BREAKING NEWS: Fire at Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City


There was what appears to have been a small fire to the exterior of Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City this evening not long after 10 o’clock. Over ten emergency vehicles responded to the scene. It appears most of the damage was to an awning at the right entrance of the restaurant. Based on my own observations and that of Fritz Hamme, an early eyewitness to the scene, it looks like there were no injuries. By 10:35, if not sooner, firefighters had the blaze under control.

Earlier updates:

10:26 p.m. Lots of fire trucks at Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City right now. Details coming.

UPDATE: 10:31 p.m. Eyewitness Fritz Hamme reports there is still smoke coming from the entrance. I live 17 stories up from the restuarant in the next building over. I’m going to see what I can find at ground level.

UPDATE 10:55 p.m. The fire is out. It appears to be mostly confined to an awning above the right entrance. Photos coming shortly.

UPDATE 11:00 p.m. The damage appears to be limited to the outside of the structure…over 10 emergency vehicles including two ladders were at the scene. At least three Arlington police cars responded as well…the power stayed on in Woo Lae Oak throughout the ordeal. Several ambulances were at the scene, but there are not apparently any injuries.

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