A marginal victory

With an emphasis on the marginal. The IHOP shooting incident has had its third and presumably final chapter. When it originally happened I foolishly said “Having taken the class required for armed security guards in Virginia, it’s hard for me to see how this guy isn’t going to be found to have acted wrongly.” Oh silly me – less than four months later Randy Sengel, as Alexandria commonweath’s attorney, declined to prosecute the shooter. The report, which Eric helpfully linked when he wrote about it, weasels about and speaks at length about the VA law allowing the use of deadly force to defend one’s self when faced with the threat of deadly force. “Under such circumstances, he, as any citizen would be, was legally entitled to defend himself.”

Which is, of course, complete crap. Go deliberately put yourself in imminent danger and see if you get charged for using deadly force. I’ll bake ya a cake with a file in it.

In a small nod to the reality that officer Stowe created this situation himself, the Alexandria police department has suspended him without pay for mishandling a situation handling a moving vehicle. Also pleasant to note, the chief has clarified the circumstances under which an officer can stand in front of a moving vehicle – effectively never, in recognition of the physics basics that 200lb

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