I enjoy the little ‘oasis days’ but if we make it all winter without any snow I’ll be seriously bummed – it would be my first DC winter w/o any snow since I moved here in early 2002.

  3. MBFan#2 (unregistered) on January 8th, 2007 @ 12:09 pm

    Northeast is definitely not the place to go for skiing. North of Toronto, where there are several ski resorts, they are having a bad year due to the lack of snow – so much so, that the biggest resort, Blue Mountain, has laid off 1,300 people. That in some places a whole town!

    Personally, I like warm weather so having a mild winter is great! Though I have to say to appreciate the warm weather, one must experience a little winter weather, ie. snow. It’s that ying/yang thing.

  4. Stacey (unregistered) on January 8th, 2007 @ 3:56 pm

    Oh man, David, you need to read some of my posts. I like cold weather, I like when your ears burn because it’s so cold out, I like snow, and a lot of it, for a long time. Haha:).

    I also don’t really think it gets cold here – maybe a few days here and there. And I’d never consider saying “it snows here” because it snows twice a winter.

    I’m a winter snob, althoug five years down here has changed me a little – I notice cold a LOT easier than I used to. Cold never even phased me – literally never even thought about it – until I moved here.


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