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Sneak Peek of Ballston Ice Rink

The Arlington County Government has published some pictures of the new Ballston Ice Rink. I had to click through with glee when I saw the headline but was disappointed to find the obvious – it looks like an ice rink. Boring. At least it will be Metro acessible and at the mall. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s the link.

My Halloween

Seasonal homemade sign on my garage? Yes, I had that.

Porch light on? Yep, I replaced the bulb just today.

Incredibly awesome mullet wig that strangers are pretty sure is part of a costume but looks real enough that they’re afraid to comment because of the chance that it could be my actual hair?

Virginia Wine Month is Over But Opportunity Abounds

Did you miss Virginia’s wine month this past October? It sure is sad to see wine go unappreciated, so be sure to check out a list of all of Virginia’s wineries and breweries. Search by region, county and city to find your next road trip to Virginia’s wine country.

You can’t keep a good wine down and you shouldn’t ignore the beer either, for that matter. Nobody likes angry beer.

Margaret Atwood to Come to DC

Canadian author Margaret Atwood will be speaking at the Borders store at 1801 K St. NW on Nov. 6th at 7:00 p.m.

From the Borders web site:
“Sponsored by Borders and PEN/Faulkner Foundation. “Moral Disorder” is a superb new collection of ten stories that brilliantly capture the myriad uncertainties, ambiguities, and epiphanies of real life. Margaret Atwood is acknowledged as one of the foremost writers of our time. She is the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. Her most recent novel, “Oryx and Crake,” was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2003. She lives in Toronto, Canada.”

That’s so wizard

Tomorrow night, the Wizards tip off their 2006-2007 season in Cleveland vs. LeBron James and the Caviliers. Coincidently, their home opener on Saturday is with the Boston Celtics with whom the late Red Auerbach worked for over 50 years. Auerbach, a GWU grad, who remained a Washingtonian all those years with the Celtics, died on Sunday. It would not be surprising to see a tribute Saturday night.

In other Wizards news, the team has new alternate uniforms — gold jerseys and black shorts. Earlier this week, Mike Wise of The Post told the Gilbert Areans (his blog) story in two parts. Free agent acquisition Darius Songalia will be out up to three months following back surgery. Etan Thomas will start over Brendan Haywood at center. Lastly, if you were wondering what former Bullet/Wizard Gheorghe Muresan has been up to (about 7-7 *rim shot*), wonder no more — he’s fishing.

An Arlington Blood Drive

While I think a blood drive with Slambam on hand would be more appealing, if you’re not of a mind to go out to my neck of the woods (Sterling represent!) a friend of mine is working a different one on the 4th as well, and it’s closer in to the District – Gunston Middle School in Arlington, just off Glebe. And while all combined it doesn’t equal the appeal of the Rollergirls, there will be opportunities for prizes like food and gift certificates from Giant and Safeway and other sundries from local businesses including the YMCA, Pacers running store, Mr.Days and more. Everyone gets a t-shirt and a free magazine subscription of their choice.

You can even set an appointment to minimize your waiting. Or just show up between 9am and 1pm.

2700 Gunston Middle School (in the Cafeteria)
S. Lang Street
Arlington, VA 22206

Pentagon Row ice rink now open

Zamboni Olympia Ice Resurfacer opened up” />

Is there anything that says ice skating outside quite like a 75° Halloween? Probably, but the rink at Pentagon Row opened anyway. There were a few skaters out there while I enjoyed some potato soup and Harp al fresco earlier this evening.

Sadly, the warmth may not the biggest downside of the rink — admission is up a dollar over last year to $8 for two hours. Skate rental stays at $3. A discount card for 10 admissions is probably the way to go; its $60, a savings of $20. I’ll be getting one of those just as soon as the weather gets cold.

More outdoor rinks should be opening in the coming weeks, stay tuned for details.

Vote “Clean Up Your Signs”

I love the American election process. I do believe it is the foundation on which our great country is founded. However, I don’t like its accompanying visual pollution.

Mr. Jenkins, do you have to staple your signs to every post between Arkansas Avenue and the White House? Do you think I’ll vote for you then?

I don’t know who I’ll vote for yet, but I know what would win my heart: a simple promise to remove every political campaign sign the day after the election.

Yep, Democrat or Republican, that’s the issue that will sway my vote most. Until then, you’ve lost my vote Mr. Jenkins, because I know I’ll see those signs still come mid-November.

You Beat Me To It

No, I didn’t go to the Air Force Memorial dedication ceremony a couple of weeks ago. Are you kidding me? Fight with traffic, idiot cops, and crowds of people? No thanks. Not worth it. That being said, I’ve been dying to go over there (assuming I could figure out how to cross the Potomac) to take some shots of what I think is an amazing looking memorial. My degree is in structural engineering but it still amazes me that they can design and build something like this and have it actually stand up.

I have combed through Flickr and every shot I’ve seen of the memorial is pretty ho-hum. I kept thinking to myself, “There has got to be a shot that no one has taken yet. THE shot.” You know, kind of like photographing Iwo Jima with the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument in the background? That kind of shot. I knew there had to be one for the Air Force Memorial. Well suffice it to say, this is it. jtnhogs beat me to it. This shot shows the symmetry of the structure and the contrasting lighting that you see from below. Personally I would have taken some of the noise out of the sky and probably taken the shot in the morning or evening, or with some cool clouds in the background, but overall, well done Mr. Got To It First. Well done.

Blood Suckers

I can’t take a whole lot of time to post today, as I just started a new job (finally). But, we figured we’d stretch out the Halloween gore to the weekend with a Blood Drive. Come out, Do it.


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