Fire in the sky

Anyone else see that shooting star flash across the sky arounf 6:08pm this evening? Pretty damned cool – it was visible for about a full three seconds and looked like it had calved – I saw two distinct bright dots next to each other.

Just to show that I haven’t entirely left behind the remnants of reaching adulthood during the cold war: As it disappeared off to the southeast I thought “Hope that really WAS a shooting star… wonder if I should close my eyes and look away so I’m not blinded by the flash.”

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  1. Christopher (unregistered) on December 15th, 2006 @ 12:32 am

    Sadly I didn’t see it. But most likely it was a member of the year’s most spectacular meteor shower, the Geminids which is peaking tonight.

    The Geminids come from a mysterious object in space called 3200 Phaethon. Could be a burned out comet, could be an asteriod. No one knows.

  2. Don (unregistered) on December 15th, 2006 @ 12:48 am

    I drove out into the Everglades where I was sixty miles from the nearest light source to see the Leonids when they were amazingly intense back in 2001, but while they were coming almost every second not one was as intensely bright or had the longevity of this one was today. Pretty amazing.

  3. Carl Weaver (unregistered) on December 16th, 2006 @ 7:28 am

    I figured after the first one that I was a fool not to hide out in the underground bunker for a while just to be sure…

    Seriously – I missed this. Hard at work in front of the computer when it happened.

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