I can’t say I agree with this “deal” for Malvo

According to the latest AP report, Lee Boyd Malvo and his lawyers are playing “Let’s Make a Deal”.

To quote the article:

Malvo lawyer William Brennan told Montgomery County Circuit Judge James Ryan that he hoped to use the time before sentencing to “reach a global resolution to Mr. Malvo’s legal problems.” Asked later by reporters for specifics, Brennan would only say that he would have “candid, frank discussions with some local prosecutors.”

Uh…maybe I sound a little hard-core here, but didn’t Mr. Malvo’s behavior cause his legal problems? Yes, he technically wasn’t of legal age when all these things happened, but I would think that MOST 17 year olds would know right from wrong. Maybe I’m too harsh – especially when 17 year old males are involved.

And yes, federal laws do prohibit execution of those who committed qualifying offenses when the perp is a minor.

And YES, deals are part of the judicial system whether anyone likes to admit it or not.

However, if he’s not placed on death row, he should NEVER EVER EVER have the slightest inkling of a chance for parole. I know, from my own feelings, he placed a lot more fear in me than 9/11 did.

People were killed while mowing their lawns or pumping gas at their neighborhood gas station.

When the Beltway was closed down to find the notorious “white box truck”, we were stuck there for 2.5 hours, wondering if the snipers were right there with us in a different vehicle.

Nobody knew what was going to happen next, and this was during the “healing period” of 9/11. Some healing period.

I’m able to deal with comments against my position…but I hope whatever comments that are left are well thought out. This issue deserves that much.

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