How Do You Lose One Shoe?

How did this shoe come to be here, at the corner of Connecticut and R Streets NW? Why was it there late on a Thursday night?

Did it fall off on a sprint for the 42 Bus? Was it removed to beat an offender? Is this the fate of a blister-maker?

What do you think happened? How do you envision its arrival on this traffic cone? The comments section awaits.

Best answer wins a Metroblogging Japan T-Shirt because we’re not cool enough yet to have pure DC swag.

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  1. MBFan#2 (unregistered) on December 1st, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

    “I’ma makin a break for it”, Aldo the Italian shoe said. “This a-guy cant dance, he’sa smokin too much, the butts hurt my soul. And he a-sucks pickin up the whoa-men. Always end up playing with hisself at night.” But Bruno, his other half, is resolved to stay put. “U-ah can do what you want to do, Aldo, but u-ah be trash as soon as u-ah leave”! “Still better than to be with-ah this a-guy!” Aldo yells, grunting as he tries to squirm off the foot.

    Meanwhile, his guy stumbled to flag a cab down. He was three sheets to the wind and was out of cigarettes. Too drunk and tired to walk up the street to the Rite-Aid up the street, he realized that he needed the last bills in his pocket for cabfare. Finally, a cab stops next to the cone on the corner. As he slides into the cab, Aldo manages to slip off his foot.

    “Vittoria!” but Aldo soon realizes he can’t move by himself so he awaits for someone to notice him. After 45 minutes, Calvin, ex-vet and homeless, sees a lone shoe on the corner. He picks up the shoe and tries it on. Damn, his foot is too big but he wedges in his foot somehow and walks on it but it doesn’t stay and falls off. Muttering under his breath, he puts on top of the orange drum and saunters off when he sees another object afar.

    Aldo, exhausted from the pressure and the stretching, is relieved that he was no longer on the street where he saw rats huddled in a nearby pile of trash. Feeling safe, he falls asleep for awhile only to be awakened by the sound of a camera clicking.

  2. wayan (unregistered) on December 2nd, 2006 @ 3:50 pm

    And we have a winner! A MB Japan T-shirt is on its way…

  3. MBFan#2 (unregistered) on December 2nd, 2006 @ 5:29 pm

    How anti-climatic… Where are the challengers!?!?! I want a good fight for this shirt. I refuse to believe that this is the best answer!

  4. Carl Weaver (unregistered) on December 2nd, 2006 @ 5:39 pm

    If MBFAN#2 really wants a good fight, at least now he knows where to get a shoe to beat the hell out of someone with.

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